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awesome bbs fans!!!

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Punx art plus many more :D
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  1. Blitz!
    Yeah, they are awesome. I know most of these guys except two *I think*
  2. Smash punker
    which two? Guess the green one n?
  3. Blitz!
    Yeah, the green one and the guy next to him. Who are they on the bbs?
  4. Smash punker
    The green one is Hoppus21. An awesome guy I met there. True friend. Heīs between my friends there right now n the other one is Nicco 33 I guess Just try-em n Uīre gonna love-em
  5. Blitz!
    Okay, on your recommendation I will check them out
    The last part of your comment sounds like an ad for something to eat
  6. Smash punker
    But itīs my idea! Didnīt mean it that way. Amazed about what kinda things U r able to c
  7. Blitz!
    LOL ... what can I say
    *we both rock*
  8. awesome
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