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  1. dr.vanessa
    lol is that your pet?
  2. the_real_potomek
    almost my dad bought him (it's male giraffe) to work with him in circus and I could take care a bit of him during the last holidays
  3. dr.vanessa
  4. the_real_potomek
    yep, unusual giraffes are sooo cute
  5. Davo
    Wow, pretty cast up. Do you have a girafa?
  6. the_real_potomek
    my dad has but he works in Russia so I see him (and giraffe) not very often
  7. Rutegard
    wtf? a giraffe?

    man....i wish i had a horse and u have a giraffe? do u walk her?
  8. the_real_potomek
    hahaha he belongs to my father and lives in Russia so I can't take care about him but when I came to my dad this summer I could feed giraffe and talk to him
    really nice animal
  9. Stylie
    Hahahah, you're crazy!
  10. the_real_potomek
    only a bit
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