Where can I write to the band?
Write to The Offspring at:
Where can I find the lyrics to "insert song"?
The only lyrics available are in the album packaging and on this website in the Music section.
Where can I find guitar tabs to "insert song"?
Guitar tablature books for every album going back to Ignition were released by Hal Leonard Publishing. They do not sell the books directly but their site will steer you to local and online retailers.
Why are Noodles' glasses so thick?
Because size matters.
What are the guys' birthdays?
Dexter Holland: December 29, Greg K: January 20, Noodles: February 4, Pete Parada: July 9
Does The Offspring have an official fan club?
Nope, but you become a fan on Facebook or follow on Twitter to get news direct from the band, ticket presale info and more.
Can I get backstage passes to The Offspring show?
Can I take a camera to the show?
Sure, but only if it is of the disposable or snapshot kind (digital ok). No professional cameras or detachable lenses. For multi-band festivals, radio shows, etc. the band many not be in control of the camera policy, so please check with the local promoter or venue.
I want to buy a merchandise item that was for sale on tour, but I see a whole different set of merchandise here on Offspring.com. How can I get the item I saw on the tour?
Best to buy it at the show. Sometimes stock is available to put online after a tour and sometimes it is not. But there is also some cool stuff only available in the web store.
Who should I email if I have questions related to my merchandise order?
Send your email to: customerservice@bandmerch.com
I think I see something missing or a factual error on this website site, who do I tell?
Please send a clearly worded email with a full explanation to support@offspring.com. Nobody is perfect but we're trying.
Who should I email if I have technical questions, comments, or problems with this site?
Send site specific questions to support@offspring.com
The old Offspring site had a chat feature, why doesn't the new one?
We thought it best to keep the fan community we host out in the open on the more popular bulletin board. Chat rooms are more difficult to monitor and there are plenty of other chat room options on the internet. Besides it was all pedophiles and undercover FBI in there anyway.
I have a question that I think should be in the FAQ, where do I send it?
Email the question you think should be answered here to: info@offspring.com
Does the band read/respond to their fan mail?
All letters are read and the band tries to take a look whenever possible. Due to the volume of mail received, it is not feasible to respond to all mail but everything is kept in our archives.
I want to send my band's music into Dexter's label Nitro. What do I do?
Click here for Nitro Records' great demo policy page.
How can I e-mail the band members?
You can't.
How can I contact the band's live booking representatives?
Creative Artists Agency
2000 Avenue Of The Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067
P (424) 288-2000
F (424) 288-3792

X-Ray Touring Limited
Second Floor, Curtain House
134-146 Curtain Road
London EC2A 3AR
P +44 207 920-7666
F +44 207 920-7663

*professional inquiries only please
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