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11-15-2004, 04:12 PM
since your internet is ubergay & a China-sized pain in the butt, I decided this very topic will be our replacement of the horrible program, called MSN. we already (ab-)used some other topic (I believe my first one here) in that way, but now we have our own topic to violently abuse in every single way imaginable. we've both stopped mailing fequently, since we both appear to have lives, which drastically complicates that form of communication.

anyway.... how did the debate end on that other board? the other persona DID give in to your greatness, no?

also keep me updated on all those trips you had planned.

11-15-2004, 04:25 PM
oh jeez, sorry I didn't see this. I was actually busy on the other board again.

The guy came back. He will not accept my greatness. He actually went on further to say that Muslim immigrants should accept poverty in Europe or they should basically go home. (now regardless of anyone's opinion, that is obviously an un-marxist thing to say.) And that being a communist board, was stupid. But then again, saying that soviet-empire is a communist board is like saying that offspring.com is a punk board, or that evanescense is a goth band. Most of the people who go there, are just attracted to the historical role played by the USSR (as being anti-USA, basically the same idiots who become attracted to Islam because it's anti-USA (or so they think) as well.) Oh and a lot of Red Alert 2 fans as well.

Long as rant there.

My trip to Esbjerg went fine, I impressed everyone by falling asleep while standing up. We went to a high school party, it was rather boring. I just drank glass after glass of white wine to pass the time. Lost my mp3 player (not because I was drunk, but because it was dark.) It was found afterwards, and will come to me in the mail.

Esbjerg smells entirely like fish.

And other trips, well France is coming up in February. Barcelona in December. And Athens again in February. But France is for school.

Anyways, now tell me a little bit of what's going on in your life. How are things with the Gypsy band? Did you end up learning those new songs? Do you only play Gypsy music? Or will you be covering Last Christmas this December? Other activities you are up to?

11-16-2004, 06:55 AM
as far as I've been taught about Marx, during the time I still had philosophy, & actually know what I'm talking about, I'd say you're right & won the debate. wasn't there anyone on the board, agreeing with you, bitchslapping the other dude in the face??

call me silly, but where on earth is Esbjerg? you may have already told me, but right now I wouldn't have a clue. it sounds Denmarkish & that would make a lot of sense. it sounds like you had fun, even though the party was dull to you. glad you're mp3 player was found. I can't imagine you can spend your days without music very well, you don't seem that kind of type. even though I don't have a mp3 player, I know I can't. when I'm stuck somewhere without discman, computer, or instrument, I practically use everything & anything to play the violin on.

I've just googled Esbjerg & with the help of a splendid map I now know exactly where Esbjerg is. *grins* it also explained the smell of fish.

where in France will you be staying, or will you travel around there?? I think it's pure awesomeness, that you get to go to France for school. what exactly will you be doing there? just studying the languages & a bit of culture, or is there more to it?

Athens is beautiful. I completely loved it, when I was there. have you ever been there before?? there's so much to see & the whole atmosphere is brilliant. it brought me closer to human history, than I've ever been, except for the time I was in Rome (& well, Africa). make sure to start your days extremely early, or else your view will be entirely blocked by tourists. I actually don't exactly know when it'll be high season for tourism there, but I just hope it's not when you're there. it makes a great deal of difference.

Barcelona is also lovely, but touristic as hell. I don't know if you've seen it before, I don't remember very much of it, besides the fact I liked it to hell & back. what I remember most are the living statues, no matter how culterally poor that sounds. & squares, I believe. lovely squares. I was a puppy when I went there.

actually I don't only play Gipsy music. I mostly do right now, but on Christmas eve, well.. night, I'll play in a Catholic church. I'm not Catholic, but the masses (is that correct English?) that are played there are a challenge to play (especially for me, because I'm terrible with techniques & thus classical music) & extremely beautiful. it also pays quite well, which you can expect if you play in a Catholic church. I think this year it'll be one of Mozart. it's always a bit of a surprise.
it's the only day in the whole year my entire family will come to church, although they're all Protestants. even my grandmother, who's the widdow of a Protestant minister. they like the music & like it even better, that they know that somewhere on top of that balcony it's me, who is playing. very, very sweet.

playing jazz was a one-timer I think, though I'd love to do it more often. sometimes I think I want to get lessons again, but not just any lessons; classical, jazz, gipsy, piano, guitar, singing, the whole deal. someone please teach me, because I'm getting extremely hungry for it. more hungry than for my studies, which disturbes. makes me think & question if I'm doing the right thing, although I'm so certain I'd love to be a doctor & help people medically.

with the Gipsy band we got to learn how to play new songs, as I predicted. two, which I love already. that means we've only got twenty more to go, or something. there are about thirty Gipsy songs the old band, that teaches us now, used to play.
it's difficult, I don't know if I already told you this (yes, I think I did), but the whole Gipsy scene is entirely new for every one of us & most of the members of the band need the music on paper to be able to play it, when there's not much written down. I actually hardly know how to read music on paper, thanks to all the years I didn't have a teacher. I don't read as fast as I play, so listening, remembering & playing it afterwards works much better for me, which comes in extremely handy with Gipsy music. so I suppose that's good.
I've never been quite the type to lead anything, to step forward & play, let alone pulling everyone up to my 'level'. I'm the youngest of the bunch & I dislike that. I've always been the youngest everywhere I played. it's embarrassing in a way & they used to make fun of me in orchestras, when I was little. this group doesn't do that, but it's obvious, that it's sometimes hard for them to take the funny, odd, little girl seriously & that it's hard for me to make me look serious & act like somewhat of a director. maybe that last part makes it mostly difficult.

so far for the musical update. there's not much else going on anyway. I haven't done much for my studies (again, or still, whatever) & somewhat hate myself for it, especially since I've been -given- the chance to study medicine. maybe I don't work so hard, because I don't feel I've earned & deserved it. maybe something in my studies is lacking. I miss that fire of really wanting to do something, the wish to study & to make it. to accomplish something respectively (correct English? I hate it when I'm not sure) important, of any significance.

my boyfriend & I are doing fine, as you probably guessed (;p), so I guess I don't need to update you on that subject.

whoa, this became one very, very long post. I hope you'll find the time to read it. you don't have to reply with the same length, if you don't know what to say. one-liners can be great, if they give you the impression it's not because of lack of interest. I'm satisfied with almost any reply given in your case, because I'm almost certain lack of interest won't be a problem.=)

11-16-2004, 08:36 AM
haha well I'm glad you are confident in my interest in you.

And I will certainly try harder than a one-liner, because I despise one-liners with all my heart and soul. Well not really. But when it's disproportionate to the topic at hand I certainly do.

An odd thing has happened. After my band performed, different people have come up to different members asking to be part of the band. Apparently we now have one new guitarist, and like 4 new vocalists. We may have to work on that I think. I carried a Bass Drum across Copenhagen today, it's good that I am buff like Ahnuld Schwarzenegger. *rolls eyes* Apparently a girl had approached the student leader in our class saying that her uncle was a Record Exec and she thinks she could get us signed. However we've heard nothing since, so it will probably end up as nothing.

And no, no one has really helped me with the debate on Soviet Empire. Well with the exception of Nair Al-Saif (he's known as Arabian Knight here), he wrote part of my long post and gave a link to a good site for bible quotes. The debate, is still going on. The guy doesn't know how to think analytically so I will continue to point out the hypocracy of his arguments. I am just too tired of that discussion to do it at this very moment.

ah you googled Esbjerg, smart thinking. Yes, it's only a 3 hour drive. That's how long it takes to drive across Denmark. It would be shorter if the waiting time on the bridges wasn't as high. But still that's short.

And actually, I didn't have an mp3 player until about a month ago. But it really got addictive. I sang along with everything when I had it. And now I no longer have that opportunity. (so I try to remember songs, which doesn't always go so well.) But I manage. I also bought a Cuban cigar there, that was a fantastic find.

I'll be in Vichy, France. I am looking forward to it. It will be a two week long intensive language school. In the weekend we (those who are going) will go to Paris (sans le Teacher). I'm really looking forward to this trip in general. It will be fantastic.

I'm not looking forward to Athens and Barcelona so much. I'll be travelling with my parents. And quite honestly I have a low opinion of Greece. I've gotten into arguments with Greek "Communists" (more like Ultra Greek Orthodox Nationalist) and all he ever talked about was Constantinople, Turkey, Crete, Macedonia and how abortions are un-marxist. He was a joke, I'm glad he's gone. haha at one point someone tried to claim that saying a human fetus looked like a pig fetus was racist.
It's the first post on that page. A funny argument in general though. Although long-winded.

Barcelona will be interesting though. I really love Spanish, I just don't really want to travel with my entire family to these places.

That's really cool that your family goes to the Catholic Church on Christmas Mass to hear you play. It must be fun to play in a church I would think. Not something I would think of doing myself, but still fun.

I don't know. Jazz just happens in our music, it's not like I was ever taught anything particularly jazzy. When we jam it often ends up more jazzy than rock. but still has a good deal influence of rock in it. It's really quite enjoyable though. I am looking forward to more performances.

I can imagine it would be intimidating for you. Being the youngest, you have to correct them. No that would not be a fun position at all I would imagine. But I mean clearly you have talent at what you do, you shouldn't be discouraged. The only way you will be accepted is if you accept your talent. Or perhaps I am just talking out of my ass. But I mean there is nothing wrong with you, if you are better than them, there is in reality something wrong with them. They should try harder, so you shouldn't feel bad. Although I know it alienates you. I don't know, a complicated situation it is.

You know you want to be a doctor. But you just don't have the motivation to study medicine. Are you sure in reality that you do want to be a doctor then? Are there absolutely no question marks over this?

11-16-2004, 05:01 PM
fine. as much as I hate one-liners too, I'm now going for one. well, pretty much anyway. I'll reply to you tomorrow Per, I promise. just didn't want this topic to die & I'd like to take the time for it. I just couldn't miss Sex and the City, Friends & a whole bunch of other cheesy American garbage, when there's a boyfriend with a bottle of wine on the couch.


11-17-2004, 06:49 AM
it looks like your band is on a possible road of success, according to the definitions of society!! I'd love to hear you play, especially now you've told me you have jazzy influences in your music. oh, that must really kick ass.

Cuban cigars are supposed to be the shit. I don't smoke them, but my dad does & he bought loads, when we were in Cuba. they're a tad expensive though.

Vichy! oh, ladies can get themselves the most delicious treatments there, so I've heard. but...nevermind. guess your French will be entirely upgraded & refreshed, when you come back. I wish I'd gone for such a trip, when I still had the chance. I could've done that after high school, before I went to med school. I figured my chances to get into med school weren't very high anyway & that I weren't likely to get in, so that I then could make the trip. that would've been lovely for a few months. I envie you! update my French a bit, when you get back, please. *puppy eyes* hah, impossible task, but still... it's worth a try.

let your opinion of Greece go. it's based on nothing significant, but a couple of idiots on a political board (so it seems now). the country itself is beautiful & everything you find there of historical meaning is impressing. go there blank & then see if you still dispise it. then at least you've given the trip a fair chance. I don't know how you feel about travelling with your parents, does that remotely bother you? will you miss your friends & get bored, you think??

it's fun to play in a church, thanks to the atmosphere, the wonderful acoustics.... & that's about it. heh. I used to love it, when I was still in the symphonic orchstra, I loved playing in churches. we especially did that on trips, like in Norway, Sint Martin & Saba.

"The only way you will be accepted is if you accept your talent."
I think you've said that real nicely. it's somewhat true, that if I feel I'm good, others will too. I don't feel like I play very well, but I enjoy doing it so much & others most of the times enjoy listening, so it works. leading a group though, takes more than that & exactly that what you said. a bit of confidence. confidence has never really been my thing, though. (besides the fact, that I'm almost certain, that I must somewhat interest you, or else we wouldn't still be talking to each other ;p)

I do put question marks by my studies. but I've wanted this for so long & so bad... has my dream changed?? do future dreams chance, or do they just dissolve, when they become somewhat reality?? I always follow my heart, but it has already lead me to ..very strange places. so that makes me wonder. maybe I should follow my head more, though you could say medicine isn't such a unlogical choice. or was it this time, that I didn't exactly follow my heart?? dude.. question marks all over, like you see.

tonight I'm going to the studentsociety, but I really need to study. I missed a practical class today, that I can surely take on another day, but which makes me feel terrible. it's one I so dislike; physiology... terrible course, never take it. ;p

so what do your days look like, at the moment?

11-17-2004, 01:34 PM
ah I'm exhausted. You asked how my days look so far. Well they are exhausting.
My teachers are trying to fit 6 months worth of school into 6 weeks. (Because, well you know I'm going to Vichy for two weeks right? Well there are others who are going to Australia for 3 months. So while they are there, we who stay in Denmark will be having significantly less classes. (we have 36 hours a week now, it will be around 20 starting in January.) So we are doing a whole shitload.

For example I got an English report due monday. I have french essays, due twice a week. A Spanish essay due Wednesday. Accounting due Friday. Marketing reading and Accounting reading. Psychology test on Friday. and so on. I am exhausted by school, cause it lasts up to 7 hours and then the homework I have to do at home.

What usually happens though, is after school some friends and I (I have pictures of them actually, just a sec.)
This is Aaliya and I. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v220/wheelchairman/UlrichandAaliya.bmp
This is Aaliya, Annie Wong, and I
okay those are the only ones i have. But those are from the café we usually go to after school to relax and chit-chat. Drink some tea and puff from the Sheesha. Not seen in those pictures is Annie B (half paki-half danish), Asia (Morrocan), and Ali (Paki). We usually have a pretty good time relaxing there. Hell we usually just tell the café employees to give us our usual.

Aaliya will probably also be singing in our band as well. Which should be interesting, she actually has some talent which surprised me. (not that I expected her to be bad, I've just never heard her sing much.)

Anyways then I come home between 17.00-19.00 exhausted. Look at my homework and not do it. Go online. Go offline. Practice guitar. Do some homework. and go to sleep. then I wake up way too tired as well.

How do your days look?

Eventually my band will get some of our music online, so I will definitely give you the links. In fact, if you really loved me, you'd spread it around as much as possible. ;)

cause fuckin' hell I'd rather not have a regular job ever.

ack french french french. I despise our new French teacher. We've had 3 french teachers in the past year. And this is the worst. We just got some written assignments back, I failed both of them. (now 2 years ago I was in the top of my class at French.) Ah but I've always hated writing in other languages, for me speaking is so much easier and far more natural. Despite my awful American accent in just about everything.

Anyways Vichy should be interesting. All I know is that it's the former fascist headquarters of France during WW2. And the only bar is a gay bar. It should be a good trip though. Meriam (the girl who sits next to me in school, a real....teacher's pet (I probably bring her grades down just by being next to her), she promised to smoke sheesha and cigars and cigarillos with me in France. So I will keep her to her promise. ack still hate french though. I hopefully will get better in France, then of course I will help you. It would be mon plaisure.

I will try and let my opinion of Greece go. What I really hate is travelling with my parents. I have always been the odd one out in my family, purely because I worry far less than they do. (though there are those who would say I worry too much). And when you travel with people who worry easily...well it's not fun. Then sight-seeing ain't fun. But ah well, my parents relax a lot too during vacations, so we'll see.

Anyways I know you don't think you're talented. But honestly it seems like you are believing that against all empirical evidence possible. It really is amazing how the human mind can work that way. Is there any possible way I could hear your music over the internet? That would be cool. Oh and you promised if we ever met you would play some Irish fiddle for me. (you thought I'd forget didn't you?) Hah. no not me never.

I don't know. About your studies, it sounds like it could be a few things. Perhaps you just aren't excited about this year. Perhaps your motivation in life is coming from other areas and devoted to other areas *coughboyfriendcough*. Perhaps what you've thought of medicine isn't always what it was, and you are maybe disappointed? Or maybe you thought you only wanted medicine as a career but didn't in reality, want it?

And I would say, follow your heart. Strange places are the only places worth being. That's my personal opinion, but I would hate to be in a boring place, or a normal place. And I don't think you should ever be surrounded by normalcy (or at least not yet). It wouldn't suit you, and that's definitely a compliment.

So what are your travel plans? Do you have any? What are your plans for December?

11-18-2004, 06:13 AM
I just tried to take that practical class physiology, that I missed the other day (yesterday), but I was kicked out, due to the fact I did the test, that admits you to the practical class, terrible. one out of seven questions right, when you only need two good answers to be admitted. but the questions are so ridiculously detailled, difficult & confusing. the guy, that leads that class & checks the answers, really feels like the fuckin' man, every time he throws me out, but in fact he doesn't know shit about physiology. he just has the key to the classroom, sets up the equipment necessary for the practical classes & checks these multiple choice tests, simply by the answer that were given to him by the professor. he's about half a meter tinier than I am & has this head of a troll. yeah, he's got a LOT to compensate. he annoys me to crap. I'd almost say "how dare he kick me out, when he himself is an ignorant piece of shit", but I must admit, that I didn't study & the tests are simply a part of physiology, no matter how much I hate that course.

so much for my rant.

your school does indeed sound practically draining. but interesting & stimulating. essays are the shit, I used to love them to death. just babbling away, letting your thoughts on the certain subject go & go. being satisfied with what you wrote, once it is done & making slight adjustments to improve it to make it even better. I love essays so much, because it's not just simply a matter of learning things inside out, studying from a couple of books till you drop dead, but you get to bring it into practice & tell about what you've learned & now know, combined with the insight (is that correct?) you have on the subject.

making a whole shitload of them doesn't sound oh so attractive, though. *giggles*

I'm so curious how things will work out with your band. let me know, if the new singer brings you to a higher level & lives up to everyone's expectations. the devellopments all sound very exciting. I hope to be able to listen to you soon & yes, if I do become a loyal fan, I will spread the word about you & your band.

funny, that you mentioned you don't ever want a regular job. I feel the same way right now. one patient of mine in the hospital (in the nursing days) once told me, I'm not the kind of girl to be working in a hospital. he didn't know for me it was simply a training period for my studies, but he thought it was my actual job. I told him I only stood by his bed now to be able to cure him one day & that it was my dream to work in a hospital. he said "you won't. you'll end up packing your bags & leaving on a jetplane instinctively on impulse to a far away country, where you will travel around. you're not cut out for the ranks-system, you have here. you find the cleaner as important as the doctor & wouldn't dare to stand above anyone, feeling better, & lift your head above any of the others, that work here."
he'd only known me for five seconds, when he said that, but I was stunned by the fact, that he somewhat managed to make a very good point. do I want to work in a hospital? do I even ever want to settle down, plan babies (that's how it goes for female docs), buy a house together with whoever I'll stick with & come home to it every single day?? the daily brawls, wondering if your hubby gets as bored with life, as you are & would be fucking the young woman next door.... I still feel so restless, like I can't possibly settle down. ever.

