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didnīt know about it :D 2 years ago

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  1. Rutegard
    im gonna steal your out!!
  2. iPunk247
    i second that!
  3. Smash punker
    bitches. Get your own one. Nah Iīm gonna get yo mine, but Iīve got just one!
  4. mikee_boy
    man where u found such a bag ???? i want one too
  5. Sofinch
    I guess you're the guy with the offspring bag! =D dunno how I came up with that
  6. Smash punker
    Ohh I donīt know. I must be the guy with the yellow shirt. No me the Offy bag always!!!
  7. WerGee
    ohh pefectt bag :P
  8. dexter12296566
    Where did you get that backpack?
  9. Smash punker
    Ordered from metalshop 3 or 4 years ago. Itīs
  10. dexter12296566
    is there an english translater
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