View Full Version : Skipped Warped Dates?

06-11-2005, 02:17 AM
Eh, I'm from Alberta and I am going to go see the Warped tour regardless if you guys show up or not in calgary. But personally I feel this years show is lacking major headliners. And quite honestly you guys are the primary show this year and I would just like to know why we get skipped. I'm all about discovering new bands. But it'd be nice to have the safety of a at least 4-5 solid shows. being You guys (MxPx, Transplants, My Chemical Romance and Dropkick Murphys). I dunno I was just curious as to why. I was kind of choked when they took off Billy Talent. But they re-added them for the Calgary and Vancouver shows. All I am saying is I hope you guys show up and surprize us or something cause if I don't get to hear "Come out and play" live i'm gunna be sad.