View Full Version : San Antonio show, June 26th, was AWESOME!

06-27-2005, 12:05 AM
gotta hand it to em...they know how to steal a show!

its the first time ive seen them live....after being a devout fan for 11 years, it was about time :)

they came by with the warped tour. most of the other bands were crap with the exceptions of tsunami bomb, dropkick murphys, and avenged sevenfold... but i digress...

so the offspring are supposed to go on at 5:30...but were maybe 10 mins late cuz of setup time. i try and get as close the the front as possible...but the closest i could get was about 5 rows of people from the very front. keep in mind it's texas in the summer and the stages were on asphalt. :(

they open with All I Want...man the crowd went nuts!

ive been to plenty of crazy heavy metal shows, but none of them would prepare me for what i was about to experience.

next was Come out and Play. the crowd pushed everyone around so hard...crowdsurfers coming along every 30 seconds... and since im really short (5 feet tall) i was getting constricted by all the pushing. the pushing and pushing would just get worse with no drawback, so getting air to breathe was getting more and more difficult. once the 3rd some came around, Cant Repeat, the intense heat and my limited breathing got me noticed by the security in the front and they pulled me out. once i got out i was standing right in front of dexter... but i was too busy gasping for air to acknowledge him. then i went back into the crowd...but not too close to the stage to avoid the same thing happening again. but that also wasnt gonna stop me from enjoying the show ;)

Then they played Bad Habit, Gone Away, Self Esteem, and the Kids arent Alright. it was a short set and lots of fans were kinda disappointed about it, but thats how the warped tour works...

one thing that was really cute of dexter and noodles was the fun chats between songs, one of which won the hearts of the texans in the crowd. Dexter and noodles sang, "the stars at night, are big and bright..." as dexter put the microphone to the audeince, and we sang back. "deep in the heart of texas!" the crowd loved it!

seeing them live was truly amazing. they defintely have the stage presence of legends, and their high energy just sets people off, its crazy! but cool.

they always say celebrities never look and sound the same in person as they do in the media...but thats not true with the offspring, they are very real and charismatic guys.

thanks for the experice dexter, noodles, greg, and atom! hope to see you guys again soon :D