View Full Version : what a nob!

06-09-2005, 03:22 PM
dont you just hate people who think they are really liked when thay arent?! someone i know has started to deal a bit to try to make friends really. he has under cut everyones prices in my town and college to try to get more customers and this has resulted in him pissing everyone off even more than before.

to be a dealer you wither have to have safe mates or be hard and he is neither! the other day a guy i play rugby with bought an 1/8 and refused to give him the money and this resulted in him not having to pay as he is bigger and harded than the dealer!

best bit is he nearly wrote off his car when "drunk" after 3 pints which i found quite funny. well after around 2000 worth of new parts he then reversed into two walls i think it was and he dented all the back. the other day he was dealing in his village when he pulled up next to a path where 3 guys were waiting for him, they pulled him out of his car tru the window gave him a black eye then smashed the back window of his car with a baseball bat, stole his phone and his mates phone, his 600 head unit for his sterio and his 40gb ipod and then took their stuff they wanted and the rest of his ounce he had on him!

anyone else know people as nobbish as this?!