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Dexter and I in Paris

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  1. dexter12296566
    Lucky! I want to meet him!
  2. dexter12296566
    why is it the one with dex is blurry?
  3. Tijs
    It was taken at a different concert with a simple cellphone.
  4. Rutegard
    u look mean tijs :P
  5. ospringfan112113
    That's awsome you get to meet Dex,In the picture though it looks like you're ploting some kind of evil plan or something....MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  6. Tijs
    Like... a plan to take over the world perhaps? I'm always plotting that!
  7. ospringfan112113
    A plot to take over the world with Dexter Holland!
  8. dexter12296566
    I am starting to see you more of... uhhhh... a mouse
  9. Dexter1990
    Dexter is so dreamy. You're so sweet.
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