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11-14-2004, 09:37 AM
it pisses me off when people say the only good offspring album is smash and they say all the other albums suck. i mean, if they had heard the albums after smash and just didnt like them, thats fine, as long as they have a reason. but most of the people that dont like the albums after smash or ixnay say newer offspring sucks but have barely even taken a listen to the newer albums except maybe the singles. people are just too stubborn. people like to hate albums by bands when they are new or different. people dont like change. example, when ixnay came out, many people didnt like it at all and it didnt even sell that well. but the only reason they didnt like it was because it was new and on a major label. but now that more albums have come out after ixnay people stopped hating it because its no longer new and differnet and its considered an old album. now most people love it. so people start hating the newer stuff. its a real shame. a good example of this is indestrutible by rancid. personally i had my doubts with this album too when it came out since it was new and on a major label. but after i listened to it i was like holy shit this is a really well made kick ass album with tons of good fucking songs. almost as good as and out come the wolves. but most of the people i talk to about it hate it and are like ya its alright. people are too stubborn. im sure that like 5 years from now indestrutible will be considered one of the best rancid albums and everyone will love it.

11-14-2004, 11:49 AM
SO.. I don't really like c01 by now but lately I'll love it, let's hope..