NYC Meetups

  1. my boyfriend kissing JohnnyNemesis.
  2. Skratch's friend, Skratch, JohnnyNemesis, Nieh, and my boyfriend. how tough.
  3. JohnnyNemesis (god WHATTA HOMOS) sharing a special moment with nieh.
  4. 1565 is 1337. And so are her boobs. woo!
  5. JohnnyNemesis and Me. ohyeahhhh.
  6. Sunny on Ninth.
  7. Ninth and 1565
  8. Ninth and 1565....trupunx!
  9. Ninth on Sunny. So much for Snakes on Planes.
  10. JohnnyNemesis and Betty....k-i-s-s-i-n-g
  11. JohnnyNemesis and Betty
  12. Sunny, Ninth, and part of 1565
  13. Mota Boy and nieh enjoy Rock Em Sock Em Robots
  14. JohnnyNemesis and Betty deep in thought over scrabble
  15. Betty, Mota Boy, and Ninth
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