View Full Version : Wow, won Warped tickets for tommorow from radio!

06-20-2005, 05:27 PM
They picked my question for an interview with the offspring tommorow in Saint Louis. I finally get to meet the offspring--I'm so freaking jacked. You know like one of those TLR spazzed kids who are shreaking in the street, only less f-ed in the head. Anyway this should be my 3rd offspring show as I sw them both times they stopped at the blue note locally (http://www.thebluenote.com).

Anyway my question was a bit basic--but they picked mine so I can't complain. I asked what are the benfits for playing a small venue such as a nightclub vs a large venue such as an ampitheatre or arena?

I think its been 7 years since I last saw the offspring so I'm very very pumped!

06-20-2005, 05:38 PM
You better bring a cam and bootleg it.

Mechanical Drugs
06-20-2005, 05:49 PM
You are so fucking lucky!

Hyper nova
06-20-2005, 06:46 PM
Im envious. By the way thats a good question i can see you it was asked, its more unusual but still sensible, what did they say?

Have fun make sure you get some autographs and photographs as well.

06-21-2005, 07:53 AM
You better bring a cam and bootleg it.

I'm sure UMB pavillion (riverport) is really strict about these things so afraid I can't bootleg. If it had been a small show at the bluenote where I know the owner I probably could get away with it--in fact he would probably let me leave my recorder behind the mosh pit barrier.

06-22-2005, 08:30 AM
Greetings from Warped STL--major props to KPNT for day of SUN, fun, and music.

As much as I love live music and have seen well over 150 shows the highlight of this trip was meeting the offspring. All the other bands were secondary...dropkick murphies, mxpx, and American Rejects. Even though this was my first Warped tour it just felt like every other festival I have been to. Non music highligts included skating, many tents with promotional stuff like stickers/gum/sandisk stuff/circuit city, and shopping. Though in all honesty as much as I like the bands I don't see blowing 100 bucks on skating gear and shirts when you could be supporting your local shop of choice.

The day actually starts with a runaround...my tickets are not at will call under my name. So I'm told to go to band will call. I go to band will call they tell me to go to KPNT tent thats inside the venue. I can't get in because I don't have a ticket so I talk with security. The security guard eventually gets some one from the KPNT tent. He goes with me to will call to find his tickets are missing. He ends up calling the head of the station. The head of the station says they are under KPNT name. The radio person then asks him to look again and they are in a cabinent and envelope in the back. Total time elipsed since walking up to the gate 15-20 mins. But its very hard to be down--all well that ends well, right? So the radio person hastily returns to the booth.

I pick someone in line with my spare ticket asking if anyone needs one--and am fortunate enough to unload it for a little beer money. I even meet a nice lady from kc who is doing two shows in two days in the process. She is relieved to save some money of face for beer as I am to make the money--we both win ;)

So I watch some bands and wonder around checking out various stages. I feel like crap the heat is really getting to me so I eventuall watch a couple hours of bands under the pavilion stage where it is nice and shady.

Then I go to the meet n greet @ 3:30 to get ready for the meet n greet. I'm instructed on some rather obvious radio etiquette. No cursing, no shout outs, talk directly into the top of the mike etc etc etc So I wait and wait and wait in the hot tent and around 4:45 the Offspring shows up. Well at least part of it does. So I ask my question about what are the pros and cons of various venue sized. They give a pretty non descript answer I'm afraid--but I was the first to ask a question and they were warming up to the crowd. Basically they like larger venues better because with smaller ones it gives them less time to work on music. This also ties in to why they will be taking some time off after this tour. They are aiming to work on a brand new album soon. The radio station provided a brand new copy of the greatest hits album to get signed, however I had a standbye in case they didn't and got both CEd jakets signed as shown below:


06-22-2005, 08:42 AM
cool! and what song's did they play?