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  1. Greatest American President?
  2. A boycott of soccer World Cup in Germany?
  3. New White House press secretary is...
  4. John Prescott Had an Affair!!
  5. Climate Change
  6. Fucking finally!
  7. my school
  8. The idea of a tax on oil profits is moronic
  9. Should Charles Clarke resign?
  10. Liberal Party of Canada Leadership race
  11. Will genetics dictate the future of races?
  12. The Rehabilitation of the Cold-War Liberal
  13. Bnp
  14. Who owns your computer?
  15. Letter from Iran
  16. "Tear up human rights"
  17. 9/11 Conspiracy Evidence
  18. Bush Approval Ratings Drops To The 20's
  19. Who do you think will get most votes in the next election?
  20. pre-pregnant?
  21. The Plan
  22. What happens if you murder a murderer?
  23. wtf Montenegra is splitting from Serbia?
  24. immigration solution!
  25. Online Piracy of Music
  26. Amnesty International should choke on fuck and die
  27. Death penalty
  28. Who wants to move to Canada with me?
  29. American Army Bases
  30. why is suicide illegal?
  31. If you aren't doing anything wrong, what do you have to hide?
  32. Euthanasia
  33. whats wrong with this picture?
  34. smurfs
  35. Don't Masturbate
  36. George Bush, scaring America
  37. What is your opinion on Jews controlling America?
  38. Paedophile party?
  39. 17 Held in Plot to Bomb Sites in Ontario
  40. Dutch commando's in afghanistan
  41. Pro-Life Catholics Kill the Most Embryos
  42. Jello Biafra Speeches
  43. lets talk about GOERGE BUSH
  44. A list of what I hate
  45. George Bush is one of the greates American Presidents of all time.
  46. POP QUIZ: Who said it?
  47. EU waste of money?? or the best thing ever to hit europe and the world???
  48. people working for PETA with Problems
  49. Something you all should know!
  50. Sign the petition to outlaw OPEC
  51. North Korean Missle Crisis
  52. London Bombings
  53. Abortions
  54. Lopez Obrador Challenges Mexican Election Results
  55. "Slavery reparations gaining momentum"
  56. Israel vs whole muslim world
  57. The introduction of Russia into the world trading organization(W.T.O)
  58. Bush said shit...
  59. Amazon touts anti-Israeli views,
  60. The Politics Is Schit !!
  61. Bush is an Inappropriate Backrubber!
  62. George "Dubya" Bush Sucks!
  63. Medicines
  64. Remember when people cried about the pre-pregnant thing?
  65. World War III, is it possible?
  66. Immigration
  67. Fidel Castro is dying
  68. Is "democracy" really democratic??...
  69. When is it acceptable to declare martial law and machine-gun your own citizens?
  70. Offshore concentration camps
  71. New Laws
  72. am i the only one to give a fuck? Another attack on america. 8-11?
  73. 1-800-SUICIDE is gettin murdered.
  74. Holocaust cartoons
  75. If you were convicted that George W. Bush...
  76. QLD Gov.
  77. iraq: is it over yet?
  78. Abortions
  79. Cambodians should breed zombies
  80. When we hit Japan...
  81. Recession Looming?
  82. Alcohol monopoly
  83. Shit
  84. Who's most likely to be invaded next?
  85. Blair says 12 months
  86. Grandpa's gonna getcha
  87. The Hungarian Scandal
  88. Saddam's judge's.
  89. Brief on French politics
  90. Osama Bin Laden: D.O.A?
  91. Jesus camp
  92. I have an awful confession to make
  93. Abortions
  94. I support the Moslems!
  95. 9/11 Was carried out by the US GOVT
  96. Countries your nation should bomb
  97. Lol
  98. Top 5 Historical Figures
  99. Who are Turks??? Suleiman the ''Magnificent''
  100. A joke
  101. So, North Korea Claims to have Tested a Nuke...
  102. Russian journalist shot dead
  103. Who are the Wallachians??? Vlad III Dracula the "Impaler"
  104. Soldiers to get 'tax bill' bonus
  105. i'll say mine...you'll say yours
  106. Political Compass
  107. Who do you think is the worst American president ever?
  108. Big Lie :: The Armenian Genocide
  109. Why do Kurdish men make better lovers?
  110. Big lie ; The Jewish Holocaust
  111. American Army to return to american in 2010
  112. Interesting Election Angle
  113. cAnAdIaN bOdY BaGs
  114. What do you think of this?
  115. The official George W. Bush BBS fanclub
  116. Death penalty for Saddam Hussein
  117. Bill Clinton Endorsing my District's Democrat
  118. Voting
  119. Rumsfeld resigns!!
  120. Do you think most americans are religious maniacs?
  121. Change!!
  122. Libertarian Offspring?
  123. Putting Back the Draft
  124. More (but less racist) Illegal Alien Banter
  125. Australian Nazism is hilarious
  126. Details of the nice trip from America to Iraq
  127. Taxes email
  128. Die Fucking Americans
  129. Saddam Huessein's Nephew Escapes from Jail
  130. Pinochet is dead
  131. Iraq's economy is doing great!
  132. The Daily Show and The Colbert Report
  133. The Official Tizzalicious Hate Club
  134. War in Iraq
  135. Gerald Ford Dies/Nixon Prepares Welcoming Party In Hell
  136. warning !!
