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  1. Bush sucks.
  2. Kerry sucks.
  3. Nader Sucks
  4. Jojan sucks.
  5. Politics Sucks
  6. Indie sucks hardline sucks emo sucks
  7. a worried fan
  8. America is doomed...
  9. I Love Bush!!
  10. Electoral College
  11. Online Activism
  12. Any Bush supporters ever wonder...
  13. Importance of foreign opinions
  14. World says.
  15. Threads that simply that that something sucks suck.
  16. 2Young2Vote/Not Voting
  17. two prisoners on one jail cell
  18. 2 prisoners on one jail cell
  19. One week until the most important election in the world.
  20. Conspiracy... theory! ha! You thought I will write "of one" ;)
  21. George Bush Loves Blink 182
  22. To the political geniuses out there
  23. Fear and Loathing, Campaign 2004 By DR. HUNTER S. THOMPSON
  24. I hate my parents
  25. My Apologies to you all!
  26. More Candidates
  27. Sharpton Sharpton And clinton
  28. TRUSTpunk's posts are fake !
  29. balkan politics
  30. Political Parties in YOUR country
  31. Terrorism
  32. Should the dead be allowed to vote?
  33. Why Bush should be re-elected
  34. Venezuelans, What do you think of Hugo Chavez?
  35. If you're at least 18 years old and American, read this!
  36. George bush'll play guitar fot blik182!!
  37. Eminem's New Anti-Bush Video
  38. bush is a......
  39. let's conduct our own poll here
  40. What were/will you be doing Election 2004?
  41. Election day thread
  42. Congratulations Uruguay!
  43. idiot america
  44. Wtf??? Bush Winning??
  45. Let's Start The Riots
  46. Bush is a big american idiot !!
  47. Duty?
  48. The shit fucker won....
  49. Did anyone see?
  50. Bin Laden's Translated Speech
  51. dammit
  52. mwaha
  53. reasons for health and safety
  54. Rand-McNally to redraw map of North America for 2005 World Atlas!
  55. The Canada thread
  56. Oh My Fucking God...
  57. Electyle disfunction
  58. Two Americas?
  59. The Reason why bush won the election.
  60. my thoughts since the election...
  61. Clever.
  62. American citizens, I call upon you to say sorry.......
  63. Memo to: The Unhappy States of America.
  64. So good I have to share it
  65. You Fat Fucks!
  66. You voted, but did your friends?
  67. The election is over , shut up!
  68. Gay Marriage
  69. The Death Penalty
  70. Abortions?
  71. Civil War
  72. Islam in Europe
  73. Anarchism
  74. bush and europe
  75. wheelchair man
  76. Radical Islam
  77. The single most backwards-ass policy we have is...
  78. The (former) Socialist Federation of Yugoslavia
  79. Anarchsim
  80. Mainstream Politics
  81. In aid of HornyPope - Alien trading
  82. Eminen should be the PRESIDENT
  83. Amending the US constitiution
  84. For those interested in Indian Politics, I thought this was interesting.
  85. Dood Nader
  86. Is This How Many Of You See America As...
  87. BUSH sr. Bill C. BUSH jr.
  88. Screw Presidents................
  89. Belorussia.
  90. .... :(
  91. Cold War Nostalgia
  92. U.S. Missile Defense
  93. The (reletively) good Communist leaders.
  94. James Bond = thinley veiled western capitalist propaghanda
  95. A take on American vs European culture
  96. A single language for the world?
  97. BBC's power of nightmares
  98. 17 Reasons Not To Slit Your Wrists, by Michael Moore
  99. Affirmative Action?
  100. Do You Think All Muslims are Terrorists?
  101. Do You Think It's Important that Young People Vote?
  102. How Much Immigration is Too Much Immigration?
  103. Let's debate abortion
  104. Should Women be Allowed to Fight in Military?
  105. Should Fags be Allowed to Marry? Or Have Sex? Kiss in Public?
  106. Do You Think Communism Only Looks Good on Paper?
  107. Should the Government Lower Taxes?
  108. Should the Carry of Guns be Allowed?
  109. Should We Help the Poor Iraquis?
  110. Who Has the Right of Ownership over Israel/Palestine?
  111. R U racist??
  112. Dispute with wheelchairman here
  113. Dispute with Betty here
  114. Stalin Escapes the Blame of WW2
  115. I never thought it would ever happen
  116. bush wants to get iran now?
  117. A great quote about the American Election from a Lebanese newspaper.
  118. What's Your Stance on Abortion?
  119. Enver Hoxha
  120. Sorry Everybody
  121. Abortion
  122. Ammending the constitution so that people not born in the US can run for president
  123. An Abortion Story
  124. Dispute with SicN Twisted here
  125. All Americans, read this right now
  126. Who did you vote for president? (United States)
  127. Help me with my essay
  128. Wheelchairman, I ain't done with you yet!
  129. paralyzed woman walks again with the help of stem cell thearpy.