I guess that guy, the idiotic, pot-smoking, fourty year old stranger, set my first questionmark behind the word medicine.

my days look.. strange. I wake up, not in the morning, but the afternoon most of the times. I cuddle & do stuff with what's lying next to me & what probably woke me in the first place. I stand up, take a shower, get dressed & I'll look all shiny & new by about two o' clock.
my boyfriend & I both eat a boiled egg & after that he eats four to six sandwitches with the most horrifying toppings. pickles, mayo, meat, cheese, mustard & stuff. he's like a pregnant woman. but oh well, I suppose he *is* pretty fucking tall & needs to eat well.
sometimes -sometimes- I go to uni to take a practical class, or to arrange things. I don't go to any of the normal classes anymore with the attitude, that I probably once already heard it all before, since I'm retaking this year.
I do the shopping, together with my boyfriend, for the entire house & then we settle on the couch, enjoying each other a bit & especially a LOT of television (I actually wouldn't ever watch tv on my own). sometimes I need to get away from him for a second & crawl behind my computer, which hardly ever helps, since ten seconds later he'll be standing in my room, smothering my hair with kisses.
in the evening I go to the studentclub, have dinners with friends, or practice with the band. I go to sleep around two in the morning, except when I've gone to the studentclub. then I'll come back around four in the morning.

I guess after that, my day will start all over again. just another date.

writing in a different language IS very hard. especially since, if you know how to speak the words, you'd spell them so differently in your language. if that made sense. I wasn't exactly the hero at writing in French, but I adored reading. I always took some French magazines home with me, when I went there (the 'Isa' [[naturally]] & 'Girls' [[they pronounce that like 'gulz' & it's so cute]]), that were mostly for female teenagers with problems like how do I get a condom on my boyfriend's dick & such. I loved them, very entertaining & amusing. apparently that improved my reading so much, that I did real well on my exams. just a lucky number. I remembered I had one teacher, that was manically depressed & another that could've walked right out of a children's book. she was strange & annoying.
bad teachers, or ones you dislike, don't motivate you at all. that always complicates things.

travelling with parents can be awful. especially worrying parents, hah. I can imagine. I can even relate ;p my mother is such a stressed hare, that she's even worrisome. she's always scared for me & I try to overcompensate that, by leaning back, acting relaxed & even becoming lazy in her presence. I still hope you'll enjoy it. I've learned now, that my parents did have their reasons to worry & that their worries merely stand for their love for the family, etc. they're good people, haha. I can't believe I say that now.

I think you're right, that I'm mostly very UNexcited about this year, since I seem to be standing still, now I have to retake the first year. it's frustrating, especially the reason why. lying in a hospital bed with a broken leg was certainly not my intention, when I needed to study to stand besides someone else's hospital bed one day.
my boyfriend probably also plays a rather great part in all of this, like you said (you're so smart). right now my attention is devided over very limited aspects of my life. I'm pretty happy with what I have & the drive to turn life into a major doc's career has faded a bit temporarily. I do realise, that one day I'll lose the guy & be on my own again & wished I'd studied more, so I didn't ruin my future, while living in the present, day by day.
I'm afraid to think I don't want this career after all for so many reasons. I've come so far, that now I'm in & actually studying this. money has already been spent on it - my parents' money. & I remember very well, what it was like, when after four years my brother came home & told my parents he disliked his studies & wanted to do something else. plus it feels like this is the goal I've set for myself & that I can't leave it unaccomplished. I'd fail myself.

"Strange places are the only places worth being."
I certainly agree with you to a certain point. some places have been so hurtful & it seems like they provide no lesson at all for the future. though they've changed me (in some prospects for the better), reinforced my will to survive & made me more conscious about a lot of things, including my own dreams & wishes. still, experiences have given a chronic bitter aftertaste, brought a lot of fear & insecurities with them & took me to a very low place, which took so much away from me. I don't know if you understand, what I'm trying to say. strange places just sometimes mean a lot of trouble & several times I've gotten myself stuck in uncomfortable, difficult situations. of course it's a nice challenge to pull yourself out of it every time, but it's getting tiring.

thank you for the compliment. I do take it as one.=) & I agree, that both of us should get into strange places in our lives. ;p being 'normal' hasn't ever been my ambition, though there've been times I've begged for a normal life. I'd never want to get bored with life, or be boring myself, though (naturally). I've come to the conclusion though, that 'normal life' apparently doesn't exactly suit me, which is partly positive & partly negative.

11-18-2004, 06:29 AM
ugh wow.. that was an essay in itself.

11-18-2004, 01:28 PM
Don't worry about it. The longer they are the better. Although it is ironic that we are too lazy to do this through email haha.

hmmm Isa, you have probably already heard this before many times. but...You are taking this year because you missed of lot of school last year. So your plan to do better is to miss even less? I know you don't plan on missing less. Since I can completely understand how much that must suck (two students in my class are taking this year over again, the 2nd year is the hardest school year in denmark, and they are doing it twice, they rarely come to school. 'bout 50%).

That sucks to hear about the physiology guy. People who have power yet who are deeply insecure (mainly teaching-types) are the worst. Although bad teachers in general can just suck the energy out of a person in the most amazing way. (amazing at how good they are at draining people I mean.)

The thing about essays, in Denmark, in Danish class (basically Danish Literature), it's 100% about interpreting and analysing texts. And I just suck at that. I really do. I am the worst of the worst. I rarely read fiction anymore, though, and when I do it's mostly fantasy stuff. Perhaps that's why. And I hate speaking in Danish class, Danes find any sort of pronounciation/accent/grammar error to be the funniest thing in the world. Rather intimidating for a foreigner like myself. Yes that's a charming subject I'm on...moving on...

I agree with you that essays can be very fun to write. We just never have those good types of essays. well we'll have to wait and see. I just want this month to be over. I am broke. It's halfway through the month and I'm running on Empty. bejaysus.

The band will not be able to play for the Christmas Cabaret show, unless we can get a new drummer. (Our drummer is spending Christmas in Cuba.) But we are trying to arrange it so we can play for our school's friday café (basically a drinking party.) That would be über cool.

I have been more and more inspired to write a song for this. I haven't written a poem in months, probably a year now. I always hated doing it, but with the right music behind it, I think it could be alright. Plus I'm a slut for performing.

As far as being restless in life goes, I think it's good you are restless. I mean I know how you feel, I hate the feeling of restlessness, when you just want to go anywhere, anywhere else that is. But I think it's the only inspirational force in the world and you should never try and lose it. Well at least wait until you are older.

It's odd how insightful pot-heads can be. I mean, they don't seem to learn anything in class, ever. But marijuana must increase their ability to observe, or perhaps it's just part of their environment, but they have a tendency to see things on a different plane. Our drummer is basically a pot-head. Trying to quit, but he's so bad at doing it.

Now your days do sound nice though. Relaxed at least. I would enjoy that, relaxation is something I like. Like a long summer. But then restlessness sets in and for some odd reason I start to miss school. Although I hate it as soon as I walk through the doors. Funny as hell how that is. Don't you ever get restless just by being in the school system? I think you do, if you're anything like me, then sitting in a classroom and listening gives you the feeling of wanting to peel off your skin, of wanting to be 5 meters away from where you are now. I despise school sometimes. Enjoy Spanisn & Psychology though.

And I must say, your analogy about your boyfriend eating like a pregnant woman is a fantastic analogy.

As far as educations go. Finish your doctor's education. It will always be amazingly useful. However if you need to, then travel, go somewhere, you can be a doctor later. Just do anything. Or be a doctor somewhere else, travelling doctor's are in great demand I believe. (You could probably become a doctor in Cuba, they have some sort of program where they send doctor's to the 3rd world or something. I don't know, I just know that Cuba is big in the medical area.)

hmm when I say strange places, I meant mostly environmentally. (like the surroundings that you are in, not necessarily a new country or anything. Just new people and situation or something.) I would never recommend going to a place that could bring you into the worst mental decay. Or perhaps I misunderstood you. Cause it sounds a little like you might be talking about some form for culture shock? ah I don't really know though. I must tell you, when talking about emotions things will need to be explained to me, I've never been able to relate easily in this area.

And you never did answer my questions about your holidays....

11-19-2004, 06:30 AM
my internet is an assholic dickface; hotmail doesn't always work for me. so yeah, partly laziness, partly just a necessity, that we 'mail' each other on here.

I'm at school about once a week nowadays. I do sometimes study at home. rarely, but well, fine.
I was just at school to take that practical class I got kicked out of yesterday, but retakers come in second place. when the class is filled with people of the first year (that actually belong there), I can pack my bags & go home again. I can give myself up for the class like a good girl, but I have absolutely no guarantee, that I'll get in. I'll try it again on monday. I've already subscribed myself for it.

I did use my time at the faculty very well. because one of my housemates now is in the second year of medicine (yeah, we used to study together), I know today they've got an exam. so I went to the library & destracted everyone in the second year somewhat. we talked a bit (whispered), cracked jokes, updated each other on love lives, etc, I wished them good luck.... damn, all my friends have now officially passed me by. I already knew the feeling from high school (I had to retake the fourth year back then), why on earth do I have to go through it again. I'm no lucky fish.

analysing texts, eh? myeah, it wasn't exactly always my favorite, but I was alright at it. it's what we had to do for the French exam I did so well. in any other language I absolutely suck(-ed) at it. I loved analysing Dutch books, though. bookreports were absolutely the shit. my teacher didn't really like me much & was never as satisfied with my work as I was (7.5 out of 10 average), but I loved doing it. I didn't read much, though, & that was the biggest challenge; to put myself to actually read a book. it's not that I don't like to read - I love to read - but I never really spent time on it, except during holidays. so I can somewhat relate to your situation.

it's purely evil, that you have to feel intimidated as a foreigner in Denmark. they're blessed you're able to speak, read & write their language, they should appreciate it, if you ask me. my best friend was in some sort of Danish grammar school for over a year in Denmark & she never notified me on any problems, but I can't judge her Danish (I think it's just fucking brilliant she can speak/write/read it), or Danish schools for that matter.

it indeed would rock if you'd be able to play at the Christmas Cabaret show. if you get to perform, let me know how it went. performing IS wonderful. I secretly get a major kick out of it too. especially since I'm an insecured piece of chickenshit, so I'm always hungry for some sort of confirmation, that we play enjoyable.

can I read some of the stuff you've written, pretty please?? *puppy eyes*

restlessness is a two-faced bitch. it indeed is an inspirational force, that moves you forward in life, but it can also block certain processes, since it stops you from finishing them. I hope you can still follow me.
I know what you mean, that you can get restless during vacations. last vacation I went to Switzerland & France with my parents for three weeks, but after two weeks I *HAD* to get back to Amsterdam just to move my ass & to go back to wherever life is. yeah, if it's all happening anywhere, it's in Amsterdam. for me. I cried, pulled my hair out, went through nights without sleep there & became sick of the sight of France. so I actually took a fuckin' plane to get me out of there as soon as possible. as soon as I had booked the ticket online (that was a first), peace returned & France was lovely again.

right after that vacation my training period as a nurse started & that meant I lived with my parents for five weeks. I got so restless there, the obligation to stay & to finish what I was doing literally made me sick. I can get really extremely depressed, if I'm forced to stick in one place to do one thing. I start drinking too much, eating too much, working out like a freak, singing & playing the violin & piano a terrible lot, sitting behind the computer all day, lying in bed all day, bitching at my parents for no reason.... I just don't know where to go with myself, mentally & physically. my parents always get scared for me & themselves, whenever I am there longer than three days. *giggle* you can see it in their eyes & behaviour. after two days, they just get nervous. I can be cruel.

this is, by the way, also the reason I stopped taking violin lessons, had to retake the fourth year of high school, bite my nails, smoke like a chimney & used to find so much pleasure in drinking. I always feel like I need something to settle me down, to keep me where I am, without going insane. I'm neurotic, or something :/

I think I just officially figured that out & said it 'out loud' for the first time.

"Don't you ever get restless just by being in the school system? I think you do, if you're anything like me, then sitting in a classroom and listening gives you the feeling of wanting to peel off your skin, of wanting to be 5 meters away from where you are now."

UH HUH. graaahh. first days of school are always awesomeness, but then questionmarks pop up; "what the hell am I -still- doing here?". frustratingness. my concentration span is like the memory of a fish; real fucking short. after half an hour of class I most of the times just.. fall asleep. & no matter how restful that sounds, it's restlessness & it's a problem. I've hardly ever been able to sit out a full class, without falling asleep. & it makes people laugh at me. *frowns*

hehe, as for the analogy; I always tell that to him too. his eating behaviour just shocks me. I eat less than half of what he eats & still I'm a tiny bit on the chubby side (don't argue with me on that), but HE.... he's so very thin. you can see the structure of his muscles & bones right through his skin. it's beautiful, actually. he never works out too. he's terrible, but extremely sexy nontheless.

I do plan to pack my bags & leave to a far away country (I wouldn't care so much, if it's that far away, actually), as the pot-head in the hospital said, but right after my education, as *you* said. when I was a little girl, I went to Zimbabwe for a few months &, besides the fact that country has pretty much gone to shit, I'd love to work as a doctor there. maybe *because* the country has gone to shit. it was so, so incredibly lovely... Cuba would be fantastic too. right in the middle of Habana, I couldn't imagine something much lovelier. it's a rotten, but beautifully spirited city & I'd drink mohitos all day. & I'm sure I want to see Saba again, as that must have been the most beautiful island I've ever seen, so I might go there for quite some time too.

when you've finished your education, do you plan to travel your butt off, too?

strange places weren't necessarily meant environmentally. I just meant strange places, as in situations & periods in your life, in which you can get a bit lost. I hope I'm making sense to you now. :/

late in December I'll go with my parents, brother & girlfriend, & a good friend of mine skiing in Switzerland. & this time I finally get to go along, since my leg now is in one piece.=D we'll be there for New Year & shit, which is awesome, since on New Years eve kids in skiing classes (which I by the way won't be in, maybe I'll take private lessons though) ski with burning torches down the mountain by our house. then they'll make a great fire with all those torches, which is supposed to represent newness & stuff. you can see it from our kitchenwindow & it's nice. yay.

in March I hope to be able to go to France with my section of the studentclub to ski there (again). I had to miss that last year too, thanks to the limp leg. I hoped then, I could still come along & that my leg would be healed by that time, since a normal fracture would've healed by then, but doctors laughed at me in my face & explained me once again, that I had two fractures & ripped ligaments. bwah, an enormous disappointment, but I'm looking forward to this year & hope I can arrange it with my studies.

any further in the future than that I can't see & I wouldn't have the slightest clue what I'd be doing & where after the mentioned dates.

11-20-2004, 11:46 AM
Well I suppose the best reason for you to go to class would be to meet the other students and sort of get a social life again. Because next year when y'all graduate the grade together. You are going to have to start getting to know them anyways. Although I can imagine that with your disgust for sitting in a classroom, that it might be rather difficult.

I would assume that your restlessness is of a different nature than mine. I don't think I've ever felt it to the extreme that you have. Although I do know what you mean, I become very irritable when I'm at my grandparents for longer than 3 days for example. But that has a lot to do with the company that I am forced to keep (my family basically, who are all nice people, I just don't fit in well with them really. Not that I feel lonely or anything, I just like to be away from them at times.)

Sitting in a classroom, well I never try to sleep. I am actually paranoid enough that I wouldn't trust the people next to me that much. However I do have the awful habit of writing and drawing on the desks. And with my abstract brain and sense of humor, weird stuff comes out of it. Alas what can I say. I have a red pen now, it's much funner to draw on the desks with it than my black pen.

That really must've been a bitch that your Dutch teacher didn't like you. I don't experience that too often. My English teacher didn't like me for a while, but then we started learning about Ireland and I started talking about the IRA and Sinn Fein and she suddenly started liking me. Twas very interesting. My French teacher, I believe doesn't like me. But she's also a very hardcore lesbian and I feel intimidated by her, like she hates all men. Which is probably not true and is very likely an unfair generalisation.

As far as being a foreign in Denmark goes. Danes love to hear accents, just so they can laugh at them. Which is true. Which is why I despise speaking Danish with all my heart and soul. I had to explain Marxist philosophy (Dialectic Materialism) in Danish Class. (It was part of a text.) And I mean you could just all the more arrogant folks in class starting to smile and trying not to laugh. Twas really a position I hate being in. I would rather let my grades slip than have these arrogant folks even one step above me. This would probably be because I am the most arrogant and egoistic person I know, so I suppose that puts me in opposition to them.

I haven't written any poems of sharable quality lately that I would share. The latest thing I wrote is just a semi-repititive song that I wrote just to practice applying chords to a song. I would share it with you, but first I want one of your poems. And I know you have some, you are a published Poet after all. However, if you are willing to wait, eventually I'd be able to turn the song into an mp3 which would probably be more enjoyable for you.

On the subject of poetry, my favorite, Billy Corgan has published a poetry book which I am looking forward to. I also got some pumpkin cds from Dexsgirl lately, which I am eternally grateful for. (I told her I would send her some cds, and I've burned them and wrote a letter and everything. I however have been too busy lately. Which I feel really guilty for. I think I will burn her another cd.)

It's pretty damn cool that you've been to Zimbabwe. I would imagine that as a white European you would have a hard time getting a job there. But I am fairly certain that you can arrange something for Cuba. I honestly love Cuba. I wouldn't criticize the decadence of the architecture. They have just devoted what little money they have to other facilities (like there is a doctor for every single block in Cuba.) I love Cuba. I love the people, the Mojitos and rum, I love the cigars too. Cuba is heaven. Definitely work there. I would make an excuse just to visit you (and Cuba of course.) haha.

I am still surprised by your degree of restlessness. That must be extremely difficult. I hate it so much when I have it. But yours seems so much worse. It's good that you are able to travel as much as you do then. Although it seems like your life in Amsterdam is kind of nice. Large cities always seem to have a new face if you try and look for it. I love that about Copenhagen actually. I would imagine that Amsterdam is 100x better in that way.

So you are going to be learning how to ski? Yeah I would imagine that skiiing isn't so common in that flat land you come from. Although I grew up around mountains and I never learned how to ski, so what do I know. Sounds like a rather nice vacation set up you got going there.

I have no idea what I plan to do after I finish my education. I know I want to be a professor. I do think I'll travel quite a bit. I just don't know to where, or why. or even how. Do you know where you want to go? Other than Cuba and Zimbabwe? I think I would like to go back to Belarus. I have never met a friendlier people. Except for the ones who work in the stores, because they basically try and ignore you. Which is charming in a way.

I've recently gotten addicted to Café life I think. A circle of friends and I always go to the same café, and now that it's winter we do it even more. Order the sheesha, some hot cocoa's tea coffee whatever. And just relax. ah I don't know what I'll do when they all go to Australia. haha I guess it'll give me the opportunity to save money. I'm planning on buying a semi-electric guitar at some point. with an amp. about 800 euros. a cheap deal for a nice guitar, but über expensive. Eventually the band plans on starting to play gigs regularly. (we plan to do this in late spring.)

anyways I'm side tracking. hmm you must tell me when one of your musical groups gets some music online. I would very much like to hear that. I have never heard gypsy music (I sent you that one Danish Gypsy song, but I didn't like it.) I have a penchant for folk music so that should be interesting.

I've gotten into Johnny Cash lately? You know much of his music? I love it. He was a good guy. Can you recommend me any good jazz?

