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07-04-2005, 01:10 AM
THE ONES THAT WENT TO THEIR WARPED TOUR SHOW...POST YOUR EXPERIENCE HERE....all of your experience =)...from the first bands until you were waiting for The Offspring =) hehe...thanks =)

07-04-2005, 01:22 AM
my friend and i came l8 and only got 2 se 45 seconds of offspring. then we decided 2 go hang with the blazers in the mosh pit during the mxpx song "i heard that sound" then we hung around smoked pot and hit on random chicks............

07-04-2005, 11:44 AM
Well it started off with a 2 hour drive from Columbia, MO. to St Louis, MO....no wait the story started a little before that. I got a strange call that I at first thought was someone calling me back from a job interview. I was wrong it was a radio DJ (intern) telling me I had won tickets to warped tour tommorow. But thats when the reality set in--I hadn't just won tickets the contest was for a meet n gree where I could interview the band. So I go that sounds really cool, however can I get your phone number in case I can't make it. I mean 1 day is rather short notice and all. So I'm frantically calling up my friends trying to arrange a ride. YES--I might just be the only college kid without a car :(

Well I call and leave messages on a bunch of cells. One friend was out of town and just getting back into town and his job. The other had job comittments as well. I end up convincing my parents that the interview is a once in a lifetime experience--afterall it is. One doesn't win $70 worth of tickets just any day.

So flash forward to me arriving after a 2 hour drive to STL. I go to will call and my tickets are not their. I ask them to search in the name of the radio station--nope nothing. I go to band will call as an afterthought thinking maybe its a band credential pass--they have nothing either. At that moment I'm thinking holy crap the guy from the radio might be jerking me around. I frantically talk to a security guy asking if the radio has a booth somewhere outside I may have missed. NO, only a booth inside. Um, don't suppose you could get someone inside to talk to someone for me. Well after waiting 5 mins I finally get a radio guy to come out.. He says tickets are at will call according to my boss. Alright progress...so he walks up asks about the tickets and again the guy has no clue. I show him the cell phone number from the station calling me inside my cell phone and let him listen to the voice mail recording. He then calls the station manager and finds out the tickets are all their in an envelope under the station name. He goes back to will call and they find the tickets in a cabinet misplaced. Turns out I was the first winner to show up. Whole ordeal takes literally 30 mins to resolve. I thank the radio guy for the tickets as he enters the easy way with his backstage/vip credentials.

I see some girls in line, further conversations indicate they are from KC. I sell her my second ticket for half price to raise money for a couple of beers. I tell her the diffrence is for a beer on me. She questions if the ticket is fake and I explain it was a radio comp. Still not trusting me completly I'm like I can go in right behind you--if its fake all you need to do is make a big deal out of it and I will be in trouble. So we walk around and listen to music for like 30 mins before I decide I wanna see a band at another stage (you can see her pic as the first one at warped tour stl monster page).

The sun beats down and I retire to the main stage to sit under the large canopy and eat lunch. I packed a picnic lunch and enjoy a 12" subway sub and a liter of now warm dasani water. The water feels really good going down and I realize that I was probably already dehyrdated. The muggy july heat meant the mid 90's temperatures probably were 100+ with the heat index. I end up listening to a bunch of bands I've never heard of. Sets probably end up being avg of 25-30 mins for a lot of the smaller bands. It felt like wine tasting only the bands were not drinks. A lot of bands were 4/10's-we are talking drawing power of 100 people backyard houseparty. Maybe fillers for a nightclub who needs an opener quality at best.

I show up for the interview as the voicemail on my cell indicates 3:45, so 3:30 to be safe. Like a dumbass I miss the small tent leading to the backstage area as I sit and look around the area for the KPNT staff. Uggg a hot tent with fans--the thing was just solar heating in the hot sun. Fortunatly I had refilled my water bottle. So I end up waiting 4 arrives and they have no idea where the band is...4:15....4:30....4:45 and they eventually make it. Well at least Dex and Noodles. I ask my question and get out my CD booklet and sharpie. Well the radio station was prepared--they pass out the new greatest hits CD and ahve sharpies ready. I guess my preparation ahead of time was for nothing (nothing but an extra signed booklet ;) )

I later see the offspring perform and its all downhill from their. I had a great time and hope everyone has as good of a time as I did.

07-06-2005, 03:04 PM
cool!...that was awesome haha (quoting the guy above me :P)