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06-29-2005, 08:57 PM
Hey, any of u Offspring fans goin to Orlando? Let me know.. I just wanna see how many people are from my area. I live in Port St Lucie which is in between Orlando and Pompano, but Pompano sucked. The thing I hate about Warped Tour is you can't leave and come back. The damn concert lasts like 8 hours. But at least this year they got a lot of good bands playing. PLEASE!!! THIS IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT AND I AM NOT JOKING!!!! PLEASE... EVERYONE WEAR DEODORANT!! EVEN IF YOU DONT THINK YOU SMELL.... almost everyone at Warped Tour last year was wearing Wife-Beaters and god Damn did it reek! I hugged a friend I met after a long time and jeez I thought I would die in an envelope of male musk! Anyhow.. see ya Aug 7th.