11-21-2004, 09:34 AM
my restlessness is pretty.. extreme. makes me wonder sometimes, if there isn't anything wrong with me. I'd say not, but these days they've got a name for everything & anything. I need a tight day-rhythm in order not to go nuts & to keep everything in order, including myself. I'm a chaotic person. I guess I am slightly neurotic, I think it'd have to do with that. maybe one day I'll be able to 'cure' myself. ;p I've heard many psychiatrists chose their profession for that exact reason, but my motives are slightly different, though. it'd be nice, though, if it could help me, myself, in a way too. *grins*

very sensible, not to fall asleep in a classroom. I've had pens stuck in my hair, woke up with imprints of whatever was lying on the table on my forehead, people have scared me, I've had bad dreams in class, numerous of things, that you don't come all the way to school for. & don't trust your classmates! it's a very important lessons I've learned, after falling asleep during classes dozens of times for years & years. *giggle*

I actually don't WANT to fall asleep during all those classes, I just do. the same happened, when I became a member of the studentclub. you know how they drain you physically & mentally as some sort of strange test how you function as a group & as a person under extreme circumstances?? let's just say after four weeks without sleep & too much drinking I didn't function very well anymore. I just kept falling asleep, no matter how much everyone, including me, did their best to keep me awake. my eyes would just roll away & quickly close themselves, even during conversations, while standing up, & when I myself was speaking. it drove the studentclub to desperation, but oh well.

I guess, I myself have put up many teachers against me. haha, I just never showed up, made up tons of excuses, was constantly distracted, sometimes cheeky & I messed around way too much with my boyfriend, I had then (Willem). also in class, which was bad. there's one teacher of the old days, though, that did appreciate me. it took him some effort & some harsh words from my direction (he used to mock me, because he thought I was careless & indifferent anyway), but after some talking, desperate efforts to teach me the math I so badly wanted to understand... he finally noticed I'm not such a hopeless case & that I actually do want to learn.

it took me many years to get along with that Dutch teacher, too. but in the end I kind of did. he always mistook my chaoticness & lack of concentration for uncooperativeness, indifference & the lack of will to learn something (I guess many teachers thought that way about me). when he only began to figure me out a bit, he called me choatichead & all was well. when I now see him, he still calls me little chaotichead. ('warhoofd' in Dutch, it sounds more logical)

the study consultant didn't like me much me either, because I badly wanted to choose the beta-courses, like physics, chemistry, math & biology, in order to get into medicine. I think I've already told you once a bit about this. I was a girl, who got sixes/sevens out of ten for those courses & somehow at specialised grammar schools they don't like females with silly dreams about beta-courses, especially not, when they're not too great at it. he & my teachers repeatedly said, that I didn't have what it took & pointed out the fact that I did so much better at languages about a hundred times. I was rather resolute & determined (to them probably annoying & stubborn), though, so in the end the school somewhat supported it. not until the last year of school, though, which made a big ass impression on me. it was rather fucking frustrating.

somehow the Rome-incident (I don't know how much you know & have heard about that, actually, but it's practically how Willem & I broke up) changed my relationship with teachers too. some were sorry for me & pittied me, gave me nods & sweet smiles in the hallways, which I've always hated, but most were somewhat furious for what the story had done to the reputation of the school. yeah, specialised grammar school, ooooo. *rolls eyes* I guess my existing reputation didn't help much, as I was after all the indifferent, uncooperative, careless girl. the whole school, from the first grades to the last, spoke about it & if I now think back to my high school days, I can't possibly go around the whole thing in any way, since it had such a major influence on.. everything. the relationship between my friends & me, the relationship between Willem & his friends, how people treated me, looked at me & talked about me & yeah, in a way it changed me too. especially how people treated me. it all was pretty hurtful & very degrading. it changed me into someone with her mid finger chronically stuck in the air. if it would've depended on me, I never would've spoken about it, but the silly thing is, the school brought it out in the open. I never quite understood that.

it's a stupid subject. I should move on to another. I could talk hours & hours about it, my whole highschool period, & yes, it'd temporarily take away some frustration, but I don't think I could get much more over it, than I am now. so it's useless.

I still think it's absolutely ridiculous how they mock you for your accent at your school. it's... mean. I hope you feel it's undeserved & childish too (I do). I just hope you won't ever let it affect you, because you are awesomeness. they ARE privileged, that you speak their language.
"I would rather let my grades slip than have these arrogant folks even one step above me."
& that's exactly how it is, my dear. you need to be slightly selfish, not just in this society, but always & anywhere.

as for the lesbian teacher.. yeah, *grins* I can imagine, that must be pretty intimidating. we had a quite handsome Latin teacher, that was gay, & somehow the girls always felt somewhat offended, that he wasn't interested sexually in their gender. haha, awesomeness. XD my Dutch teacher was a homosexual aswel, now I think of it. I had a good (male) friend with long eyelashes & big puppy eyes, who he always adored. it was pretty sickening. sexual jokes in the direction of several male students & stuff. a bit icky. we knew he was only joking around, though. it amused the guys, especially the grades they got, but it highly annoyed the girls. some girls were deserving of his favor, though, for unknown reasons.

I'd LOVE to read your poems & I'd give a lot to see at least one of them, even if it's a few of my poems for you to read. yeah, I'd do that. gladly. but I'm patient (or can be, at least), if one is supposed to be a song & you will promise me I can listen to it when it's done, I'll wait. but if you've written poetry non-lyrically (does that make sense?), then I'd love to read that. if possible.

yeah, being in Zimbabwe was magical. I was about six, but I could tell you so much about it. every day seemed like an adventure, but I guess that has to do with the fact I was so young. I bet any day anywhere would've seemed a major adventure to me, but this was.. this was huge. it was the time Mugabe had just been installed (well, no.. he became president in 1980, I think, so it was about ten years later, haha) & that everyone was thrilled about him & looked forward to the future with him as their president. a lot has changed since then. I guess the political & enomical state of the country could use a bit of polishing (to say the least), but Zimbabwe's nature makes up for it. the impression it made, was so huge, that I still remember all the animals I've seen with their English names. I still say 'Rhino', 'Jackal' & 'Leopard', before I can think of what those animals are called in Dutch.

I can imagine Cuba would be your personal heaven. *giggle* communism all the way, eh? when were you there & could you tell me about your time there?? Mojitos (mohitos, whatever) are the absolute shit. the rum is also excellent. *nods* Cuba Libres (with 1/2 rum preferably) all the way, for me. & Sex on the Beach & Pina Colada & tons of other alcoholic drinks, but I suppose those are a lot less typical, though they'll always be typically Cuban for me, since I first 'met' all of those cocktails on that fantastic island. it was quite an interesting meeting, so to say. *laughs* now I know you'll visit me, I'll definitely work there. ;p well, it *would* be pretty fucking wonderful.

Amsterdam indeed is way nice. I feel more at ease here, than I did in the little village I grew up in. I've already once told you about that.
"Large cities always seem to have a new face if you try and look for it."
nicely said. & it's true! the variety of people mainly causes that, I suppose. of course there are just simply a lot more things to see & to do, than in a small town, but that attracks people, that are even more interesting. I don't know what Copenhagen is like, but I've heard it's wonderful. I guess you could compare those two cities, I don't know.

11-21-2004, 09:35 AM
oh Per, I'm a doc's little girl; I know how to ski. yeah, ski-vacations every year from the age of three. I'm spoiled like that. ;p I'm not too fantastic at it & there'll always be things for me to learn, but I practically can get safely off any hill. don't ask how, though. ;p & no, skiing here in the Netherlands really is very, very impossible, unless you go to ski-halls with plastic snow.

Belarus.. hmm, sounds very interesting. can you tell me more about it? I don't even know where it is. I'm uneducated like that.
as I said, it'd be great to see Saba again. I once was there for a concerttrip, but when you give four concerts a day, you don't have much time to see a lot. I plan to change something about that. it used to be a vulcano, so it's shaped like a mountain coming from the water. (need a picture with that?)
we've climbed it with the entire orchestra, which was great, but that's about all we've seen.
I'd also love to see more of the East-side of the planet. Russia, China, India & especially Indonesia (my mother lived there). oh there are so many places I haven't even been close to, that seem so interesting & beautiful to me.

Café life rocks. I've been addicted to it too. & booya, hot coco with cream in the winter is The Shit (I should stop saying that). bit of rum in it.... (there we go again; alcohol, haha) all your friends are going to Australia?? wow, all together?? Denmark will suddenly seem empty to you. sucks a slight bit for you to be left behind, but I know you'll find your ways to amuse yourself in the mean time. saving for an electric guitar sounds like a brilliant plan. 800 euros is doable & not such a lot for an instrument, but I understand, that if you yourself have to pay for it, it *is* quite much. saving it will definitely keep you busy, I suppose. I wouldn't ever be able to afford my own violins; those assholic pieces of wood are goddam expensive. mine was one of the cheapest I could get, that I actually liked the sound of (I'm pretty picky when it comes to that, but hey, it *is* important. what else would you buy a violin for?), & it cost my dear mummy 2500 euros (not even entirely handmade). *shudder* then you need a case & because I sometimes travel with my violin to places with a different climate, I of course needed an isolated one, which cost 500 euros. then you need a bow, or whatever you call that in English, & that cost 800 euros (but that's one hell of a thing, I love mine). god yeah, having a hobby expensive, especially when it's playing an instrument.

can I book you for a private performance with your band? ;p it would be a nice concerttrip to come to Amsterdam, wouldn't it?

I'll see if I can download some gipsy songs for you. although... I can't send them to you via MSN, as you know.. hmm... well, I could recommend you some stuff, of course. Stéphane Grapelli (violinist) plays Jazz & is absolutely fantastic. even if you won't be able to track him on Kazaa, you SHOULD be able to. grmbl. I think it's possible. then there's Lakatos. it's a group that plays Gipsy music & they are terribly amazing. pretty well known too, so you should be able to find them. as for Jazz... I'm in love with Ella Fitzgerald & Luis Armstrong (dun state the obvious, girl!). then there's Michel Petrucciani, who's extremely good. he's this funny handicapped little man, who's wonderful with a piano under his little fingers. you should google him, you get the most cute pictures. Etta James of course is very enjoyable to listen to. Duke Ellington.. Dizzy Gillespie... & I guess that's about as far as my knowledge of Jazz goes, that I classify 'good'. I don't know much about Johnny Cash (yes, I bow my head in shame), besides the fact I should know him & that he's very well known.

("The text that you have entered is too long (12858 characters). Please shorten it to 10000 characters long."

11-22-2004, 03:30 PM
oh shit, for some reason my account made it look like this was an old thread that hadn't been replied to. So sorry about that. I don't have the time tonight, but I promise I will give a reply truly worthy to this topic.

best wishes for now.

11-22-2004, 03:33 PM
I have that all the time too. this site is rather annoying, when it comes to read & unread threads. it doesn't show very obvious. I was wondering if I need to bump the topic, if you'd seen it, or not, or just hadn't found the time yet to reply. no worries, take your time. I'm patient. ;p besides I like your messages way too much to not be able to wait. (does that make sense?) a bit like sex. ;p

I'm looking forward to your reply & best wishes to you too. sleep tight.=)

11-24-2004, 10:31 AM
Perhaps there is something wrong with you. However you are perfectly functional so it's not like anything needs to get cured. You know? I don't know, sometimes during psych I just get annoyed because it seems like everyone who isn't perfect needs to be cured. ah well.

The student club thing sounded pretty harsh. I've only been through that once in my life, although I thoroughly enjoyed it. But I enjoy drinking in general so I guess that's not much of a problem. And I've been able to stand up while sleeping as well. Don't know if you I told you about that, but back in Esbjerg when we were trying to figure out which bar to go to, I was standing asleep. Impressed a few people apparently. I'm just glad they didn't forget me. That would've been awkward. I've come to consciousness in some pretty strange places mind you. oh lordy.

So what does this student club thing do exactly? From what I understand you drink a lot. But do you do more? Was that what you were doing last night? Or was that just ordinary drinking.

hmm sounds odd, your experience in high school I mean. I see more and more why you might've found the small-town life strangling. I can certainly imagine what it would've been like if you just couldn't get away from that.

And yes you did tell me that. But I always like hearing stories about how people kick the school system's ass. Especially when it's women against prejudiced teachers. That is cool. :)

hmm I believe I've told you before that I'd basically be that last person to go for gossip on this board. Or the last person to hear it. I have no connections to anybody really and I am not on enough to follow along with everything. So I'm afraid I don't really know much of the Rome incident. I can imagine though, and I imagine that it was pretty bad. At least that's the impression I get. It must've been awful, to have that happen in a foreign country of all places as well.

ah and as for them who be laughing at my accent. Well I mean whatever I think about it, it ain't gonna stop. I just gotta accept it as the normal course of things for whenever I speak Danish.

The homosexual teacher actually gave some of the guys better grades? hmm I would say that I would be flattered. I can imagine that it did upset some of the girls. ah well, as far as my French teacher goes, she just drains whatever I ever liked about French. We do nothing but write business letters for the exams. And that would be the thing I hate most doing. ugh so much.

I really would like to visit Zimbabwe some day as well. Don't you have to have like a shitload of injections and stuff to travel to Africa? Going to Belarus I needed an injection in my ass, couldn't walk normally for like an hour. Literally a pain in the ass. I think it's cool that you grew up in Zimbabwe. What do you remember? Did you go to like a pre-school thing there? Why were y'all there? Did you speak English down there or dutch?
Yeah, among communist circles there are some (many Maoists for example) who still support Mugabe. I just don't think I could. He's not done much at all, beneficial for the people. I think he really 'sold out'. But white farmers I do think, are a problem in Africa today. Especially since they take most of the profit and send it back to their home countries. That is one reason why Africa is so poor. I don't know. Complicated stuff that I need to do far far far more research on.

Cuba, well you've been to Cuba yourself. I was actually a little depressed for a day there, because for a communist country there are quite a bit of people who do a lot of things for American dollars. But I still love it. I think the system has been good for the people. The problem *is* the dollar market. Which the government has now started fighting. And it is just a great place. Especially because the people who are friendly. Just gotta ignore those who want to sell you something. Everyone else, will basically come up to you, say hello and how are you, wait for an answer and a return question, ask where you are from, and then leave again. Just because they want to meet new people. I think that is fantastic. Haha a Cuban women could tell I was from Denmark and started speaking the little Danish she knew to me, it was absolutely the sweetest thing ever, that she would try that. And the alcohol and los tabacos, es muy bueno, sí. My trip to Cuba was great. Mostly site-seeing on foot throughout Habana, it was so worth it. How was your trip? I imagine there was quite a bit of smoking and drinking. What did you do there? Were you with the band or was it family? It was family wasn't it?

Ski halls with plastic snow? That sounds really just stupid.... who would want to do that? have you ever done that?

Belarus, is the last dictatorship in Eastern Europe. (Well I'd say it's about as Democratic as Russia or Bulgaria, who also have sham elections.) The great thing about it is, that the economy and therefore the country is extremely isolated. It's very old-fashioned soviet bureacratism. And it's basically a lot like travelling back into 1970 to the USSR. It really was great. Stalinistic architecture (huge square buildings with the hammer and sickle and the red star decorated everywhere. And those lovely Eastern Block cars (Latas, and Volgas). I really enjoy it there. And the people are fantastic. And the drinking too ;). Eastern European tobac is supposed to be rather high quality. A bulgarian friend of mine is going to buy some this christmas, and then when we go to France with the school we'll smoke it down there. (Which is really sweet of her, because I've been telling her that Bulgaria should be conquered by Macedonia/and or Turkey.) I have a bizarre sense of humor.

oh cafés are just heavenly. I really have gotten addicted. Especially if they have couches. You ever try a sheesha? I would highly recommend it. and yes, hot cocoa with cream is orgasmic. I normally don't add alcohol because I'm there with my muslim friends mostly. But it's still a very nice place. It's just so relaxing, and the killer thing is that it's right next to our school, so it's hard to resist after a difficult day. You got a particular café to go to? Sometimes I feel like a Friends episode....

a poetic verse:
Anguish with things forlorn
pregnant with wishes unborn
between this candle and myself
I lie hear empty and torn
Another dusty book on a dusty shelf

no title yet, I basically told a friend that I wrote a song. he wanted to know what it was like. And I said that it was lyrically shitty so I tried to make it sound more poetic, like this.

My god your violin nearly made me shit myself at those prices. That is way over 10x my monthly income. And I make the highest possible as a student. (without job I mean.) Violin is a fantastic instrument though. You've only ever had one right? Or did you start with a cheap one? How did you even start playing a musical instrument? Have you ever heard a guitar played with a bow? (there is one Pumpkin's song I can send to you, that's played with a bow. It sounds great, a little weird but great.) I think eventually I'll get a bow, but not an 800 euro one. You know I was learning how to play the violin back when I was 10. But then I went on a vacation to Denmark for a month (after about a year of learning) and since it wasn't my violin (part of a state program) I couldn't bring it. And then I quickly forgot a lot and got lost behind the other students (there was almost a hundred of us, all learning violin/viola/cello/ or double bass. So we didn't actually learn a lot.) I do remember that they told us to hold our bow as though our hand was just hanging off of it. Very weird.

Well if the band ever comes to Amsterdam. I'll make sure you get front row. Or perhaps rehearsal seats as well ;), however that's pretty far in the future. If I ever come to Amsterdam, I'll personally play the songs that I wrote for you live. But then you must play something in return as well.

hmm I wonder if the Central Library of Copenhagen as any of those gypsy artists you mentioned? You know I will go look through it eventually. And Johnny Cash is good stuff. Highly recommend him if you ever get the chance. I can probably send some to you next time we talk. but I got a bad connection so nothing is certain.

Are you implying that my messages are orgasmic? Ah well I know yours are. I always like finding 'mail' in this thread. And I definitely prefer reading it. Tis quite good this that we do. oh and I do have one verse that I've written as just poetry I can give to you for now. but I'll want a verse in return.Tis in the middle of this post, cause I don't think anybody would read the middle. And I hate sharing poetry.

11-26-2004, 03:13 PM
forgive me Per, that I haven't answered yet to this wonderful topic (meaning the entire content), but I've had two tests in the couple of days (two of those admittance tests for physiology practical classes with the scary little man) & at least I can notify you on the fact they went perfectly awesome. I passed for both, got in both times & actually did alright. & nothing now seems to stand in my way anymore to finish at least the first year of medicine. only I could stand in my way, which of course could be a problem.

anyway, it's what I've been busy with & in the mean time I entertained myself with reading your reply to me (& your previous replies) & replying shorty to other topics.
I should've answered. I feel crappy.

may I also notify you on the fact, that I'm absolutely slushed & am not capable of writing a decent post at the moment? (not as decent as I'd want to, to you) because that's how it is right now & how I am. not too very charming. I'm sorry. I'll write to you tomorrow. not because I feel so very obligated, but because I want to.

11-26-2004, 03:22 PM
You're all apologizing too much Peaches. Remember it took me a few days to reply as well. And you actually have a good excuse.

And your slushyness has not offended me in any manner, don't worry about it.

I look forward to reading your reply tomorrow. I too can wait a little while for a satisfying reply. ;)

And really, don't feel crappy about it. I do understand, and I appreciate that you wrote that email.

Can't wait to read your reply tomorrow. :D

Now I think I'll be saying goodnight.

11-26-2004, 03:29 PM
*huge smile* this sure brightens my mood.
good night schweet Perness.