  137. Translation of Qoran
  138. Antioch, Constantinople, Mecca, Medina
  139. Post your pictures of Mohammed the Prophet here!
  140. Favorite/Least Favorite pundits
  141. Islamisbad National News (updated daily)
  142. Saddam to be hung within 24 hours.
  143. I give up. I'm sorry. Please, can we have a truce?
  144. Immigration by nation
  145. Death penalty?
  146. Unions
  147. Hey bleeding-hearts
  148. Turks are all filthy liars
  149. Minimum wage
  150. Dink
  151. Autarky
  152. The B-Society (Social Organization)
  153. Politics & looks
  154. Best news ever!
  155. Disappointment
  156. Hillary Clinton
  157. Obama Announces Candidacy for '08
  158. Intellectual Property Rights
  159. Transexuals
  160. Dear NOAMR
  161. Corruption? In the US??
  162. The facts of a clear left-wing bias
  163. "What If Hollywood Ran the Country?"
  164. A Political Essay I enjoyed
  165. Was the Death Star Attack an inside job?
  166. Bismarck
  167. Ban McDonald's Everywhere
  168. Eurochambres: US > EU
  169. MTV sues YouTube
  170. Finnish parliament election last night
  171. The Politica Does Not Give!
  172. I Believe In Anarchy!
  173. Sin's plan for a better society
  174. white people like che guevara more than latin americans
  175. Maryland Democrats for the fail
  176. What is your opinion on Jews?
  177. What is your opinion on gay masturbation shows in downtown clubs?
  178. Interesting article on French youth
  179. Death to all Bosnians
  180. Gun Control
  181. French President
  182. have the french ever won a war
  183. French elections
  184. The choice between multiculturalism and women's rights in the West
  185. New Governer of California?
  186. Disney unveils social networking for preteens
  187. Common Misconception of Terrorist Organizations
  188. Morgan Tsvangirai is the most inspirational person ever!
  189. Affirmative Action
  190. Bush a dictator?
  191. Communism, Anarhism
  192. Facebook + Washington Post
  193. Need help!!!!
  194. "What Country Should We Invade Next?"
  195. g8
  196. Oversight Committee on the Vice President and Classified Information
  197. American Civil War
  198. EU bargain.
  199. It's nice to see something like this said...
  200. Gordon Brown
  201. Kosovo
  202. Farfour is dead.
  203. "Understanding Oil"
  204. Sicko
  205. Xenu, laughing, spreads his wings
  206. Oh, Alberto, you've done it again!
  207. It's the apex of the Information Age...
  208. Rove and Gonzalez resign
  209. Darfur crisis
  210. Relativism and absolutism in politics.
  211. Endangered species.
  212. Is APEC worth the hassle?
  213. The Vatican rules the World
  214. Child Actors/ Singers/ Stars wildly depress me.
  215. nigger or pussy?
  216. german pollitic sucks!
  217. This kind of makes me sad...
  218. US declaration: Armenians were victims of genocide
  219. Honorable Job
  220. Politicians say the darndest things!
  221. Stephen Colbert is running for President
  222. American Presidents Suck
  223. US Primaries
  224. Elections and the Focus Group
  225. woman president
  226. The Evangelical Crack-Up
  227. Confession.
  228. Modern Marxism
  229. Is electoral politics really this stupid and shallow?
  230. Fuck Maryland
  231. Anders Fogh
  232. this web site is against freedom of speech .
  233. Why are Republicans so good at propaganda?
  234. Who'd ya think worse? Mr G Bush or Mr V Putin
  235. Religion is Gay
  236. politics in republik of kanada
  237. Robert Wexler calls for impeachment of Dick Cheney
  238. I support the Lakota nation
  239. Who killed Benazir Bhutto?
  240. Finally the Iowa caucus is today.
  241. 2008 Election Thread.
  242. Will the Bush administration pre-emptively bomb Iran before the 2008 elections?
  243. Bush considering giving $800 rebate for taxpayers
  244. Star Wars Guide to the Candidates
  245. My Knowledge of Politics
  246. So how many times DID the Bush administration lie about Iraq?
  247. Illegal Immigration.
  248. What's wrong with Republicans?
  249. Presidential Candidate quizzzz
  250. The Environment