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07-20-2005, 07:03 AM
in this month's issue of skratch magazine, they interviewed stormy shepard, who books tours for bands like offspring, vandals, NOFX, sick of it all, etc. this was the last question they asked her, and she gives major props to the offspring.

SKRATCH: Any comments you'd like to make on subjects that I did not cover in my questions?
SHEPHERD: Offspring took a leap of faith on my capabilities years ago. I've worked with these guys since they released IGNITION. When they started to blow up on SMASH, I had never booked a show over 500 capacity and had NO CLUE what I was doing. They had agents from every major agency coercing them to leave me. I did not want my lack of experience to stand in their way, but Dexter, Noodles, Greg, and Ron were extremely loyal and gave me the chance to grow with them. We all came up through this together. Because of Offspring, bands like NOFX and Rancid stayed with Leave Home knowing that we could handle their increasing tours. The Offspring, NOFX, and Rancid enabled me to pick up bands who were lesser-known at the time, such as AFI, Lagwagon, Strung Out, Rocket from the Crypt, Tiger Army, and more. Next time you see Offspring, remember that there's an agency that found its niche in booking punk bands (giving kids a lot of cool shows) because they stuck with me. A lot of good bands are touring because of their support for this music. I also think kids should know that I learned from the best. Dexter (Offspring), Tim Armstrong & Matt Freeman (Rancid), Theo (Lunachicks), Lou Koller & Armand Majidi (Sick of it All), and Fat Mike (NOFX) had ALL booked their own tours prior to my working with them. I learned how to book tours from these guys-along with some valuable words of wisdom from Ian MacKaye. They taught me most everything I know about booking, because they had been doing it themselves.


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