..& I love it, when you call me 'Peaches'.<3

11-28-2004, 04:50 PM
I'm very tired, in a bad mood & slightly under the influence of red wine ("red, red wine, you make me so fine"), but I really feel like talking to you now with one strange form of communication, or another. (how much choice do we really have?) so here's for a reply to you, my dear Per. ;p

there's a name for about every psychological problem a human being can have. dude, there -must- be something wrong with me. it's probably one of those 'syndroms', I'll be stuck with forever & ever. *laughs* borderline, anyone? this reminds me of why I never wanted to study psychology. I'd have people like me in the waiting room, who could function perfectly well with a bit of effort & spine. everyone has problems, tss.
I'll get over myself. probably. one fine day. ;p

sleeping while standing up? hehehe. I've only had that in a few extreme cases. I daydream a lot, though, & there's no one who can disturb me then.
the introduction time actually was pretty harsh. five weeks without sleep, a lot of drinking, physical work, wandering through the streets of Amsterdam during the night, to fulfill tasks the board had given us... a friend of mine fell asleep on her bike & sprained her ankle, because her foot got stuck in the wheel. another 'fell asleep' during a 'mission' of cleaning a the house of 7 male students. man, they really make the biggest mess possible. she spontaniously fainted, during scrubbing, & a stereo landed on her head. concussion. I got pneumonia during that time, but I guess that's not anything 'special' to me. they still obligated me to come, though. it was harsh, but it drove us to our limits, brought us a LOT closer to each other & learned us to use our mouths & to actually bring out the spine & spunk we have within us. good times. =)

what we do at the studentclub? hmm. well, you know, when five is in the clock (five o' clock PM, not five past eight in the morning).. it's time to fill your glass, right? what is that time called in English?? the times you just have a drink (wine, whiskey, whatever, something alcoholic) & a crisp, talk & have a good time? well, we have that every wednesday from 7 PM till 4 AM. then there are parties & things you do with your specific section of the studentclub (as in a small group of people, a club within the club, that you belong to), like brother-sister, mother-daughter & father-daughter days, where everyone gets to meet a person of your close family. you celebrate holidays, birthdays, things like new years eve with each other & it all just is a bit like a second 'family'. you just gain a bunch of new friends at once. sometimes that still feels weird, especially since I've always picked out my friend with so much care. it teaches you a lot about people & about yourself, though. it does make you grow mentally. I'm still selective, when it comes to good friends, within & outside my section of the studentclub.

"But I always like hearing stories about how people kick the school system's ass. Especially when it's women against prejudiced teachers."
oh fucking hell yeah. any time baby. ;p

as for the homosexual teacher.. yeah, he sure was something. *grins*
I think it's sad, that you don't have a teacher, that at least has the tiny bit of creativity, that it takes to make French fun. because French IS fun. & beautiful. & I'm glad you'll have every chance & oportunity to learn it to its fullest & at its best in France itself soon.

we did need a shitload of (painful!) injections, before we went to Zimbabwe, but I think you can take pills as a precaution for most of the diseases that occur there these days. I never really grew up there, my family & I just spent three months at good friends, who lived there, & went site-seeing a lot. ;D growing up there.. whoa, sounds so interesting, though. maybe that's what I should tell people next time. I spoke Dutch with my parents' friends & my family & some sort of invented English with the black cook, Tito, who must've been my best friend there. he always had such a surprised look on his friendly face, to see a white woman walking into his kitchen, even if it was just for a chat & even if it was just a little Dutch girl. I had a hunger for English & Zimbabwe could slightly satisfy my apetite. I watched Jungle Book for the first time there, in English of course, & yeah, that taught me some things, but what taught me most, were the fieldtrips with jeeps, when the guide would point out animals to us & say their names. I mean, learing names of animals from a studybook at school, fine, but actually seeing them makes a much bigger impression.

Mugabe is an interesting story. I suppose white farmers indeed -are- a problem over there, but there are many ways that lead to Rome, as we say (is that an English expression, aswell?) & many ways to solve a problem. this just doesn't quite seem like the right one. just not quite. *grins* those friends of my parents used to do great work there; the guy worked for the World Bank Something Something & tried to improve Zimbabwe financially. plus some other examples. still, if they'd now live in Zimbabwe these days, they'd be chased & stoned for it, simply because they'd be there, living, working & white. simple as that. it's all gotten way out of hand. a hatred has develloped without a clear target; there are a lot 'white people' there, that do the country good & try to improve the situation.

yeah, I was with my family in Cuba. as you said, the dollar market really doesn't help the country economically. it keeps poor people way down there & rich people way up there. as you, we've seen Cubans doing AMAZING things for dollars, from chasing our car to show us the road we already knew, to offer us to personally guide us through the entire city during the whole day. the last one is dangerous, since Cubans aren't allowed to speak with foreigners, because it could cause dissatisfaction with their country, government & the poor state they are in.

Cubans -are- very friendly, especially when it involves a tiny blonde girl. ;p they're very sexually orientated. I heard one bartender's story, about having seventeen children, having been married to over eight wives & the nineth was on its way, aswell as the eightteenth child. all sounded very liberated on that particular area. *grins* & I've never gotten so many sex offers & moves on me in my life. the gardeners of our hotel brought me roses, guests at the beach laid their towels over mud for me to step on, musicians played me serenades, I was being whisteled at, whispered at, called loudly at... me & my family were.. shocked. what a bit of blondeness can do for you there.. haha. yeah, Cubans are VERY friendly.

there was one woman, Mercedes, who I'll never forget. she had three children, was 21 & couldn't stop touching my hair. she thought it was so pretty. we sent her letters, soaps & all kinds of stuff from the Netherlands they can't buy there with pesos & she always sent back letters in Spanish, we'd desperately try to translate one way, or another. she was a passionate, beautiful, young, sweet-hearted woman, who had nothing at all. it was quite touching.

I didn't drink & smoke much during that holiday. one time I overdid a little on free cocktails at the hotel's poolbar & my brother & me went out one time & got a bit crazy with the drinks at the disco (after which two German girls & I went skinny dipping in the hotel's pool), but that was pretty much it. a bit of drinking with my brother & parents; rum & coke in the evening, when the sun went down (beautiful!)... I hadn't touched a cigarette in my life at that time. my father was a big fan of Cuban cigars, though. still is, naturally. we did go to many, many concerts. Cuban music is The absolute Shit. (I REALLY should stop saying that)

"Ski halls with plastic snow? That sounds really just stupid.... who would want to do that? have you ever done that?"
it isn't actually plastic snow.. I have no idea how they fabric that chemical stuff (well, it MUST be chemical..), but it sure ain't falling from the skies over here. it sounds stupid to me, too, & no, I've never done that in my life. I wouldn't ever in my life prefer that over the wonderful nature you find up there in the mountains of Switzerland, or any other country for that matter. the inpredictableness of wild nature, the trees, the open skies, the actual cold... nope, it just can never quite beat that, I imagine. some people haven't got much choice, though; not everyone can afford a week away once a year. I guess that's why those halls exist over here. yeah, they make me feel rather blessed.

Belarus does sound very nice. isolated.. interesting architecture.. old-fashioned.. strange cars.. hmm, that sure reminds me of a certain country. ;p oh fine, CUBA. :p just placed in a different culture on a different side of the planet. but it sure sounds like a very interesting place to go, apart of drinking & smoking being good there. it sounds like a place I'd like to visit one day. oh just please take shitloads of pictures, I'm a curious twat.

& if your sense of humor is bizarre, then I have a bizarre preference for humor. ;)

11-28-2004, 04:52 PM
a seesha?? now what would -that- look like? nevermind, I'll google it. (it won't let itself be found, so I still haven't got a clue what it is) I do know couches in a club, bar, or café are brilliant. there's this club in the city close to the tiny town I come from, & it's called 'Habana'. apart from the name being a major plus (naturally), it has this great style, that actually does pretty much look as full of life, pleasure, passion, colour & great atmosphere, as Cuba. it's not quite like that, but close. & there... THERE they have THE most lovely corners with couches, pillows & comfi stuff.

I don't normally put rum in hot cocoa either, but drinking alcohol when it's freezing cold is very, very pleasant, so I can surely recommend it, when you'll go skiing some day. (I'm already with one foot in the Swiss mountains, can you tell?) take your own pocketbottle of rum with you & go crazy with it, when you order yourself a hot cocoa in the snow, because it makes you all tingly & warm.

at monday evenings my section of the studentclub goes to some bar in Amsterdam. it's just a weekly date. it's real nice. besides that, I don't hang out in town so much anymore, as I used to. in high school I loved going to town & relax somewhere on a terras with a drink in my hand, right after school, but things obviously have changed somehow.

about the verse; I am very impressed, my dear. don't dare to go all shy & modest, because -that- right there I really find lovely to read.
here, as promised (& now I'm getting all picky which one I should choose to show you. they all seem to have "not me, not me" written all over them):
The Dance

So immobile
She sits motionless
Silent and fragile
Taking a deep breath
She closes her eyes
Reality’s curtain falls
To let imaginary’s rise
World without walls
Unlimited, fully wide
Her soul set free
Like the eternal tide
Of an immeasurable sea

Reason’s suicide
Complete ability
Touched by bright spotlight
She stands up slowly

Careful movements
Of elegance and grace
One with the elements
The melody plays
For her, only for her
For endless moments
She is her own dancer
Reaching out her hands
A dramatic motion
Drawn to the ground
Filled with devotion
To the fading sound

Left in the dark, curtains gone
Slowly again aware
Lying on the cold stone
Tumbled over wheelchair

it's real old & I do have got newer stuff. I just thought you might like this one. ;)

yeah, violins are assholically expensive. I don't know how I started, or why I even wanted it so bad. I was three, when I suddenly said to my parents I desperately wanted to play the violin. my parents thought I went coocoo & sent me to a kiddy psychiatrist, who talked to me & did musical tests on me. somehow I must've passed for those, or did good on them, or something, because even though he admitted to find it a pretty strange wish himself for such a young girl, after the tests he highly recommended my parents to buy me a violin. so they did. I got it for my fourth birthday & I was thrilled. it was tiny, but huge to me. they're so difficult to handle... (this is what I looked like with it. I couldn't even hold it remotely right, aw. hehe)
(here I'd learned to at least hold it [[though I'm DEFINITELY still not holding it properly]] & slightly play it. I'm the chick in pink. XD)
you can get a whole violin, a 1/2 violin, a 1/4 violin & even a 1/8 violin. (no, they don't chop them up, they're just.. smaller) they come in all sizes, which is important. you don't want to fuck up your kid's little arms & spine, & when a violin is the wrong size, that happens real easily. I'm guessing that in the second picture I had a 1/4 violin.

I couldn't wait to get started, when I finally got my hands on one of those pieces of wood, but I always hated the studying & the lessons & well.. the DRAG of those. most kids had to start with a fucking flute first, to learn music, without having to hold a violin, (holding a violin is a very unnatural position & children, & almost anyone for that matter, just.. find it difficult, especially since their little bodies aren't fully develloped & stuff) but I refused to play the fucking wooden flute (I still hate the thing today), because that wasn't what I came for & what I wanted to play. even then I was stubborn. wow. my mother was mostly the inspirational force. the FORCING force. she'd sit behind me, as I studied & calmly, but firmly say "again" with every single mistake I made. not that she ever wanted me to play the violin, but if I wanted it so badly, I WOULD dammit. she invested in it. as I told you, violins aren't cheap & lessons.. well, I've given them myself & even *I* wasn't cheap. ;p anyway, when you're young, you learn quickly & easily. you know how it goes, especially languages & I do consider music a language.

I've never played a guitar with a bow. now -that- would be interesting. I'd love to here that song by the Pumpkins, what is it called??

I don't seem to remember you telling me you'd ever played the violin, too. too bad you stopped playing. but I can imagine very well that must've discouraged you. it's never really too late to learn, though, unless you aren't really motivated anymore. heh, that could be a problem, yeah..

holding the bow is an art! you just have to hold your hand in a position, that you can keep it as relaxed & loose as possible & the bow still stays balanced & steady in it. I never got it right, untill one day I wasn't even aware anymore of how I should hold it. I just held it & it felt right. I think I must've been 10, or 11, or so then. a time I played a lot in a symphonic orchesta. so yeah, it took me quite some time & practicing. it IS a weird way to keep your hand. I normally wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

oh whoo, even you speaking of touring in Amsterdam with your band already gets me all excited. no matter how far in the future that might be. & I INSIST on getting front row & rehearsal seats. hehe. no, I don't, but dude, would it be great. awesomeness. I'd be your groupy, or something. yeah.
personally play the songs that you wrote for me? have you, or will you? write me songs, that is.
*flattered, no matter what*
& I would play something in return. =)

I'm looking forward to Johnny Cash songs. I'll try to download some on Kazaa Light, just in case you won't be able to send anything to me.

yes, your messages are orgasmic. in fact I ju.. naw, that's not for on the board. ;)
I very much appreciate that you added a verse by your hand in this post. & as I said; I loved it. I really did. but I must add, that I'm no pro in these areas & that I'm biased as hell. but to me, it was extremely enjoyable. I'll secretly stuff in one of my own in this post, too, because I don't intend to post one up for everyone to read either. (though I've done that in the past. but not this time, not on this occasion)

& jeez. my post once again is too long. pffff..

11-28-2004, 04:54 PM
you've, by the way, just majorly improved my mood without doing anything at all. thanks? *grins*

11-30-2004, 02:27 PM
I'm sure you will 'get over yourself.' In fact I am sure you have already noticed that you are more stable than you once were for example. Time usually heals all wounds. Besides, you seem perfectly sane to me ;)

Jesus sounds like your studentclub was very tough. But definitely as though it were worth it. That kind of bond sounds really cool, and those kinds of traditions and stuff. Although falling off bikes while drinking, that sucks a lot. A guy from my parallel class came to school all beat up one day. He had ridden his bike (while incredibly drunk) and just fell at one point. Thank god I walk and/or take the bus/train. oh but the strangest shit still happens to me while drunk, I always have a good story to tell.

Well it certainly sounds like you learned a lot of English down there. And that's a great story (of you and Tito), can you tell me more about him? Do you remember what kinds of things you were able to talk about?

Well you should be careful when telling about 'guys in Zimbabwe trying to help the country cause he was from the World Bank.' The World Bank doesn't really help 3rd world countries. At least not any of them that follow the plans of the World Bank and the IMF. I would bet that the World Bank really didn't help much at all.

Now you do realize that that's a lie, about Cubans not being able to speak to foreigners? There is nothing that says that. Especially since they do have a booming tourist industry. (it is a state industry, well most of it.) You heard it as propaganda, some Cubans tend to do that (to get pity money from the awful authoritarian goverment they have. That was sarcasm) and many westerners do it simply because they want Cuba to fail for one reason or another.

That's real sweet about the Cuban lady with 3 children. I guess you don't keep contact with her anymore. Well that's to be expected I suppose. Tis hard to keep in contact with a woman you can't understand.

Oh a sheesha, oh you definitely must try a sheesha sometime. oh I will post a pic I just have to post a pic of one.
This beautiful thing is a sheesha. The best smoke you will ever have. So relaxing with friends. I highly recommend that you try it. And it sure as hell ain't as unhealthy as your cigarettes.

Ah someday I do plan on mixing rum or vodka with something. I mixed whiskey with tea once. Really didn't go well. There is a science to this I think. Tea is too weak, it should just be mixed with things like Baileys. (Which is just a girls drink, but I like it quite a bit.) Coffee should be mixed with clear alcohols though. The best vodkas/whiskeys to use are Danzka or Stolichnaya for vodka (both very smooth, relatively cheap, well Danzka is in Denmark.) And Busch mills for Whiskey, oh so expensive, but it really just gives you that warm ol' feeling that you've been wanting. Tullamoredew is quite good. And Malibu is made out of coconut, when I discovered that, I enjoyed it so much I almost had too much (twas a school event, with photographers..)

As for my verse, I do think I have a good use of words. However the feeling is so cursedly teen-angstish that I almost hate it. Cause I know I can do better. ah but practice tis all I need, so perhaps I will be showing more and more.

And as for your poem. I liked it very much, I really like it when the last line of a poem says it all. Those really do say it all for me. And then the fact twas chosen to be shown here because of me, makes it also quite good. You really should consider doing your own collection. It would be really great. It certainly wouldn't be your career or anything. This is my opinion.

and first I must say, the picture of you so young with the teeny violin. aw so cute, so utterly cute. And then just slightly holder, but still utterly utterly cute. Such an adorable child.

I know what you mean about lessons though. They are quite a drag, although every kind of lesson I've ever had as at least had 5 other people in it and was state-organized. You should be grateful to your mother for forcing you to do all that. Or perhaps not grateful, but it certainly must've helped quite a bit.

The Pumpkin's song with a bow is called Stand Inside Your Love. (a fantastic song.) The video shows James Iha using the bow. It's really quite interesting and he just looks so fuckin' cool doing it.

oh and when I visit Amsterdam, of course I will have a song written just for you that I will play for you. hah but you'd certainly owe me a song in return. Hehe that would be cool actually if you'd play with us on stage. hmmm possibilities (at least in Amsterdam, or wherever it is you end up).. ;)

Oh I think you misunderstood me, I have already been to Belarus. And I got some pictures (none of them were ones that I have taken.) So I will show you a few of what the country looks like: (my avatar is from Belarus as well)

well I really can't learn the violin now. 2500 euros is over 10x my monthly income. and I'm 18 so I can't get free lessons no more. But someday I would like to. As for the wooden flute, we got one back in America in the 5th grade. I think I will get mine out and start playing it again. Could be god for The Band...

This is Mascha (of Austria) and I. We were pretending the tree we just planted was our child our something. This was from a park in a small town called Lyuban.

This sweet old lady. She was great. This was at a point in the trip when most of the exchange students were off at a world war 2 memorial, so it was me about 4 Austrians, and 2 Belarussians going around Minsk. At one point we stopped to buy candy from her in a train station. And she was so happy she gave me a free one, and then she told us how she knew Stalin when she was a child. I really remember her highly. (and I'm not even a fan of Stalin.) Ah good times.

oh well lucky you, there will be more pics than just three. I think I will have to divide this into two posts. Damn, looks like a lot more. Jeezus...I can't control myself. But Belarus had a huge impact on me. So perhaps this is a good thing.

ah well the rest will be links to some pictures if you want to see them. I know your internet ain't good and if I just spam this thread with huge pictures, well it wouldn't help much would it?

This is us in Minsk, walkin'. I dressed much more militant back then. The guy I'm talking to is a cool Austrian named Mario, he came and stored over in my family's apartment for a few days last August. He was very bisexual, wore a long skirt one day, (my dad didn't happen to notice, he liked discussing things with Mario)

This is a WW2 memorial. I didn't see it myself. These are everywhere in Eastern Europe because of how much they had lost in WW2.

This is the gas station near our 'camp.' Twas the place we bought our vodka and champagne. (was very expensive for Belarussian prices, one bottle cost about 1$, in the city we could've got it much cheaper...we didn't really mind though.)

Statue of Lenin. They still have all the old Statues and Hammers and Sickles.

Downtown Minsk
Such a beautiful place.

Mascha(from Austria) showing us an Eastern European car.

