The Smash timez

aka the past :D
  1. What to do better at school than just....:D!!!
  2. Smash done my way
  3. Crazy, my best friend
  4. Friends :)
  5. The end of the braids :(
  6. Drink it to the bottom
  7. My bro´s liberty spikes made from eggs :D
  8. Offy´s from RFP
  9. Not long enough? :D
  10. Are you scared?
  11. Chill it with da beer
  12. My bro´s gonna shoot u!
  13. Well another local punx rockin´ with my bro
  14. Pogo punx with my crazy bro :D
  15. Drinkin shit at the same gig.
  16. didn´t know about it :D 2 years ago
  17. the graduation exam
  18. Me and one of my best friends! :D Legendary pic
  19. From punx gig
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