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  1. military
  2. I'll reccomend you a movie
  3. What's with the gayness?
  4. A few of my solutions to social ills
  5. Do you agree that George Bush should've never been president?
  6. Iraq is "voting" so they can be "free"
  7. Duck plus buck equals fuck.
  8. Osama Bin Laden
  9. Hotel Rwanda
  10. Questions about Marxism
  11. iraq will be free........
  12. gay people should move to france
  13. No Child Left Behind
  14. 11% of Americans can't find America on a world map
  15. why?....
  16. Banned in Europe
  17. Hunger for Dictatorship (Interesting Article)
  18. Fuck You
  19. Do You see how Bad the situation in Iraq?
  20. Jelly Bean Porn!
  21. The Right Wing Gets Away With More
  22. The Final Result of the Elections in Denmark
  23. what do you think about socialist
  24. Super Bowl as a National Holiday?
  25. N. Korea has nukes.
  26. Winnie the Pooh is gay???
  27. Do You Think all Terrorists are Muslim?
  28. El Commandante (The Oliver Stone film)
  29. President of the USA
  30. Question for wheelchairman
  31. Pol Pot
  32. Misunderstood (and probably fake) Stalin quote
  33. anti-war
  34. My thoughts on Pol Pot
  35. Franken or Moore?
  36. Arrest them thar faggots!
  37. stop fox hunting
  38. Tony Blair is the most awesome guy in the world
  39. Organizing an Anarchy
  40. Есть ли на форуме русские отметесь!!
  41. How many?
  42. So Mr.Bush is meeting Mr.Putin in Slovakia
  43. A President's Day Salute
  44. Do christians believe in re-incarnation?
  45. the end of the world is uppon us...
  46. Progressive tax system
  47. The Best Forum Ever
  48. Young Democrats in the USA
  49. UK - Charles & Camilla?
  50. What Would Jesus Do......
  51. An Adoption Conundrum
  52. Child sex trial opens in France
  53. People from France should go to Hell
  54. America The Book.
  55. ?
  56. Something ironic about the Motorcycle Diaries
  57. Civil disobediance
  58. What Happened to the RAC?
  59. I forgot to boast
  60. 11 M--> TRAINS BOMBS
  61. Do you think the U.S. should stop....
  62. Freedom of Speech
  63. is this noodles and iraq with bushs father
  64. Hey Noodles!
  65. Everything you ever know is wrong #347
  66. Abortions
  67. Free Tibet?
  68. The Fall of America
  69. Libya, your thoughts?
  70. Embryonic Stem Cell Research
  71. Thoughts on Terri Schiavo
  72. read this =S
  73. Pay for your crimes!
  74. serial rapest
  75. The Pope
  76. Government Sucks
  77. which counrty should we nuke?
  78. Cereal Rapist
  79. Innocent
  80. Conspiracy Theory
  81. damn it!!!!!!
  82. There are crazy Christians…
  83. America and the Rich
  84. Bush=Redneck
  85. The (UK) General Election
  86. Physical punishment in schools?
  87. Should the mentally retarded have the right to procreate?
  88. Free Bertrand Cantat
  89. kill bush
  90. i can't delete
  91. is it about draza mihajlovic truth
  92. Anarchy, Democracy or Communism?
  93. Who thinks that plans to change education in the UK sucks?
  94. Should abortions be legal or illegal?
  95. An open letter to all proponents of the European welfare state
  96. The Cure For Aids Is Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  97. New Pope??
  98. Something that shouldn't go unnoticed in US Politics
  99. Do You Like the Prez
  100. New Florida Gun Law!!!!! If You Feel Threatened Feel Free To Shoot It!
  101. Labour go 10 points above the Tories in the run-up to the Election
  102. A new rule in my higschool
  103. Lazy fucking communists.
  104. Canadian Politics...
  105. School Uniform
  106. What's your opinion for Greece?
  107. Down with prez Bush!
  108. Rift between rich and poor
  109. N. Korea tests missile
  110. What do u think about Hungary?
  111. ...and history repeats itself.
  112. Real change in the world
  113. Sex Changes should be illegal
  114. T F B F S
  115. what is your opinion for spain?