Me, (the post was Tom's idea, Tom was a really cool guy.) saluting next to the same car.

Tis all for tonight.

mr uk man
11-30-2004, 02:30 PM


\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\102

11-30-2004, 02:38 PM
Wow, you're going on my ignored list.

11-30-2004, 03:17 PM
Wow, you're going on my ignored list.
he already is on mine.
I have no idea what he was saying, but just something tells me I don't really care. ;D

I just read your post & took a quick peek at all the pictures. oh, the pictures are absolute wonderfulness. thank you so much for posting up such a lovely bunch.<3
I'll reply to message later, as I'm now off to sleep.

ciao Perness.

11-30-2004, 03:45 PM
I look forward to your post.

All he said was

Except bigger.

Sleep tight. Don't let the bed-bugs bite ;)

Trip Boy
11-30-2004, 09:41 PM
The chapter, "Ancient Egyptian vaastu science and pyramid therapy" provides information how readers can benefit from pyramids in their day-to-day lives, and how pyramids made of metal (except iron and aluminium) and plastic can protect articles from decay like food, vegetables, fruit; batteries can be recharged and water kept in pyramids can acquire nectar-like effect. Merely by sitting inside a pyramid one can heal oneself.

12-06-2004, 05:44 PM
oh my GOODNESS. this had already sunk to page eight! I suck donkeycocks fo sho.
last friday I had an exam (which was ..terrible, aswell as terrifying. but I suppose you know my nervosity when it comes to exams), saturday we celebrated the fifth of December in advance with a few friends from the town I come from (I felt awkward, very awkward. how I hate that feeling), sunday I celebrated that same day with close family (which was fantastic) & today (monday) I celebrated it with the studentclub. so although I haven't been writing to you lately, I haven't been sitting still. I'm a busy chick at times. I haven't even written anything in my precious diary in fucking ages. I do that so much less lately anyway, since I always used to write in it at night & now I spend my nights not in my own bed anymore, that hardly happens.

either way (Isa, you rambling fish!), this topic badly needed to be bumped & now it is, I'll write to you soon. tomorrow will be a pretty busy day at the faculty & at night I won't be home (again), but I WILL find the time. you won't believe how much time I demand to write a semi-decent post, but let's not get into that. I'm on my way to bed, where you probably are now too. (you good boy you ;p) I hope to speak to you soon again, one way or another, & that you sleep well.<3

ciao for now.

12-07-2004, 04:53 AM
don't worry about it. I figured you were busy. I look forward to your reply whenever it comes.

12-08-2004, 09:34 AM
"I'm sure you will 'get over yourself.' In fact I am sure you have already noticed that you are more stable than you once were for example. Time usually heals all wounds. Besides, you seem perfectly sane to me ;) "

time doesn't exactly heal, but it sure soothes everything & creates a safer distance of which you can sort out everything much better. & it's true! I am much more stable now, than I used to be. gosh fuck, I've put myself through so much. I used to consider suicide & cutting again every single day, now these things are hardly ever on my mind anymore. I can't express how wonderful that feels, now I think of it. I'm almost taking it for granted again, like I did before problems ever popped up, but I guess I'll have to keep watching my step.

that last sentence wasn't fair. like YOU're pure walking sanity. ;) :p (chop my head off, but I seriously like these two smilies)

"Jesus sounds like your studentclub was very tough. But definitely as though it were worth it. That kind of bond sounds really cool, and those kinds of traditions and stuff."

while I was in the stage of being admitted to the fraternity (I believe the female version would be a sorority, but in these days men & women are mixed at the studentclub) (& oh, I don't know what it's called in English, the period they give you a hard time as a test to get in), I thought it was fucking hellish, but afterwards we all laughed about the stupid, crazy things we had to do & actually did. it does create a strong bond between the members, some sort of secret bond no one else really understands, because they never had to go through all that.

the traditions *are* pretty awesome & overal very funny. like 'special' words & things we do, that'd leave anyone else puzzled. (now it almost sounds like a sect, haha) for instance; when you turn your back towards the bar, you risk a glass of water in your neck. when your hands reach over the bar, where the bartenders stand, you have to buy a bottle of Champane, which we call "Poopel". in fact, almost all drinks have strange names. when you kiss someone at the Society, both the guy & the girl have to drink coffeemilk on the bar for everyone to see. another tradition is, that the guy drinks both the cups of coffeemilk, so the girl will be spared the nausiating stuff. this also brings along a slight obligation to the girl, which is less pleasant.. you can't wear sports shoes at the Society, or white socks. "politesse" means "silence" & "vo" means something like "hear hear". Latin & French are fantastic, but English is 'not done', though no one actually sticks to that rule for obvious reasons. the Senate is almost holy.

the whole thing just has a tad of exclusiveness, that I slightly dislike. partly for all the above customs, that some people take way too seriously. it's by no means the intention, that you apply the strange rules in every day life & bother people with it, who can't be bothered & shouldn't be. on top it costs a hell of a lot of money, so there's a strange kind of automatic selection of students, who have parents with some cash. also back in the days only university students were admitted, which also meant mostly 'rich kids' could get in. these days almost anyone can go to a university, though (thanks to government financing), & not only university students are admitted (also college students), but the attitude of the old days stuck to it. the attitude of "we're smarter & richer, than average, oh mighty us".

it's all just a game. silly traditions don't make you 'special' in any way, except when you take them too seriously, because that'd make you absolutely retarded. people, who fail to see that, are terribly annoying & act like they're on top of the world. my section is more laid back (that's why I chose it) & doesn't care too much for money, background, long last names & perfect manners. oh hell, most people in the fraternity don't have any manners at all, even if they have the best background you can wish for. for many it's just about excessive drinking, rumbling with each other a bit & picking up female members. there are real diamonds between all that nonsense, though, & they don't only make up for the spoiled pieces of crap, who think they can get anything & anyone they want, they also make the whole thing very interesting & fun.

"A guy from my parallel class came to school all beat up one day. He had ridden his bike (while incredibly drunk) and just fell at one point. Thank god I walk and/or take the bus/train. oh but the strangest shit still happens to me while drunk, I always have a good story to tell."

haha, yeah, being drunk brings you in the most interesting situations. I once was riding my bike, singing jazzy songs, & ended up in a village near Amsterdam, when I only had to go from one side of the center, to another. it should've been a bike-ride of about 10 minutes, but it took me 2 hours. *grins* also the story of how I broke my leg is quite.. ridiculous. actually my brother wrote me a poem for the fifth of December, that next time I'm drunk, it might be more sensible to just ..walk, in my case.
d'you have any odd 'drunk Per'-stories?

about Tito; I don't remember very much of our conversations. I'd just walk into the kitchen & ask "what's for dinner?" & he'd tell me what he was making, which I never quite understood. he'd show me all of the ingredients, saying the words, that belonged to those. when I was sitting outside, drawing all of the animals I'd seen that day, he'd watch over my shoulder & say it was beautiful what I was making, even though they were only silly kiddy drawings. so, so sweet. he & his wife (I don't remember if they had any kids. I think so) lived in a small house on the property of my parents' friends, which I think was great for them. they also had a gardener, poolman & guard. all were black & I thought it was unfair, but my mother said, that it in fact was really very good for them, because they were relatively very well paid & mostly came from the streets. I want to believe that, because my parents' friends are just so awesome & nice. I think I do believe it, too.

I know about the 'scandals' of the World Bank, or well, that they didn't help much in Third World Countries, but every time my dad's friend talked about it, he always seemed to have such good intentions & wonderful plans.

haha, I actually believed the Cuban, when he said he couldn't talk to foreigners. I guess I haven't lost all of my naiveness. *giggle* my parents believed it too, I think, but my brother said it was nonsense. I guess those kind of things are just things you want to believe, because it's so strange & makes it all so adventurous.

yeah, we lost contact with Mercedes after about two letters for the reasons you mentioned. oh well, it was fun while it lasted, though.

the sheesha sounds good. I had something totally different in mind. haha, I didn't expect one of THOSE things. I don't smoke funny shit, though. I know those things are much healthier than cigarettes, but ah, as a little addict, what can you do? besides quitting..

oh, I adore Baileys with all my little heart. also Tia Maria & Amaretto. I know those two belong in coffee, but I never really can be bothered, because I think they taste way too nice to mix them with anything. Malibu is also quite awesome. never heard of Tullamoredew, though. maybe I should try it some time. what does it taste like??

I know what you mean about the verse. not that I was thinking the same, but I sometimes have that too. but I guess I still am a bit of an angsty teen. I'm really looking forward to read more of your work. I thought it was fantastic what you posted, so if you're about to improve your writing skills, I really can't wait to read more.

thank you for the compliments on my poem! my own collection, haha, sounds dreamy. I don't know if I could interest any publishers for that, though. I don't think many over here would publish poems by a little teenage Dutch girl in English. & it's certainly not my ambition to make a career out of it. *laughs*

"The Pumpkin's song with a bow is called Stand Inside Your Love. (a fantastic song.) The video shows James Iha using the bow. It's really quite interesting and he just looks so fuckin' cool doing it."

I'll give downloading this a serious try. thanks for the recommendation. *thumbs up*

as I already said, I love the pictures you posted. sounds like Belarus is a lot of fun, indeed. if you've ever got more stories, or pictures, to share about it, I'm interested.

12-08-2004, 02:50 PM
Ah you are right, it is not time that heals, but time is definitely necessary to get through the process. I really can't imagine how you must've been in your teen years. Except that I remember reading posts by you years ago, although at that point I didn't know you well, and I really didn't care about most of what people said at that point. Although that really hasn't changed. Well for what it's worth, I think you grew into an articulate and intelligent women who is definitely able to take care of herself.

Yeah I do know what you mean about how that kind of elitism can be pretty bad. Especially when it comes from the arrogance of having come from a wealthy family. And I must say, for a doctor's daughter, I am very happy you didn't turn out how I imagine (in my most prejudiced way) most doctor's daughters would turn out.

It is true, when people take a custom or a inside tradition too far, then it really is kind of just pathetic. I really don't like it when people take things too seriously. You'll notice it on this board all the time (the extreme offspring fans). But let me tell you something, the version of 'extreme fans' we have on soviet or communist boards that I have been to are far worse. What they have in common is that they are all ignorant and they are all quite vocal. But hmm let me offer some translations:
Offspring bbs noobs say:
omg da offspring are da best punk band 4eva
because communism and soviet history (and what they know is soviet history, because communist theory books are harder to find, so to understand communism everyone generally starts out reading soviet history,which can give a person really backwards ideas, since historians are generally clueless on communist theory but they talk about it like experts)
so what we have is two choices,
1 soviet-empire noob says:
omg communism rox0rz but stalin and lenin killed 1billion ppl omgzorz
2 soviet-empire noob says:
omg communism rox0rz, long live mother russia, Stalin is the greatest man 4eva!!!11

Sometimes on these boards of communists I feel like the only marxist. Or to quote Marx If they are marxists, then I am no marxist.(in reference to a group of 'marxists' he disagreed with)

I am glad to hear that your studentgroup isn't as bad as others. What kind of people are in your student group? How many are you? (at first I thought it was rather a small group, perhaps like 10 people or something, but I honestly have no idea anymore.) Do you like all of them? What are the relationships between the members in general like?

hehe you rode your bike two hours outside of Amsterdam? Now I want to hear the *full* story behind that if you don't mind. hehe that sounds pretty good. In denmark we call these stories 'røverhistorie' (rover stories or rogue stories, loosely translated). I have quite a few, and I never feel comfortable telling them short, so if I am going to tell you a rogue storie, then you will get the full story. And I consider this to be almost an art.

Well I will tell you of the birthday party I went to for a socialist friend of mine last September. Now let me give you a background of my drinking experiences, generally pretty stabile, a few years ago I went to a hospital for drinking too much, that's pretty high up there but i dont count it as a rogues stories. A while back my class had a party, and at one point a classmate of mine took me to his 'home-area' outside of town, rather far out. He had bought me 3 hamburgers, and a lot of weird stuff, showed me the bus to Copenhagen, and then he led me to a forest, where I fell asleep and he ran away as fast as he could.

Now I never thought I'd be able to beat, getting drunk and then falling asleep in a forest outside of Copenhagen. However, this party I went to, destroys everything I've ever done in how it is.

So alright, I go to this party, it's held by a friend of mine who I had met in Belarus. And since I don't drink beer, I bring my own drinks, (I had bought a large bottle of Smirnoff for the occassion, and I do mean a large bottle, it was huge. but it was also more for your money, and I just feel to guilty to pay the bad prices. Also I had bought it past 6 o'clock, and in Denmark it's illegal to buy strong liquor past 6. So this kiosk owner who I know, was doing me a favor so I just accepted it.)

Now the soda at the party was free, so of course I mixed it. I had plenty to eat most of the time so don't worry about that. Now I arrived at the party (in his backyard) at around 6. (he lives quite a bit outside of Copenhagen) I started working on the bottle at around 7. While eating and whatnot. And I remember ABBA music playing in the background. Now I finished this large bottle at around 9. So far I'm feeling pretty good. The bottle is finished, and a right-wing friend of his had been kind enough to share a large amount of Rum with me as well. Anyways I hadn't had much to drink for a while. Suddenly my memory stops working at 11.

So while I was never asleep, I have no memory of what happens between 11 (in the evening) and 4 am. However, my memory starts to function again at 4. Now this is basically like waking up. So I'm walking down this dark street, and it's quite rainy. And very dark. (and I was supposed to be home at 1am, I remember that clearly). Anyways, I look down, and I see that not only am I missing one shoe, but that same foot is also missing a sock, and instead of a shoe and a sock, I had wrapped a plastic bag on that foot.

Now that's not the weirdest part. For some reason, I also believed I was back in Oregon, in America. Which would've been preferable, my parents hadn't really kept track of my comings and goings out there. So anyways, I'm sort of walking down this street, after a while I walk past a bar, and some people walk out of it. And they are speaking Danish (they said, look at this weird boy, he's not wearing a shoe, what do you think is wrong with him? is he on drugs? etc. etc.) I didn't talk to them. I had felt like I just woke up from the worst hangover ever. And I really wasn't thinking straight since I had no idea which country I was in.

Anyways at this point I realize I'm probably not in America. So now I'm thinking, I better find a bus or a train station. (I believe that I am at least only one train stop from my house, basically because everywhere in Denmark looks the same, especially at 4am when you have a hangover.)

So I walk for a while, and I eventually find a bus stop (I get to the bus stop at around 4.40). (I had seen a train station on the way, but the trains don't start until 6 so I kept walking. Also I believed it was just one stop from my apartment, which is really just a half hour walk max, so I kept walking...oh I was so wrong.)

Anyways after a 20 min. wait, the bus comes. But it won't take passengers. The fuckers. Anyways I keep walking, now here is where I get a very weird feeling. The building I just walked by was, Gladsaxe City Hall. I'm not even anywhere near Copenhagen. So I keep walking. I notice a woman walking to work, so I try and catch up to her (and I try to seem as non-threatening as possible, because let's face it, a tall guy like me, walking with a bag on one foot, at 5 am is probably gonna be scary to a woman by herself.) I say to her in Danish, "excuse me, could you please tell me if there is a train station nearby?" She answers me that Buddinge station is nearby and I said "oh thank you, thank you a thousand times." and I walked off to the station.

Now from the station it's about a 40 min. wait for the next train. And about an hour's train ride to my house. (I was riding illegally, since my train pass doesn't go that far out,but luckily I was safe.)

Anyways I get home, and my dad was one the couch (luckily asleep) so I snuck into my room and just collapsed.

The blazer I had worn to the party, still stinks of sweat. And the weirdest thing is, it was covered in sand, and I had been nowhere near sand in my memory.

ah well, that's the best rogue story I got. As I said, I believe it's an art. ;)

I really think it's interesting to hear about Tito. I don't know why, I just find it fascinating. Thank you. oh and I've seen your 'silly kid drawings' and they were quite good. Have you kept up with your drawing lately? You really should. May I see an example?

wow the text is too long. That's a first for me.

12-08-2004, 02:53 PM
Well I think you should try a sheesha just once. It really is quite spectacular, hell if we ever meet I'll make sure you try one.

And it's alright about the cuban thing, I wouldn't call it naiveness. The west generally tells such lies about communist nations that most people don't know what to believe. Even with countries like Cuba, where so many tourists go through, people are still able to say the dumbest things. (Bush said a while back, that if the Cuban people overthrew the Cuban government, he would have ever child vaccinated against disease. This is a stupid statement because every child in Cuba is vaccinated, but what about every child in America? Vaccinations aren't free in America. There were times when my family was so poor, that my mom would take me to the local high school doctor so I could get my shots for 10 dollars. This is only possible because they got some state funds, an ordinary doctor would've been too much and I wouldn't have been able to get shots without my parents spending more than they should've.)

Tullamore Dew is a whiskey. You have to like whiskey (tis part of me genes I suppose) to like it. hmmm are you a whiskey person?

I've never heard of Tia Maria and Amaretto. What are they like?

As for your poems, if you can get published, I really think you should. It would be such a waste not to share your talent. Really, I highly encourage you to do it. If not for yourself, then for your potential readers.

As for my poetry, my inspiration for writing poetry has dwained quite a bit since I was 14, I'll probably write something soon, but now I content myself with learning folk somes on me guitar. (Just got the notes for Tibby Dunbar, my favorite love song. It's quite a communist love song in my opinion.)

Chorus; O, wilt thou go wi' me, sweet Tibbie Dunbar
O, wilt thou go wi' me, sweet Tibbie Dunbar?
Wilt thou ride on a horse, or be drawn in a car,
Or walk by my side, sweet Tibbie Dunbar?

I care na(not for) thy daddie, his lands and his money;
I care na thy kin, sae high and sae lordly;
But say that thou'lt hae(have) me for better or waur(worse),
And come in thy coatie, sweet Tibbie Dunbar.


I offer you nothing of silver or land,
What man can determine the price of your hand
But g'in (givin') your consent we'd be richer by far
Oh walk by me side sweet Tibbie Dunbar


Oh wilt thou become a poor beggars lady
To sleep in the heather rolled up in my plaidie
The sky for a roof and your candle a star
And our love for your fire sweet Tibbie Dunbar..

It's written in old English (Irish dialect) I offered a translation for some of the words that are hard to understand. (I still have no idea what coatie means) but I love this song quite a bit.

I look forward to your next post. I hope it's soon, but if you are busy then it's quite alright. I ain't got no problemo with that. Just write as much as you want, when you want.

ugh...marketing test tomorrow.

12-08-2004, 03:34 PM
ah I'm so lame. I can see you're writing a reply, so I'm staying up cause I look forward to reading it so much.

es no problema, no school until 11. hehe and yes, this means your replies are orgasmic. Or, to use a term that you've suddenly stopped using (which you never should've), they are the shit.

12-08-2004, 04:05 PM
a rogue story.. hmm.. let's see what I can do.. it shouldn't be too hard, as I do have quite a few (NOT a good thing.. aherm..), but I can't imagine I could tell it as adventurous as you can. (I laughed my butt off while reading yours. it actually managed to capture me, like I was reading a good book) I'll just give it a shot & later reply to the rest of your post.

I don't remember very much of the one, when I biked my way into that village nearby Amsterdam, but I could give it a try I suppose. I'll try to make this any good.

