June 26th, 2012 - Fans ask questions to the band via Twitter

Hello Dexter here 
I'm here too. -N 
Hey Noodles how you doing? 
Will you be playing in Manchester, UK again? 
We better be, don't ya think. -N 
will you guys ever play 'Mota' in California ever again??? :( 
Yes. In Baja California. Norte y Sur. -N 
which song will be the hit, you think? :) 
All of them? -N 
Hello Raul from Brazil, we are trying to plan a tour of South America this November...-D 
I'm a little hungover. How about you? -N 
Greetings to Spain 
We demand Greg K. 
You can demand all you want but Greg K does what he wants to do. He is supposed to be here. -N 
noodles beside you, your guitar and amp what's the most vital part of your rig? 
Beer, smokes, and Mojo. -N 
you seem to be doing festival tours in the US right now, any idea when dedicated album tour will be? 
We'll be doing a lot of our own US shows this summer and through the fall too - D 
will you go to Indonesia.? All of your fans are waiting to see your perform -N 
We would love to play in Indo. I really want to surf there too. -N 
what song are you most excited to play live from the new album? 
O.C. Guns, Secrets, Dividing, Slim Pickets, Hurting, and the others. 
come to San Antonio, Texas! 
Will do. Cool city. -N 
are you planning more tour dates in the US? 
Yes at least 2 or 3 different legs. -N 
Someday will come to play at the Mexico City?.. 
Would be awesome. We could play Mota. -N 
THE OFFSPRING then passed through sao paulo in November?BRAZIl 
Hey don't hold us to it! we're trying to set something up, it hasn't been booked yet. 
It has been too long. I love Scandinavia. Can't wait to go back. -N 
Any chance of seeing you guys in Norway (or at least Scandinavia) some day? It's been a while... :( 
hey guys pass me a beer !! Noodles like a Moretti or Peroni...greetings from italy 
I bought some Peroni just a couple of days ago. And of course I had some in Milan last week. -N 
will you come to play at Bilbao (Spain)? 
Hope to. Very beautiful part of the world. -N 
Are you coming to Sweden anytime soon? Been dying to see you guys again! 
I want to. I have a real bad case of Stockholm syndrome. -N 
How did you come up with the Slim Pickens song ? Why Slim Pickens ? 
You gotta watch Dr. Strangelove. -N 
What do you say about a France tour? :D 
I would say, "Oui." -N 
what new songs came from demos of previous albums 
I think just All I Have Left is You. And of course Dirty Magic. -N 
Hey guys, what are your favourite offspring songs? 
That's like asking, "which one is your favorite child?" -N 
Thanks for the awesome show in Amsterdam last week! 
we had a great show in Amsterdam at Melkweg last week playing Ignition! thanks for coming -D 
When are you guys going to come to Phoenix AZ?? 
Hopefully when it cools down a little. Stay frosty, AZ. -N 
Any Florida concert dates? 
We're working on it. -N 
when are you coming to brazil? 
when are we coming to ?? I think we're just gonna start bussing you people in. -D 
Well done on the album! I absolutely love The Future Is Now and Turning Into You! Instant classics! 
Thanks @sarebstare, those are two of my favorite songs as well. -D 
any plans that include south Africa? 
Hope so. I would love to surf J-Bay again, & maybe get it good this time. -N 
are you going to come to Ukraine? I can't wait to see you live! 
Haven't been there yet so we owe it to you, and ourselves, to try and get out there. -N 
How fun was to make Stuff is Messed Up? Can you tell some story about this song's creation? 
Stuff Is Messed Up was a fun song to put together - a lotta words tho! -D 
The Ignition´s songs are in the setlist of the tour? 
We might start playing Dirty Magic...will anybody know it this time? 
I'm just curious what the inspiration behind OC Guns was. Love the song! 
Its about some the seedier, darker parts of Orange County that they don't wanna show on reality TV. -N 
so, which one is your favorite child? 
Haha. I have one, but I'm keeping it to myself. -N 
what do you think about us (your fans)? 
I'd personally like to make out with each & every one of you. -Greg K 
Haha. That "make out" tweet wasn't really from Greg. But from who then? 
Thanks for all the great Qs. Sorry I couldn't answer more. Gotta go and learn how to play guitar now. Thanks again. -NizzyFrickenDoodlesOut. 
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