  130. Dubya...
  131. Bush Visits Canada...
  132. Why I love Bush.
  133. Fuck the kids!
  134. Presidential Recount
  135. Peak Oil, or WE'RE ALL GOING TO FUCKING DIE!!!
  136. To Usa People: Bush Is A Terrorist
  137. hookers ? do u "use" them ?; P
  138. Abortion
  139. to all you bush-hating kerry-lovers:
  140. Is America safer?
  141. Activism
  142. Abortion
  143. More money to the health service
  144. How tolerant of other cultures are you?
  145. What are your veiws on England becoming and Asian society?
  146. What about Obesity?
  147. Americans Right-Wingers Speak Out on Canada
  148. Who thinks we live in a civilized society?
  149. The war in Iraq has gone too far.
  150. Ukrainian presidential candidate poisoned
  151. Ann Coulter is the sexiest right wing nutjob on fox news
  152. In retrospect, I'm glad that Kerry lost
  153. Brett Hull
  154. legalize it?
  155. homeless animals
  156. G.Bush!
  157. The media
  158. Scott Peterson doesn't deserve death
  159. Is Dexter an anarchist??
  160. A question for you americans...
  161. whats bush done!!!!!!!!!!
  162. Politics
  163. Has Arnold done good?
  164. Dont bother arguing with Bush supporters...
  165. Tolerance in Schools
  166. illegal immigration
  167. Is feminism dying?
  168. i ask myself, does Chavez listen the offspring? xD
  169. PC or MC?
  170. to noodless
  171. This is for everyone American that thinks they owe the world an apology
  172. someone please tell me why the war on iraq even started
  173. Nationalism
  174. the famous and opinions
  175. Bush hates Christmas!
  176. The Republican candidate
  177. Social Security?
  178. Punk Rock, Diversity, and the Gonzo Conservatives
  179. Medical marijuana issue goes back to Supreme Court
  180. Outfoxed-Rupurt Murdock's War on Journalism!
  181. American Working Class? Do you exist?
  182. Actual excerpts from my local newspaper
  183. To Noodles......
  184. Balance of Power
  185. To Noodles 2 (forgive me)
  186. swearing in public schools
  187. So, after all..is Dexter pro-Bush?
  188. The Computer Swallowed Grandma
  189. Why Government meddles in Russian Government affairs?
  190. A political discussion I overheard in a bar the other night
  191. Why Did Bush Destroy Al-Quida?
  192. what the reelection did to me
  193. The revolution is never going to happen
  194. Nigger
  195. Osama Bin Laden
  196. Subjectivity Knows No Intelligence Boundary
  197. Asian Tsunami (Donations?)
  198. about g.bush
  199. political preferences and health
  200. public urination
  201. A Simple Suggestion
  202. Ideological test
  203. another topic about Ugly elf
  204. Crossfire cancelled!?
  205. Overcrowding and the Humane Society
  206. America's Foreign policy
  207. The Only Democracy in the Middle East is Israel (according to who?)
  208. Sr-71
  209. January 20th, 2005 Not One Damn Dime Day for all against Iraq War
  210. Evangelist have propaganda, well so do we...
  211. Wackos and their opinions (Aphroditianism)
  212. Africa
  213. Hemp is comfy!
  214. A USC Professor
  215. Grocery Bags
  216. TripBoy has usurped Eminem
  217. The whole CBS bullshit...
  218. Wheelchairman's private message
  219. Terrible music video
  220. TripBoys watching politics too…
  221. Do you like my hair?
  222. Two Articles on Religion
  223. as little as I know...
  224. Who rules in your country?
  225. The Prisons
  226. party
  227. Slavery is murder
  228. Property is theft
  229. Elections declared in Denmark
  230. Reading is theft
  231. Protest the Coronation! Don't buy!
  232. What the Hell is this???
  233. DNA Dragnets
  234. Mystery Poster!!!! (READ)
  235. Anti-bush Protests
  236. Israel/Palestine conflict
  237. Wheelchairman and onions
  238. Nigger 2
  239. City Hall (Tenacious D) & Animal Farm
  240. Evolving religeon
  241. Why the White Jesus?
  242. Leik OMG SpongeBoB iz teh gayness!
  243. bush, war, and gay marriages...
  244. Bush is a douche
  245. Ashcroft is finally out...
  246. Bush And Factory Farming
  247. We have an early winner for the 2005 Darwin Award!!
  248. The Death Penalty, Schwarzenegger and The Exonerated
  249. will Bush win an anti-oscar for Farenheit 9/11???
  250. Patriot Act II