I should start with that morning. I'd been at my parents' that weekend & my mom thought it'd be nice if I stayed till monday, because she was going to Amsterdam that day anyway & could take me with her. when we were in the car on our way to Amsterdam on monday morning, she let me read the map, but she's stubborn & always believes she knows where to go best anyway, even though I live there. so she wanted to take a different road, than I suggested, & I said, it'd lead to Zeeburg - a village near Amsterdam, where under no circumstances you EVER want to be, or end up. my mother asked me why not & I said it was way off from where I had to be & that it wasn't the safest neighbourhood to get lost in.

it was a monday night & as usual, my group within the fraternity (which, by the way, consists of about 30 active members. the fraternity consists out of about 3.500 active members, it's the biggest in the Netherlands) went out drinking. not many members showed up at the bar, but we decided it shouldn't spoil our fun. we had a couple of beers & I was probably on my twenty-thousandth diet, because I remember feeling a bit dozy quite quickly.

when the clock hit twelve, we started to celebrate one of the member's birthday with our traditional drink, which is Jenever. it's some kind of Dutch gin, but of much better quality, because let's be honest; gin just really sucks ass. I think you can compare Jenever a bit to Jägermeister, though I'm not really sure. either way, we took a couple of shots of that. we had a few laughs & giggles, but I decided to go home early (around half past twelve), because I'd have a practical class early in the morning the next day.

so *kiss kiss*, "see you wednesday" & I took off. the bar was near the Central Station of Amsterdam & since I hadn't exactly taken the easiest road on my way to there, I decided to try a different one on my way home. at that time, I lived at the other end of the center of Amsterdam by the Amstel (river), about ten minutes away from where I was. I was already looking forward to my bed. so I hopped on my bike & spinned the wheels with quite some energy. I saw water (fuck, there's water -everywhere- you look in Amsterdam) & with my clear mind, I assumed it was the Amstel. I decided, that if I'd follow the river, I'd be home as fast as possible. so I did. I sang a Jazzy song; "ain't got nothing but the blues", which I loved then & made me forget a little about the fact, that it was softly raining & quite cold. it didn't matter, I'd be home soon anyway. people were looking like I'd gone insane for singing so loudly, but that didn't matter either. I was in a good mood.

I took a few turns here & there to stay as close to the river as possible. over an hour later my singing suddenly stopped. I'd just started on "Leaving on a Jetplane" in my repertoire. I looked around & tried to remember how long I'd been biking already. I had absolutely no fucking idea. I was guessing probably not too long (well, it couldn't have been *that* long ...right?) & just kept going. I tried to proceed "Leaving on a Jetplane", but then I saw something shocking; a huge sign "See you in Zeeburg". my fucking god.. I hadn't only biked all the way to freaking Zeeburg, I'd entire crossed it!

I paniced & took turns in all directions, went away from the STUPID river, that had mislead me. did I have to go back? all the fucking way?? hell no. I tried to get sober & rational. where the fuck was I? the streets were way more empty, than I'm used to in Amsterdam. here & there there was someone wandering, who I certainly didn't want to ask anything. I desperately tried to find a busstop, or anything that remotely looked like the rails of an Amsterdam tram.

eventually I found my busstop, thank god. there are always maps at busstops. I took a look at it & burst into wild, WILD laughter. I couldn't believe how stupid I was & how far off! Amsterdam wasn't even on the map of the damn thing. I tried to find something familiar on it & when I did, I tried to remember the route I'd seen. at every busstop I stopped to take another peek, just to make sure I was going the right way this time.

I finally came home by around 45 past two. dramatic. completely sober & tired.
I did fine on the practical class the next day, by the way. ;)

this is about as detailled as it gets. I hope I managed to amuse you. I really think the story, when I fell off my bike & broke my leg, being dressed up as Pocahontas, is funnier, though. so if you're still interested, after this one.. just let me know.

12-08-2004, 04:19 PM
haha, oh jeez I can just imagine the kind of panic that comes in that situation. oh I would definitely like to hear the broken-leg pocahontas one (I think I've heard parts of it before.)

12-08-2004, 04:49 PM
hey there you two. sorry to interupt but just came in here to look cvery quick and saw WCM pics. they are very nice..seems like a good place to go for a vacation

12-15-2004, 05:00 PM
I hope the last one was any good. but ooo, this one is so much fun! I'll try to make something of it, alright?

good, alright. (;p)
there was a dinner organised at the student society for all the ladies, that come on wednesdays. & I happen to be one of those. the dress up theme was 'Idols' (oh you know, that retarded tv-program everyone secretly watched), so you had be dressed up as your Idol. there were tons of Marilyn Monroes, fifty Beyoncé's, a couple of Sponge Bobs, you name it. I didn't feel like adjusting my entire wardrobe to the theme of a single dinner, so I looked at the clothes we keep in a big basket at my parents', that are suitable for strange dress up parties. in it were about a million of African dresses & necklaces, so I decided I had to make something of that. well, it's not exactly Indian, but it'd do the trick, so I decided to dress up as Pocahontas.

I took everything I possibly could use to look silly with to Amsterdam & (I still lived in a studenthouse with 8 chickas at that time) asked a couple of opinions of my housemates. when I found the ideal match of clothes & jewelery to look slightly Indian with my blonde hair, I took off. I left my cellphone at home, because it'd already been stolen once at the society & that wouldn't happen to me again. it was highly amusing how everyone stared at this strange, strange girl, funnily dressed up, with jewelery even on her head, riding her bike with a thousand dresses that followed her on her way. yeah, I got quite a kick out of that, especially because.. well hey, it's Amsterdam. you don't easily surprise people here.

Josefine, a good friend of mine (dressed up as Anna Kournikova), & I sat ourselves somewhere at the giant tables & there were bottles of wine, litterally all over the place. everywhere you looked there was another bottle standing, just waiting to be emptied & begging to fill your veins. very promising. together we started on our first bottle. it was passed around to everyone & within seconds it was empty. so to the second one. Josefine made a comment, that I drank ridiculously fast & that I had to slow it down a little. I said it'd be fine. we proceeded.

by the time the dinner was done & the show started (one of the Dutch Idols came to perform for us screaming females).. I really had no idea anymore how much wine I'd tanked away. seeing there were five empty bottles on our side of the table (where four people were sitting) & Josefine & I were the only ones heavily drinking, I'm guessing it must've been around two bottles of wine. I don't know how the show would've been, if I'd been sober, but mahan.. it was brilliant drunk. we were a screaming, drunk, excited bunch of girls & the guy (THE Idol) could hardly make himself heard. it was so much fun.

after the show we left the dinnerroom & went back to the bar, where the guys were waiting for us. my group ordered a thirty liter tank of beer & grateful Josefine & I switched to that. one of my friends from another group, Juliette, was around too & she dared me to take shots of beer & to beat her at fast drinking. I said it was stupid & that I'd drank MORE than enough, but she persuaded me to join in the game. I beat her once & she wanted a rematch. I refused; I'd surely drank enough now. she insisted - she needed another chance to prove her excellent drinking skills. (well, she *can* drink pretty fast I suppose, but don't try to compete with me when I'm on a roll) I beat her seven times & after that I really don't remember that much.

at one point I was sitting in the hall. I'd went to the toilet for over 20 minutes I think & had tried to get rid off the alcohol through the more upwards way, but I don't vomit easily, so it didn't work. I was drunk as hell & feeling awfull. the friend, who'd dared me to take the shots, sat herself beside me with her arm around me & giggled a bit about me being so drunk. god, I felt so horribly sick. some people passed by & made a comment about me having a green face & I could only nod & say I'd be fine, if I'd just sit still for a while.

& it -went- pretty fine, after I'd sit there for about 45 minutes. I somewhat came around again & there was actual skin colour visible on my face again. it was definitely time for Poca to go home. at four AM Juliette & I went to get our bikes & took off, as we had to go in the same direction. so *kiss kiss* "see you later"s to the rest & there we went. we had so many laughs on our way home - alcohol had put us in a great, silly mood. she had to go right at one point & I had to go left. we waved & seperated. I was still semi-laughing & smiling from the drunk jokes we'd cracked, when I suddenly noticed my front wheel was going against the sidewalk. as you can't correct yourself easily with simply steering the other way in that situation, I wanted to get off my bike, before I'd fall off. I lost my balance somewhat & landed really crappy. I don't know what happened, I just wanted to step off the damn thing, but I went straight through my leg so it seemed. like it was never even there. the streets were empty & you could hear a loud "auw" (which means "ouch"..) echoing.

I was laying there, my head resting on the pavement, it was softly raining (why is it -always- softly raining in these stories?? eh?). I hadn't noticed until then. I was still confused why I'd crashed down. I heard a voice from I think about a 100 meters away; "wait, don't move, I'll help you!! I've had EHBO!!!!" (First Aid With Accidents) I totally, entirely cracked up. EHBO, oh man, that was a good one. my hero. he lifted me up, without asking questions why I looked so weird, & asked me if I could walk. I tried to set down my foot, but it was like gum, slime.. it was worthless! he carried me to a bench & said he'd go back to get my bike from the street. I'd heard a story from a member of my group, that once she fell off her bike drunk & some junk, who'd claimed he'd help her, took off with it. so I just kept saying from my bench "don't you dare to leave with my Oscar (my bikes 'name'), don't take my bike away". he tried to calm me down, but I didn't, not until he parked it right in front of me, where I could see it. that was nice & familliar. my bike. I'd be fine.

he repeated, that he'd done First Aid & I held my laughter this time & smiled. he gently held my ankle in his hands & tried to move it in different directions, just turned it around a little bit. then tried to put pressure on it & pressed it with his fingertips at different places.
"does this hurt?"
"not really.. I suppose.. yeah, well.. no - fuck, that what you just did.. that hurt."
he studied it for a good few minutes.
"try to stand on it one more time."
"I probably just sprained the goddam thing, I'll walk off in a minute like nothing happened, I swear."
"then try to stand at least"
"*tries* ..nope.. no can do."
"do you want me to take you to a hospital?"
"I don't need a hospital, I need a bed. no really, I'll be fine, it's probably nothing."
"then let me take you home, where do you live?"

he parked my bike on the street & brought me to it, in the mean while I was desperately trying to stand on one leg being completely unbalanced. he brought me home on the back of my own bike. on the way home we talked a bit & he asked me what I studied. I said medicine & he burst into laughter, saying he finally understood, why I'd laughed so loud, when he said he'd done a class of First Aid. I also explained to him why I looked the way I looked & said he'd already assumed something like that. "girls, that fall off bikes early in the morning are most likely to come from the society, yes". he carried me gently up the stairs by the front door, when we arrived, & offered to carry me up the stairs to my room, but I thought it'd be weird to let a strange guy in, so I refused. I said I'd be fine & that he'd helped me enormously, but that he just had to go home & sleep, because it was late. I asked his name & it was Ernst Gevaards.

when I opened that front door & looked up that stairway (typically old houses in Amsterdam have the most steep, bad quality stairways one can imagine). the fucking stairway of Death was staring me right in the face. I couldn't believe how much of an idiot I'd been to refuse his offer to carry me up that damn thing. I jumped up a step & another & another & another, but the shock that went through my ankle with every jump was just.. crappy. I sat myself on my butt & went one step at a time backwards. but I kept falling down, because my left foot kept getting tangled up in my long coat & the dresses I was wearing. it was pretty exhausting & then I looked behind me to how much higher I still had to go (I was about half-way there) & I just.. I suddenly realised I wasn't going to my practical class the next day. I felt so utterly hopeless, more hopeless than I've ever felt before. I wanted to walk, to go to my practical class, what was wrong?? I just wanted to go to bed. I burst into tears right there, half-way on the stairs of Death. while crying, I kept going.

my housemate heard me by the time I'd reached the top of the stairs. she found me crawling on hands & knees through the hallway with mascara all over my face, making soft sad noises, that must've sounded outright pathetic. she thought I was drunk! well, I was.. but she thought that was all. she brought me to my bed & as she is a physiotherapist, she also took a look at my leg. she thought I'd probably sprained it & got some deep frozen vegetables to put on it, because of lackage of ice.

12-15-2004, 05:02 PM
the next morning I woke up with a leg, that could've been a lump of a tree coming from the fucking rain forest. I tried to manage for a few hours, hopping around on one leg, going to the toilet & doing my things, but the hopping started to hurt quite a lot & the pain made me feel reaaaally miserable. it made me feel really cold. I've never in my life felt so cold. & man, the hangover was terrible! what a cruel situation to be in. eventually I called up my parents & said I thought there was something wrong with my leg. I sounded quite calm, well.. they were on the other side of the country practically seeing, so I didn't want to cause any panic. I heard my mother in the background; "oh that's Isabel alright, AL-WAYS *something* with her". "no, no, this time I think there's really something wrong".

so my dad picked me up from Amsterdam & brought me to my own hospital. we joked in the car & talked a lot on our way there. when at the hospital, they offered me a shot against the pain, then I knew there really was something wrong. I refused it though. shots are scary & it wasn't completely unbearable. some water against the headache would've been nice, though. & I disliked the doctor trying to set my foot in the right position again. I ended up doing it myself, because no matter how strange this may sound; I'm definitely no tough one & everything hurts a lot less, if you at least do it yourself. then you have slight control over it. the big surprise of the day was, that I didn't need surgery, which you almost always need in cases of a spiral fracture. maybe they would've operated me, if they'd noticed the second fracture right away, but they didn't. not until three weeks later.

pff, so much for now. I hope it was any good & contained any new info. sorry if it was long.. I'm going to bed now, so ciao & sleep tight. *muah*

12-15-2004, 05:25 PM
Outstanding! That was a rogue story that could rival the best of them!

That does shed some light on it. For some reason I thought you had hit a mailbox. Which actually doesn't make much sense, since those kind of mail boxes really only exist in America.

And your last rogue story was also good as well. And please keep sharing if you got anymore.

I have one last really good one (the rest are all shorter, but still good ones.) Although at some point, there should be a class of rogue stories where you have only heard about what happened from other people. I have so many of those from Belarus, potent stuff vodka can be.

Anyways, my class was having celebration. It was the end of the school year and things were good. We had survived the first year of business school and we had planned to have a picnic type of party. Now this was going to be one of the first times I drank in Denmark for what was a long time. So I had decided to drink some Cherry Wine at this event (tastes great, but horrible quality. Can really give you horrible hangovers. However I didn't realize this at the time. It's also insanely cheap, a bottle is about 2-3 euros.)

So we arrive at school for this brunch type thing at around 10 am. And that's basically when I started drinking the cherry wine.

Then we all went to a large park to drink and play baseball. (I organized the baseball and whatnot). I played a lot of baseball. It's quite difficult when you are holding a bottle of cherry wine.

At one point a girl gave me a beer out of the generosity of her heart. It made me puke twice. I hate beer.

Kept on playing, at this point we were playing with our parallel class. I had no idea who they were, so I called them all Morten.

After a while I finished the cherry wine. Jesper, a friend of mine, and I thought it would be smart to get another bottle of cherry wine. So we went to buy one.

There was one problem however, when we tried to open it the top of the cap broke off so the cork was still inside. When we got back to the class we asked them to help us open it. One of them used a battery to open it, however the battery then fell inside. So Jesper and I decided we should drink the bottle really fast so that the battery doesn't ruin it.

So we did.

And then for some odd reason, I decide to go home to Lasse's house. I think I had been planning to go on to a party with him later that evening or something. (And Lasse is a very messed up person, he always has good rogue stories.)

Anyways he lives very very very far away. So on the way to his house (and he was very drunk as well), he buys me two hamburgers at these hamburger places on the street (he bought food as well.) And even later on, he buys me another bottle of cherry wine (which I never actually drank.)

Anyways we finally get to his neighborhood. And he shows me the bus back to Copenhagen. And I told him I was rather tired.

So then we meet some of his weird friends at this motorbike store. Talk to them. And then for some reason we are running. I don't know why. Since we weren't being chased.

We eventually get to a post office. And then Lasse needs to piss, I told him to piss on the seat of a bike and he did.

And then we call my friend Kris with Lasse's cellphone and start rapping (I'm making the beat) and then I eventually scream for some reason.

After a while though, Lasse leads me to a forest. And inside this forest he leads me to a little bench place. And I decide to lie down for a little rest. And right as I close my eyes I see Lasse leaving as fast as he could and I think to myself. "I could follow him...or I could sleep instead." and then I napped for a few hours. By the time I woke up it was around 6 or 7 or something.

And fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck was that the worse hangover ever. My muscles were messed up from playing baseball and I felt awful from the cherry wine. I was just a mess. Oh and sleeping in a forest for a few hours makes this all worse. And I really had no idea what I was doing or where to go. And then I remember the bus Lasse had showed me and I find that. At this point I leave the Cherry wine bottle he had bought me there, and walked onto the bus (and sort of flashed my pass, since I didn't have the right zones, I didn't want the driver to see too much.) And I sit in the back.

oh by the time I got home, I was a mess.

Luckily I didn't see the rest of my class for like 3 weeks later due to a break. But when I came back they all knew, and we all had a good laugh about it. Lasse and I still joke about it.

Goodnight, and just so you know, I like your new avatar better.

12-19-2004, 12:03 PM
I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner, but I was busy being incredibly drunk & even more hungover, so I guess that means another good story. *grins* hopefully, anyway. I don't really have stories, that I had to hear from others. not that I never forget things, but interesting events always stick with me somehow. I've never in my life blacked out, not remembering a thing the next day, but I've needed reminders of what happened & what I said. sometimes they don't bring back any memories whatsoever, but most of the times they cause an "oh right, yeah".

man, your stories make me giggle & grin. I love them. this is a great tradition here on this board already. I started falling in love with this topic after the first page already, but now I'm officially deeply head over heals.

waking up in the middle of nowhere must be quite.. interesting, I'd say. I've never had that, though I've woken up in someone elses bed one time & I think that was the main part of the hangover, that struck me real hard. & I've woken up in a bus in the middle of nowhere & in the living room, but that all isn't as shocking as a bench in the forest. hahaha, man...

