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My Drum set!
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  1. dexter12296566
    Damn! Much nicer than mine!
  2. offsrx
    How much did you paid yours?
  3. ospringfan112113
    Those are some nice drums!
  4. offsrx
    thanks offspringfan I've payed them decently, and they are serving me well. I need some cymbals though :P
  5. Neato! Nice, very nice!
    Very expensive... very pricey drums set.
    ur soooo lucky. I betcha ur great at it!
    I am a sweet/sucker for guys that can play an awesome instrument!
  6. offsrx
    Then I guess that you can "sweet" a lot on me, 'cause - I play a lot of instruments (drums, guitar, bass, accordion, and now I'm a singer )
    Thanks for such positive comment I hope that I'll get a chance to show you my "drum skills"
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