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I played in a band once... 4 years ago.. ahh good times :)

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  1. shanna_guarana
    actually the only picture of you round here...
  2. Rutegard
    cute cute
  3. Davo
    A kde sú songy?
  4. dff_punk ..ešte by tam dačo malo byť.. ale no, neviem..
  5. МЫША
    Cool pic!!!
    good pic aren't in a band now?
  7. dff_punk
    No.. but I hope I will be soon
  8. NiCe
  9. lucys_bad_habit
    haluz, toto som si kukoj až teraz som ťa skoro nespoznal
  10. dff_punk
    tam som ešte pubertiak
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