View Full Version : Rocket Power , sounds like they wrote it.

06-27-2005, 02:33 PM
If you ever listen to the theme song of Rocket Power , you would here the
theme as if Dexter wrote the song , Power Rangers is very stupid now. :D

Compaired to Power Rangers and those other stupid TV shows , I think
that Rocket Power is the cloest to their type of music. Have A Nice Day!

Sincerely , TRUSTpunk

06-27-2005, 02:39 PM
thats not really offspring related

06-27-2005, 02:49 PM
I haven't heard the English version of Rocket Power, only the Dutch version. It's cool though.

06-27-2005, 03:23 PM
It has that same kind of energy , just wondering what others
think about it , and its the cloest in my opinion to Offspring.

06-27-2005, 05:06 PM
Have an MP3 link? I haven't heard that song in a few years.
Dude, my MOM used to watch that show.
But yeah, the memories are flooding back...and it sort of does...xD

Venom Symbiote
06-27-2005, 05:10 PM
Yeah, someone throw an MP3 over here.

I'm too lazy to go searching for Power Rangers music, of all things. Sheesh.

06-27-2005, 05:15 PM
Yeah, someone throw an MP3 over here.

I'm too lazy to go searching for Power Rangers music, of all things. Sheesh.
No, I think we're talking about Rocket Power now.
What the fuck's with all the "powers"....

06-27-2005, 05:19 PM

Nicole heart's Google.

Also, I think it is by them.
"Rocket Power (Nickelodeon) - ...The theme song - faux surfer punk that combines the Offspring's sound with the pure irritation of Dexter Holland's voice, with none of Holland's wry humor, is a harbinger of tedium."

That person seems to know what they're talking about. Still searching.

06-28-2005, 03:37 AM
*snort* It's Mark Mattersbaughs.

06-28-2005, 08:35 AM
Dude , have you heard Mark's crappy music ? You need to test it before you
can say that its actually Mark , Mark sounds like a DJ and that about sums it
up for me , David which is the other guy , I can't find mp3's of him.

I kind of proved that its Dexter's voice but they just didn't mention
him , the other people sound nothing like Dexter Holland. LateR! :cool:

Edit: Oh shit! Mark Mothersbaugh sounds like the music but I never
heard him sing , I seriously think Dexter did the singing part lol. :D

Sincerely , TRUSTpunk