Friday night, 17th of December.. so that'd be two days ago. my group of the sorority was having a Christmas dinner & we all could bring dates. I had a little trouble to get my boyfriend along, because his group of the fraternity would have an important ALV (General Members Meeting, or something like that translated) & the members of the board really wanted him to be there. I talked to them though, because I know about 90% of the members of his group, thanks to my involvement with one of them.

anyway.. I can get along with many of the members of his group quite alright, so I guess that slightly must've helped. they agreed with me, that a Christmas dinner with your girlfriend, which is a once in a year opportunity, is slightly more important than a boring official meeting with your friends, that's once every two months anyway. although the (SINGLE!) members of the board never got on my side, Huibert decided he'd come. thank god. if I wouldn't have been able to bring him as my date, I wouldn't have taken anyone with me, because I simply don't want anyone else to join me on such evenings & I'd rather be accompanied by an empty chair in that case. but well.. an empty chair wouldn't have been too... yay to sit next to.

during the dinner I couldn't assure him enough how glad I was that he came along. the food wasn't of the best quality, but under the circumstances (being students) it was just fine. I drank a bit too much wine, but I figured it'd be alright, since I'd started off with beer before dinner & that's the right order to drink alcohol in, according to the Dutch. ("bier na wijn geeft venijn" en "wijn na bier geeft plezier", which pretty much means "beer after wine gives trouble/pain" and "wine after beer gives pleasure")

after a while I was feeling dizzy, though, & I kept going to the toilet to get rid off the alcohol as fast as possible, even though I didn't have to go. I just had to stand up & walk the few meters the toilet was away to keep moving & to check on myself how tipsy I was. my conversations started to make less & less sense & my mouth was feeling lazy, which irritated me. I didn't come across as drunk, but I hardly ever seem to do, until I start tripping over things & vomit.

normally the tipsy, dizzy feeling passes after a few more drinks, so when a friend offered me Jenever (which I told you about) I gladly took it. & I was right, the feeling passed, but I also got less conscious of what I was drinking & started emptying beerglasses again. we all danced & all was nice. I was feeling fine again, but making no sense at all anymore now. I tried to have a musical discussion with someone, who was rather stubborn & arrogant & I quickly gave up on that & looked for Josefine. she was standing with my & her own boyfriend somewhat aside of the whole dancing scene & we talked a bit.

a minute later someone suggested (& I can't remember if it was Josefine, or Huibert, but it sure as hell wasn't me) that Josefine & I had to french. I was pretty indifferent, but still I had a strange feeling that that would just be extremely weird. we both asked our boyfriend's opinions & they both were into the idea of two girls kissing. the next second Josefine just grabbed me & kissed me right on the lips. wow.. that was.. new. our friendship just got a whole other dimention.

another friend of ours saw the whole thing & approached us. I was waiting for a blow about how silly we were acting, but she asked if she could join in. I kept asking my boyfriend if he was alright with it, but he even seemed to like it. Annemarieke said she'd kiss me & I was looking goofy at her, saying I sure as hell wouldn't start. I'm a wuss like that. so *bang* she pulled me over & kissed me. ugh. I mean... while I'm telling this.. I feel embarrassed all over again, like I did the next day. I mean, right there & then I did nothing to stop it & I agreed. she & Josefine kissed too & apparently she was on a roll & couldn't wait to show the trick to about everyone there, because she wouldn't stop sticking her tongue in my mouth unexpectedly.

I don't remember much more, but eventually Huibert & I went home. on our way from the busstop to home he had to support me while walking. I apologized for being a mess. at home he helped me to get undressed & forced me to empty three glasses of water, like I always do with him when he's drunk. it's supposed to keep away the hangover. normally when I go to sleep it takes me a while to fall asleep & I have tons of dreams, that keep me slightly restless, but now I fell asleep like a baby, right away, extremely comatose.

the next morning (yesterday), when I tried to stand up, I almost immediately needed to grab onto something, because I was so dizzy & the headache was just horrible. but I had a concert to give, so I had to force myself to come to my senses again. I hate that... I would've prefered lying in bed all day, because that headache never went away, not until I fell asleep again yesterday evening.

right before I went to sleep yesterday I sent my boyfriend a txt (he's at his parents'), that he never should let me kiss with others again, even if it's a girl. I mean, I was curious what it would be like to kiss with a girl, but I didn't do this out of curiosity, but more because I was hopelessly drunk & he said he'd wanted to see it. it feels like I've kissed Josefine for all the wrong reasons, you see? it was just stupid & it made absolutely no sense. he txted me, that it was alright & that it wasn't so yay to look at afterall, because we didn't even kiss passionately. man.. like that's an easy thing to do, when you're not into girls. :| sometimes.. he just says all the wrong things. but I guess everyone does.

Josefine called me today, if I'd like to see a movie with her with a couple of wines, but I felt too weird to go & besides I had to make a presentation for tomorrow, which I by the way still haven't made. we discussed friday evening shortly & agreed that it was just a joke & that we both were a bit nervous & scared what the reactions of our group would be. I haven't talked with Annemarieke about this whole thing yet.

& that's it. my friday night.

(I'll have to edit this; according to Annemarieke (talking to her on MSN) I kissed *her* unexpectedly after the first time that she kissed me. though I really think & believe I do remember correctly that *she* did.. I'll have to consider the probability, that it was the other way around. in which case.. I feel even more odd about the event. according to her I said that my boyfriend wanted me to do it. hmm, that doesn't sound like me.. but I suppose it could be true. but not really.. would it be?? oh god..)

12-19-2004, 12:13 PM
oh, & thank you about my av. I don't know if I should shyly blush, or smile, but I guess I'm doing both anyway, no matter why you like this one better.

12-19-2004, 03:06 PM
oh wiew Perness, be proud of isas. tomorrow I've got a presentation about the exact chemical chainreactions that are caused & are followed by pain. I've just finished it, when my presentation is tomorrow at half past three PM, meaning I could've procrastinated the nasty job & done it tomorrow morning/noon.

now I'm all bouncy, because I finished the goddam thing & NOW I can go to bed, because I did, but I'm too bouncy & thinking about prostaglandines all the time & how they can cause shock. how annoying.

12-19-2004, 03:13 PM
ah well I am proud of you. Tis good to fight procrastination!

and I also enjoyed your rover story. Twas good, and I must say, a surprise a minute. I got a rover as well but I will tell it tomorrow. It's too late to do it properly.

Hope you are able to calm down and sleep soon. and good job again on finishing your presentation.

12-21-2004, 07:08 AM
thank you.=) I'm definitely miss Proscrastination. I'm just hoping I can motivate myself to do something for what I KNOW I find important in my life & change my additude a bit. I should really grow up faster, but at the same time I really fucking hate growing up. I already feel everything's gone way too fast.

I'm way interested in your newest rover story. whenever you have the time & 'devotion' on your hands to write it here, I'd love to read it. I'll be patient in the mean while. ;p

12-22-2004, 09:16 AM
oh man, I am so lazy. I have a 6 page Danish report to write. I haven't started, and I'm going to Barcelona tomorrow.I figure it'll all work out.

Actually speaking of rovers and drinking, I've had quite a bit to drink at the moment. A danish christmas drink of spiced wine and raisins and almonds. I've had about a liter, not bad, but I can feel my head spinning.

I've only been online a few times drunk. The last time I was really really drunk. Kinda funny, I had had 1/3 a bottle of Königsberger Festung Wodka (very good stuff) but we just took it in shots (with shots of cola afterwards.) Basically a very strong mix. So after I posted I had apparently gone to the bathroom and then tried to make a bed in the hall. I don't even remember posting, but by golly was it a hilarious surprise to find my posts. I'll find the links.
The first post here:
why I suddenly switched to Danish I don't know. But apparently it's perfect grammar and only one small typo. I'm happy about that, my Danish improves after drinking.
here's a translation of the Danish:

when Henning asked about the profitablity of the Offspring og vi svarede med at det var 79& fordi vi kunne ikke finde ud af Men det er nok rifgtig. I skulle bare lægge det under the Blackthingsaccount. (1591)
When Henning asked about the profitability of the Offspring, and we answered that it was 79& (I meant %) because we couldn't figure it out, but it's probablyright. You should just put it under the Blackthings Account. (1591) (1591 is a reference to an account number, one that I just made up.) Very messed up, very random, especially since you can't put profitability under an account, it's meant for analysis only.

And what Sphyrics are, I have no idea.

ah apparently to make room in photobucket, the second post is no longer funny (I had tried to use paint with hilariously incompetent results.) ah well.

anyways, last friday was great. After my class had had a Christmas Lunch together (no drinking), some friends and I went to Phillip's house (a good friend of mine). At Phillip's we played video games, and watched Malcoml In the Middle, and That 70's Show. I also ate too much chocolate and felt bad for a while. So when they left I had decided to stay, cause of my chocolate problem.

Phil and I played more video games, watched some tv, had dinner. Then he offered to let me spend the night, which was cool, so I did. Then I had the spontaneous idea to buy a 70 cl. bottle of vodka and drink it. And he had no problem with that idea. So by golly we did, and we mixed it with orange juice, cause that is the only thing that makes Smirnoff taste good.

Anyways, we were drinking Smirnoff and watching porn (because it's hilarious when you're drunk), we had bought the bottle at around 1.30 and finished it around 3.30. We were rather drunk I must say. Although it hadn't really kicked in (I think it did that after we had gone to bed). But I remember he called his girlfriend to say goodnight at one point, and it was hilarious cause she didn't want to talk to him cause "he was acting weird and she didn't want him to be too hungover when he visited her the next day" (she lives on the other side of Denmark, so they see each other every two weeks. I shudder just thinking about long-distance relationships.)

And well this was the last night we would be able to drink with each other for 4 months, since he is going to study in Australia (so are all my friends, I am staying behind cause I am poor. But my other friends and I will drink on New Year's eve and probably afterwards one more time, since they are leaving on the 7th.)

So it was good we got to do that. Because, well drinking is a bonding experience and we had a hilarious time.

Anyways apparently during the night (I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor, he was on his bed), he woke up, and for some reason, he believes he had tried to put cellophane between us to separate us. (and this makes no sense, since there is no cellophane in his room, and we are rather far apart). So that was hilarious when he told me that, we still are joking about it. He must've been really drunk. He says he also at one point, had a hard time breathing, he couldn't breathe out, or he couldn't breathe in or something. Said I had the same problem, but it ended or something.

And the next day, oh jesus the hangover was awful, felt bad in my stomach, and later on in my head, so I just slept the entire day. (especially since my brother had his girlfriend over, I just stayed in bed, I've managed never to have had a conversation with her so far.) Phil also apparently had a horrible hangover as well, on the way across Denmark. I imagine that using train facilities isn't fun.

ah well that's my rover, it's really just kinda random. anyways, merry christmas, I don't plan on being online for a while. best wishes.

01-01-2005, 01:27 PM
alright, new years brought new rogue stories. I'll tell when you get back. For now this is just bumpage so that it doesn't disappear while you are on vacation.

01-09-2005, 10:51 AM
slightly tipsy right now, my parents, my brother, and I drank the alcohol I had left over on new years. It's so weird to share booze with my family. It's also my sister's birthday.

Just a little *bumpage*

You're coming back at the end of the month yes? I should be getting a guitar then (a new one), and you should be delivering quite a long update I *hope*.

01-09-2005, 11:00 AM
She should come back already, damnit. I miss her posts.

01-09-2005, 11:02 AM
Yes... her most joyful 10 paragraph-long posts :p

01-09-2005, 12:06 PM
She should come back already, damnit. I miss her posts.
I do too. However I'm just bumping this topic because I fear if I let it get too far away, I'd never be able to find it. Can you tell how little I know of technology?

01-09-2005, 03:04 PM
I'm bahack..
oh what loveliness to find so many posts in this topic, when you've been away for a while. I will catch up with you, Per, later. it's really late now & I'm planning on catching a couple of classes tomorrow. thank you for keeping this one alive.

01-09-2005, 03:30 PM
Ah welcome back, much sooner than expected I must say. Haha I've waited this long, I can wait a little more. see ya peaches.

01-10-2005, 06:55 AM
Thought I'd start by telling a rogue story here.

This is the rogue story of my New Year's eve.

Well it started at dinner with my parents (Jesper and I had had a shot of Ballentine's whiskey before, potent stuff that) and we were having chili (my family, despite living in Denmark, is still white trash) and red wine with that. Jesper and I ended up finishing the bottle, it wasn't bad and it went well with the chili. We just talked for a while and then watched Heartbeat with my parents.

After that my mom served Irish Coffee (omgzorz <3333). It was very good, very very good. Then we opened a bottle of champagne that I had bought. It was this good stuff called "Soviet Classic" from Bulgaria. Top knotch stuff, you can't beat that quality for the price. After we finished this bottle, and then a cheap quality German stuff my parents bought from Aldi, (Stolzenfels), we decided it was time to head on out. We had also been smoking cigars as well. I should mention I was wearing my Soviet General's uniform and he was wearing a suit.

When we got outside men were getting naked and having a race down the street. We took their clothes while they did this but then decided to be nice and leave them.

We went further on and met some guys who exchanged two cigarettes for two cigarillos, a rather bad deal, but it was nice to talk to them. We then called my friend Mads who wasn't home, I eventually left a long voice message on his cell-phone, it was very messed up when I heard it on Monday. I think I had forgotten that I was talking to a voice message thing.

Anyways we went on to a kiosk to buy some more alcohol, Jesper bought some Turkish Pepper Vodka stuff, tasted like black licorice, absolutely awful, I couldn't stomach it, so I got some Fisherman's Friend vodka, oh so good that was. Talked Russian with the kiosk owner, (he asked me how I was, I didn't remember the Russian reply, so I answered him in Bulgarian, but I was able to figure out how to say many thanks and then we left.)

We decided it would be funny to drink in a church, so we found one, unfortunately it was closed. So we were busy yelling "Sanctuary!" hoping they would hear us and let us in, we also yelled "asyl!" the danish translation of sanctuary. but alas no luck. We then climbed over a fence next to it, and drank in the nursury.

After drinking this much, I think I kinda felt invincible, I remember that I wanted to set a car alarm off. But none would go off, so I tried jumping on a car but not even that worked.

I was able to get us into a party, we found a building that had a party, so all I did was ring on every single bell until someone answered. Then I gave a fake name, until they let us in. Then I knocked on the door of the party, at which point we walked in and shook everyone's hand, but unfortunately they threw us out again.

In reality what we wanted to find was a bar, but they were all closed.

We did find one open, but it was open for a private party, so were thrown out of that. And I live in the center of Copenhagen, so fireworks were going off everywhere.

Eventually we decided to go back to my place (he was going to sleep there cause he lived too far away to go home.) And so he tries to open my second bottle of champagne, being the drunk idiot he is, he cuts his thumb open rather badly. So we taped that up with tissues and scotch tape (which was right next to the band-aids, but we couldn't find them for some reason....)

After that we continued to drink whisky, ballantines oh yes. I don't really remember what happened, just I know I puked out my window (and not all made it out my window, so I had a *little* cleaning to do on New Year's day, also to get rid of Jesper's blood from the walls.)

New Year's day I stayed mostly in bed, I was in no condition to do very much.

So please tell me more about your vacation, I just know the bare details. What was it like? did you know anyone besides your family? Good stories that aren't rogues?

01-31-2005, 11:11 AM
this is one great rogue story. tis. I've read it before & I'm sorry I didn't reply to it sooner. I thought I would, but at that moment I didn't have much time & I guess then it drifted away page by page. thank god there's a 'Search'-function on this board. at least it has that. *smiles*

anyway, I just read it again & it's very entertaining. especially the part, where you jumped on a car to set off the alarm & the one, where you screamed "Sanctuary" to a closed church. *giggle* that sure managed to make me laugh. even in these conditions, Per!

I don't think I brought any rogue stories home with me from Switzerland. *shrug* Sabine & I didn't get drunk, though we can be terribly good at that at times.

I know it must seem like I only think of you, when I need you (with the PM & all), but I'm hoping you know that's not the case. I think I've told you loads about my project, that I was working on. got a good grade for it too.=) I guess there might be a future for me in medicine. ;) but being busy is not really an excuse, when you do spend some time uselessly on here, without replying to this brilliant topic. it's just that I thought of it at moments I wasn't behind the computer, or on the internet. anyway..... I'm just hoping you'll be on soon for me to talk with. haha, I'm so selfish. you rock, Per.<3

01-31-2005, 12:53 PM
My internet is le shit right now. So I'm basically on and off messenger.

And no don't worry about it, I knew you were busy, and besides the pm brought things into a new light no? I'm glad I could help.

And oh man, do I have the world's best rogue story for you. I'll tell it to you after I finally get a shower. I was so drunk last friday (drank heavily without eating dinner, stupid.) Oh man, it definitely belongs in here.

oh jesus my internet is going on and off every minute now, hmpf. I blame my brother.

01-31-2005, 01:08 PM
I noticed! your internet is mean. mean to Perness & Bella. *frown* now that is VERY mean. we should slap it.

I really do feel better. I finally feel again like there will be life after today. haha, I can get hopeless like that. when I think a thousand thoughts & possibilities of what might happen.. it just drove me nuts. you pretty much get the idea, I think. cold, shivering, scared isa.

I think I already read something about it in the 'How far do you get drunk'-or something-topic. already thought it'd fit nicely here. ;p I'm looking forward to it.

hope your internet will get better. feel like talking with you.

01-31-2005, 01:52 PM
Glad you're feeling better. I understand how you felt, I, in my own neurotic way, can feel helpless or come to the completely wrong conclusions myself, it has to do with my terrible imagination. Anyways glad I could be here for you, now for the rover

oh yeah the 'how far can you get drunk topic' const just the bare bones of the matter. here is the terrible tale of last Friday night.

Well this guy Lasse and I had decided we would drink together before we went to a school party. He lives rather far away, or extremely far away.

So anyways I leave for his house around 17.00, I get lost along the way and arrive there at around 18.40 after a lot of walking etc. Anyways I decide to pass up dinner and take his advice of "just drinking myself full." Because I'm stupid and didn't think I needed to since I wasn't hungry.

Well we started off mixing malibu with coke, which just tastes so orgasmic, I think I drank most of the malibu myself. oh god it's good. There was also a lot of vodka mixes going around, the people at the party were Lasse (from my class), Camilla(from my class), Peter(friend of Lasse's who I know), and a girl from first year named Julie.

Anyways as soon as I had got there Camilla made me a drink (they all pitied my long journey.) So we sat there drinking, and listening to different kinds of music. Camilla was quite weird, she asked me about my ex, and then she told Julie that I had a girlfriend in Australia (a reference to a girl I had seen a while back, but a relationship where we eventually ended up mutually ignoring each other for no reason.)(Camilla's a good friend of this girl in Australia, so I'm not sure what that means. but whatever.) Anyways we drank drank drank, and I think Camilla was trying to drink me under the table (I heard she got pretty drunk as well.)

Anyways Julie had a camera, so eventually I'll be able to show you a few pictures of me incredibly drunk, I think I'll put them in the photo album topic too.

So anyways we decide to head off to school at one point. I get into an argument with Julie about how me being the oldest means that I am the wisest, I ended it by saying it's a new law, I also claimed that being the oldest I was the best at holding alcohol (turned out to be SO wrong.) Then we argued about whether or not British English is snobbish, and that American English is proper English (which it is.)

Anyways on the bus we all continue to drink. I don't actually remember much after this.

So I wake up saturday morning. my clothes are next to my bed. There is kind of a little dried puke next to my head (very very little so it didn't bother me, it was just cola.) Anyways I sit up, check my clothes to see if everything is there. Go talk to my mom a bit. She tells me that apparently when I had come home incredibly drunk (at around 22.00) I had gone to the wrong building and tried to get in and yelled "damnit let me in! I live here!") I didn't remember that at all. Oh that was embarrassing to here. Also apparently I had come home without my coat, which had my key in it. I was thinking "fuck...I hope it's at the school, I hope I had gone to the school party."

Anyways I go back to bed, my stomach is feeling very very woozy. (that's about as bad as my hangovers get.)

Anyways I wake up. I go online to find someone who was partying with me to see if I could get any info. I talk to Peter, who tells me that I got thrown out of the school party for being too drunk. shiiiit.

I spent most of the day worrying about what I had done.