  116. Goverment is suck
  117. In the usa you can legally buy the AK-47 and Tech 9
  118. Intelligent Design?
  119. Fuck.
  120. Political Correctness
  121. I'm confused.
  122. I can legally kill anyone who comes into Florida
  123. identity card in the UK
  124. The End of Democracy
  125. 8.8 Billion $
  126. anarchy
  127. Should the cloning of human embryos be allowed in this country?
  128. Regime change...
  129. Battle of Trafalgar Re-enactement
  130. For a Good Time Call....
  131. Educate Yourself
  132. Define RULE
  133. George W. Bush - hero or asshole?
  134. Non, biatches.
  135. Fair and Balanced SAT Questions.
  136. shoplifting
  137. How to beat the SAT test
  138. NIN vs. MTV
  139. I own 4 of the most Dangerous books of the 19th and 20th centuries
  140. What etnic group is more racist?
  141. A New Threat In Schools
  142. Britain is a nanny state
  143. Americans you have just started to discover that you are losing the war in Iraq and A
  144. end of the world in 2008?
  145. Jesus Died Of DVT
  146. What ethnic group is the most inferior?
  147. Should Europe Invade Africa?
  148. G8 sumit
  149. Live8 is pointless
  150. Using Children for Political Capital
  151. Anti-Communist Propaganda
  152. Proletarianism
  153. Music and Politics
  154. Can someone explain this rebate?
  155. Michael Jackson Not Guilty??????!!!!!
  156. Abortions
  157. This would be more fun to post if there were Republicans on the forum
  158. Widely-accepted bad analogies
  159. UK top up fees Yes or No?
  160. should jack the tripper move to hell
  161. And People Wonder Why I Dislike The British...
  162. For those of you in U.S. who look down on other countries.
  163. Ban looms on burning of US flag
  164. White Pride
  165. Abortions
  166. Bush Nuking Iraq?
  167. Is America's government too religious.
  168. Are You A Racist?
  169. The Fascist Manifesto
  170. Iraq Deaths
  171. Where has all the real news gone?
  172. Mormonism
  173. Is Bush really that dumb?
  174. Corporations
  175. Justice Sandra Day O'Connor steps down
  176. Live 8
  177. Abortions - What do you think?
  178. I'm a hippy now....
  179. Americans self-centered and spoiled?
  180. Abortions
  181. Boy gets life for raping teacher
  182. Hahaha, Americans are getting totally fucked over
  183. did you vote for kerry or bush?
  184. Polytics
  185. London 2012
  186. London Blasts
  187. Can we PLEASE change this?
  188. Abortions
  189. Abortion
  190. Grudge on Americans
  191. If you hate America so much...
  192. would you support racial separation?
  193. Is peace truly obtainable?
  194. kill to live
  195. Schapelle Corby
  196. Cloning opinion?
  197. Should Slavs and Irish be considered Aryan?
  198. Mutually Assured Destruction reduex
  199. Supreme court vacancy filled
  200. Weapons at home
  201. The history of WW2, written in a way so that you nerds will understand
  202. Non-Nazis are prejudiced intolerant bigots
  203. Should the French flag be amended to better represent the culture of France?
  204. For those of who you actually think the French are pussies
  205. Catalunya is not Spain!!
  206. As if the English didn't have enough problems right now...
  207. Define Law
  208. Why are the Brazilian upset?
  209. Catholics Attempt To Gain Total Control Of South Carolina
  210. NSW Premier
  211. Wtf?
  212. Gay weddings: yes or no?
  213. The Would You Be A Nazi test
  214. IRA abandons armed campaign.
  215. Jewbortions vs. Abortions
  216. Terrorism Vs. Rebellion
  217. GTA San Andreas
  218. I'm an Anarchist and/or Satanist
  219. fiat money
  220. Anarchy (in the UK (or the USA, we don't discriminate))
  221. Italian River 'Full of Cocaine'
  222. Finally, a "Cure All" Flu jab for life
  223. American children, do you want to learn about the politics of your land?
  224. are we equal?
  225. Would you like to live in an anarchist World???
  226. Anarchist assumptions
  227. Who voted bush?
  228. Vandalism by American Youth and How It Could Easily Be Avoided
  229. Salute Romes Gladiators!
  230. Christopher Walken for President.
  231. World domination
  232. Cripples, retards, the mentally ill
  233. John Roberts
  234. World's smallest political quiz
  235. Why do anarchists only drink bad tea?
  236. Who voted bush?
  237. Anarchy
  238. The means of Libertarian Socialism
  239. filibusters
  240. World War 3?
  241. Why do you hate bush?!
  242. Check newspaper covers around the globe.
  243. Let's discuss anarchy here
  244. Where dose the money go?
  245. Official thread for the intelligent discussion of Anarchism
  246. Funny
  247. Patriotism
  248. Debate: What should a government be responsible?
  249. Abortions
  250. Geroge W Bush is soo stupid he cant even pronunce words corectly, lol!