On Sunday I talk to Lasse who tells me more. Apparently the ladies had put make-up on me while we were on the metro. I can't believe I let them do that. And it's on film too....(not any that you will see mind you.)

Anyways today, is where I find out the most information of what happened. The first people I meet to talk to this about, were Camilla and two of her friends. Her friends who I know pretty well, just shook their heads, sighed and said "Per..." in a disappointing way. Which is quite understandable. According to Camilla at some point I pissed on the window of a boutique.

Anyways when Lasse comes to school I find out even more. Apparently when we got off the bus, I just started pissing while everyone else who got off just stared in a judgemental way and walked off.

Anyways I was told I had acted pretty calm while I was too drunk at the party. Just sitting there.

So then I find out, that a different Julie from my class, had asked one of the gaurds, to get me, my coat and take me to the train station. Well he didn't get my coat, I'm not sure if he took me to the train station, but I don't know, didn't appreciate that, but her intentions were good.

So anyways I finally got my coat after school today, it's pockets were fulll of things I had apparently stolen from the bus. neat huh?

That was my weekend. oh man. Wait till you see the pictures.

02-18-2005, 07:07 AM
hahahaha, this is a -great- rogue! enjoyed it loads.

it drifted off, because I thought you hadn't posted anything new. pretty retarded from my side. glad I dug this one up. especially when you were screaming at the wrong building to let you in, that was priceless. you definitely were slushed.

we should really get slushed together one day. & I'm not talking about over the internet. & I DO want to see those pictures of you with make up. aw, so *cute*! mental images in my head already. isn't there the slightest chance I'll get to see them? *puppy eyes* pretty please? it sounds like I could get a major kick out of them, hahaha.

no rogues from me. though I've been drinking yesterday, it wasn't that much (read; enough) & even if I -had- drank enough to get totally stupid, there wouldn't have happened much, because I was at home, drinking with my two housemates & their girlfriend & boyfriend. yeah, pretty depressing for me, all alone. *sob* oh well..

enjoyed your PM about Greece loads. haha, I wondered how you'd like it there, after all the comments about Greece you've made. glad you had so much fun. sent you a PM back. it was too long (as usual) to send it all at once, so it's devided over two. you don't have to reply right away, but the notification on new PMs is so terribly louzy, I thought I'd tell you myself.

02-18-2005, 07:45 AM
I haven't had any excessive amounts to drink. Well there was election night, where I was drinking online, and I was telling my classmates down in Australia how my French teacher is a hairy-lesbian-dyke-bitch. Otherwise it was just with my parents in Greece, and I was more sober than they were, hehe.

oh but I've found out more things about that night up above, terrible things. Apparently I tried to piss in the sink of the girls bathroom (wtf?), apparently I also pissed on the window of some Cosmetic's store, in front of a group of people getting off a bus. Apparently I also bought beer (I hate beer, so that's odd) and then some girl surprise-hugged me and I hugged back and beer flew everywhere. That's about the worst of it. oh god, the week of school after that was so embarrassing. omg.

And no, you can't see me in make-up. It's only in video form, and I don't have it anywhere on my computer, thank-god. I hope it's deleted by now, jesus christ. I will put some pics of the party in this reply though.

And we *should* get slushed together. That'd be hilarious. We should organize something this summer.

And I've replied to your pm as well.

Lasse and I. Yes I do stick my tongue out in a lot of photos, my avatar is proof of this as well.

Lasse and Camilla

Lasse, Peter, and I

Lasse and Camilla.

All four of us. Not seen is Julie, who took all the pictures. I remember all these moments.

02-18-2005, 09:15 AM
I won't spoil the fun, by saying I've already seen them in the picture album-topic. Camilla seems an extremely pretty girl from the photo's & sorry to say this, but you look hilarious. haha.

YES! we should organise something this summer.

I remember I've had to go to school with the most embarrassing stories about me going around. that's sooo.. not nice. :/ once I'd kissed with some guy & my best friend (Lisa) was still pretending to be the Holy Virgin Mary in those days & she kept screaming all day long "omg! you kissed some dude at the party!!!" extremely annoying. but yeah, shit happens. haha, your stories were slightly more embarrassing (funner), though. especially since you can't remember any of it. brilliant.

on vacation with my parents, I'm no wild chick either with alcohol. only once. in France. my mother & I drank an entire carton (or whatever you'd call those) of rosé & we kept discussing extremely personal stuff about each other real loudly & real thoroughly. Lisa also was there (I brought her with me, couldn't leave her behind, hehe) & she still reminds me of all the silly things my mother & I said to each other. later that night I crawled to bed, Lisa desperately tried to help me, which must've been tons of times easier than it'd be now, because I've gained so much thanks to studentlife, after that. I vomited all over the place, as soon as I'd reached my room, & kept saying my mom couldn't know anything about it. in the end she never found out about it, which is for the best.

but right now I have -got- to hurry, because of that, that, that.. DINNER. grmbl.
ciao babe.<3 ;)

02-18-2005, 02:08 PM
oh, sadly enough Dutch high school seems to be much tamer than Danish schools. It would only be remarkable if someone had sex with more than one person at a party.

And I'm fully aware of how hilarious I look in those pics. I just crack up. And Camilla's a doll, great personality too. It's a pity she'd vote conservative, not sure if I could ever touch a gal like that.

Hehe, back when I first was really interested in communism (and this would be at the point in time where my entire 'understanding' of communism came from books I read about the Soviet Union, and next to nothing from Marx), my Dad and I were watching a documentary about Cuba, and we were drinking this Pepper Vodka we had bought from the Russian store. He got a lot drunker than myself, but I got rather drunk as well. I've never seen him that drunk, haha, he called my mom a 'big bird' at one point. haha

My mom gets drunk rather easily as well, when I was in the states last summer (and this was a summer where I needed alcohol and being 17, had no opportunity to get it), so at one point we were drinking Stoli with my Uncle, My Aunt, a friend of my cousin (my cousin was not present, this is how blessedly redneck my family is, I love them), my brother, and I. And we eventually finished the bottle, and not only did I drink more vodka than my mom, but she got wasted.

That's the only times where I've seen my family significantly wasted. I don't think I've ever gotten drunker than my parents, while drinking with my parents though. Often when my friends and I decide to go out and get really wasted, we drink some wine with my parents first.

I swear, we are rednecks, and I love it.

Have fun with the dinner. If you were to come to Denmark, you'd be welcome in my family's apartment, (we have a guest bedroom, which means we just kick my sister out.) Or if I were to come to the Netherlands, I don't think your student house has room, so we'd need to find a hostel, and cheap travel as well.

02-18-2005, 02:57 PM
Per, if you'd come to the Netherlands, there'd always be room for you. we've got extra beds, extra matrasses, we can put them anywhere we want. we do have a tiny extra room, which we're not allowed to use, but which we always do anyway, because all of our own rooms are so goddam tiny. & then there's always the option, that you sleep in my bed & I sleep in my boyfriend's room. my bed is empty most nights anyway.
so no problem there.=)
& kicking your sis out sounds evil, but somehow in a weird way very welcoming. I mean, that you'd do that for me. haha.

& yeah, cheap travel is a condition. definitely.

& sex with more than one person at a party? holy fuck, I don't think anyone ever did that at our school. we were all such good girls & boys. but for some reason a specialised grammar school over here contains more rebels, than any other. (I suppose everyone -was- held down way too much) sexually everyone was pretty held back, but everyone always had their ways to make up for that. a lot of drugs going on (though I never got confronted with them, simply because they didn't interest me), a LOT of alcohol... shocking amounts. but hardly any racism, stealing, or sex. (I suppose that has to do with the fact, that less than 1% there was coloured, though that's an evil thing to say. the no racism certainly had to do with that. but other cultures do think differently about possesions & sex, stuff like that)

no one never ever really grew up there. it's when you get outside those schooldoors, that you understand, that the world is so much different than you used to see it. our school was like a small uptight village; a lot of gossip, a lot of fortuned kids (mommy & daddy doing quite well), a lot of hard working kids, that do exactly as they're told to... a very safe world to 'grow up' in, until you leave school. then you notice how not safe it is to be locked away from the world in a small, narrow minded surrounding.

bwah, but you know how my schoolperiod was. at the end I just couldn't wait to get out of there. the world 'out there' shocked me a great deal (what do you expect, when you go from that to a city like Amsterdam?), but it was also the most liberating sensation I'll ever know. I don't even know how I managed to get through seven years of specialised grammar school, when I look back. the attitude is so.. not like mine. it was just a silly girl's dream. something I had to accomplish for myself. for four years I thought that dream was mine & was good, until in the fifth year the school presented itself to me in a way that nausiated me. only successes were shown to the rest of the planet & whatever went wrong - suicides, rapes, cutting students, failing students who couldn't live up to the expectations of the school, arrests - was safely kept within the school & was burried deeply underground. & no one was allowed to speak of it again.

actually there are a -lot- of people, who leave our school & just go entirely insane in their studentlife. who just need a break from a life full of expectations on every single level. behaviour, school-results... pretty damn unhealthy, if you ask me. but I think I'm one out of few, that would give such a goddam negative reflection of my high school. (though Willem would probably back me up on this) I know people, who still seem to live in that naive world of fluffiness & peachiness & who feel like they're invincible. oh well..

the dinner was as wah wah as I expected it to be, but at least that saved me a disappointment. just a lot of crap about what still needs to be arranged, bought, made... the kitchen forgot all about us, so we never even actually got to eat, which was alright with me, because I wasn't feeling too peachy anyway. but in the end I know the reunion will be great. too bad obligations always piss me off. I should enjoy these things more, because I've chosen to be a member of this. yeah, lighten up Isa!!

02-19-2005, 05:48 AM
hmm Alright, well I'm not sure of my schedule yet in the summer months. (I'm going to the states at the end of July, but I think my parents are planning on us all doing something together before that as well.) But this could be interesting. It would have to be in June, at the end of June. or maybe in my spring vacation? If that's in May, then I could probably visit on my Spring vacation. Or you could visit and make my life a whole lot easier ;) Either way, it should be during a warm season, because drinking in the park is so much better than in a bar or club.

As for sex with more than one person at a party. I'm all for open sexuality. But these people are just doing it because it's a side-effect of being from a rich family and being decadently bored. I don't even think they enjoy it. Terrible. My school has no racism either, mostly cause it's about 40% immigrants.

The suffocating small town schools. I relate rather well to what you say. The small town is a nice place to visit, but I could never live in one again. It's too suffocating, I'm too claustrophobic. I'd be able to feel it closing in on me and making me even more cynical. No there needs to be a lot of change methinks. People shouldn't be livin' like that.

Sounds like you have a lot of work in the coming time. It's good that you are one of the people who volunteered. I know I could never volunteer for something like that. too lazy.

03-21-2005, 02:41 PM
Rovers from France. Just to keep this topic alive. And I expect to hear some interesting stories from your trip to France as well!

Well out of 2 weeks, we only drank 3 times.

The first Monday was a rendez-vous at the student club there. It started out where Lasse, Meriam, and I were waiting on a street corner for Pernille and Julie to arrive. To our pleasant surprise, Julie and Pernille arrived too drunk to walk steady. That wasn't awkward for any of us.

At the student club, Lasse and I decided we needed to catch up. So we ordered Smirnoff ice's like madmen. It didn't really help. But the Danish group, was by far the most alcoholic group for a Monday night. Rather embarrassing. Lots of pictures were taken, I'll make sure to post them when I get them next week.

Julie left the party early, as well did Meriam. So it was only Lasse, Pernille and I. We decided to find a karaoke bar.

On the way around, we found a crazy old lady who came up to us and said 'je suis le miracle du Vichy. La vierge du Vichy.' I had the unfortunate job of translating for her. 'I am the miracle of Vichy, the virgin mother of Vichy.' She must've been on a lot of drugs or something. But my god was she just out of it.

After we got away from her we went down the street and found the German group going for a walk as well. Us being kinda drunk, started throwing snow around and making everyone thoroughly uncomfortable.

After that, Pernille was so drunk, and laughing so hard, that she couldn't get off the ground. She just rolled around and around. It actually was pretty hilarious. We had to use her purse to get her up. haha she was so drunk that I had to carry her up while she walked. Eventually she got out of it though.

And we got down to a Karoake bar. Here we sang a whole bunch of songs. One must remember it was Monday night/Tuesday morning, so there was next to nobody there. So we were sitting there singing spice girls/whatever to an audience of alcoholics. Lasse and I sang 'Yesterday' by the Beatles, but it was rather unfair because they played porno behind the lyrics, so we ended up cracking up.

I even sang one french song, which recieved an applause. yayzorz.

When we left, we stole 4 glasses (I still have one), and a few pages from the Karoake book. We never returned to that bar, let me tell you.

The second time, in the weekend. We decided to try clubbing.

First it started out with Adel, a libyan student, Yuijin and I smoking the sheesha in a café. That was very nice. Then Yuijin and I went and drank a bottle of Malibu on a bench in a park with stolen glasses. Not at all sleazy.

Then we all went to Club du monde (the student club) where we drank even more and headed off to the discotheque. Now the discotheque was a thorough disappointment to everyone. Seeing as it was mostly just french guys kissing each other to 80's music. I decided to go home early.

Now I lived far away. And this is where the story gets kinda extreme. I was really tired mind you, and I wanted a souvenir. So I had taken some posters off the wall. But it was still about a half hour walk to where I was living. And I was just so tired. So I decided to take a nap. I open a car door and just lie down to sleep. About an hour later, I jump up, and think 'ooooooh shit, I'm in a car' I jump out and run away. The posters were left in the car still.


The last time was Julie, Pernille, Lasse and I drinking cheap rum in a Paris hotel room near Moulin Rouge. You know it's good quality rum when they spell it with an 'h'. Haha this time was hilarious though. Meriam texted us saying she was bringing desserts from her dinner to us. And then we texted her saying 'We are doing homework and not drinking.' with a picture of us drinking.

At some point the girls convinced Lasse to wear a bra, while Pernille popped the pimples on his back (France had a bad affect on him.)

In the morning we were still pretty drunk. I didn't even hear the teacher knock on my door. I didn't wake up until Lasse, Julie and Pernille paraded in (Lasse and I had been sharing a room so he had the key.) Lasse had been sleeping in Julie and Pernille's room. When the teacher came in, he jumped into the bathroom, fell over, and caused a terrible mess trying to hide. haha.

And then he was listening to 50 Cent and In Da Club while on the toilet. And he was so bad at rapping to it. That I took a recording of it, and it's just the most retarded thing I've ever filmed. hahahah When I get it, I will upload it here. Along with other pictures.

Your turn.

03-22-2005, 07:35 AM
first I'm going to get myself some lunch, then I'll read all of this. (wiew! feel like it! definitely something to look forward to in this boring, boring day) but after this topic slipped away tons of times, I became kind of paranoid, so now I'll just bump the hell out of it.

SicN Twisted
03-22-2005, 08:48 AM
Did you have sex with more then one person at a party?

03-22-2005, 08:57 AM
Nope can't say I have, not in succession or at the same time.

03-23-2005, 04:40 AM
those were awesome, Schweets. extremely entertaining. you didn't do any extreme actions under the influence of alcohol (although.. taking a nap in someone's car? stolen glasses & posters? nice touch!), but I see you did bring some nice stories home with you.

one tiny thing; Smirnoff Ice? no wonder it "didn't really help". that's definitely the latest kind of lemonade. Smirnoff, as in Smirnoff, is pretty good though. & that does help. ;p

& you saw French guys kissing. HAH, that -really- proves my point, that French men are gay. but we'll get to that later.

as for my stories... let's see.
like I said, I didn't really bring home any rogues with me. I don't know what it is with me, but lately, when I'm drinking & I feel 'that mood' coming & I KNOW I'm getting myself terribly slushed, I either stop drinking, or go to bed. maybe I've had enough of my good old strange reputation. maybe I've had enough of feeling really awfully physically sick, whenever I go (way) too far with alcohol. or MAYBE I'm just scared I'll do stupid stuff & throw myself into anything & everything silly when I'm drunk (that wouldn't be a first), & now I have a boyfriend.. I kind of need to watch my step. I don't really know. it slightly troubles me, but oh, whatever.

my first outright WEIRD story started the first day we arrived.
we arrived early in the morning, but we couldn't go into our rooms until early in the evening. which sucked. all the girls wondered what they were going to do with their time & if they'd just put on their skis & start skiing already, while trapped outside anyway. some friends & I decided this would be a bad idea, since we'd just survived about 18 hours in a fucking bus & man, were we tired. that's just asking for accidents. (first time I ever even questioned if it'd be possible to *have* an accident. ever since I broke my leg, I'm suddenly not so sure anymore of my 'immortality')

so my friends & I decided to go to a sauna. just to relax after the long busride. since it was a ski-vacation, I didn't exactly bring a bathing suit, or bikini with me. some girls did & OMG, why?! well, here's why; mixed sauna, interdit to go in nakie. so I wrapped a towel around me, together with one of the girls & we went in. hm, very enjoyable. very soothing, warm & nice. we relaxed a little, but the towels really started to get on my friend's & my nerves. it was just too hot to be sitting in a towel. we were burning up. obviously my friend hadn't noticed the sign, that it was forbidden to be sitting naked, because she started an argument why the hell we were still sitting in our towels. "prude French, it's normal to go into a sauna naked." I was kind of anti-naked & embarrassed, told her about the sign & said I was fine this way & that the towel was crappy, but ..alright. she said everyone had left by now & that we were about the only ones there left, so that she was going to get rid off the thing. I felt like such a prude. she kept going on about how you're SUPPOSED to be naked in a sauna. (hell, how would I know. it was the second time I ever entered one of those things) so alright, alright, I got rid off my towel too.

we were sitting there together, naked, me a little embarrassed & suddenly some French Indian, with slick, long, sticky, curly, black hair walks in. I eep & curl to a little ball & he says in French, that it's alright & that I'm not the first naked woman he sees. uhm, okay. I slowly unwrap myself & try to be comfortable again, as much as possible. I think I stayed there for five minutes, after he'd walked in. he kept looking &.. eeee. he was scary. then I stood up & almost ran to the door & my towel, that was hanging outside. I almost slipped too.

next day. we'd gone skiing (there was a snowstorm that day, but that isn't really relevant) & decided we were bound to go après skiing this beautiful first day. there was actually only ONE successful après ski-bar in the town we were staying. the rest really even wasn't worth checking out. not all fifteen girls wanted to come, but we went with a selected group of die-hards. we walked into the après ski-bar & it literally was like we were fishfood. guys were almost jumping us, rubbing their behinds & FRONTS against us. *shudders* lovely.

then one of the girls notices the doorman. a dark Indian looking guy with long, curly, shiny & sticky black hair. he's walking right towards us. my friend (the one, who also was naked in the sauna) looks at him with big eyes with a look that says "oh no..", I didn't even notice him. he walks STRAIGHT past her to me, taps my shoulder, I look around & see about the tenth guy, who starts talking to me, so I don't really pay attention. he says "it was you at the *name of the hotel, that has that sauna* yesterday, wasn't it?". I didn't know the name of the hotel in which the sauna was, so I didn't make the link & say with a rather annoyed tone; "no. why?". he looks at me again, checks me out, his eyes go up & down, & then he says with a big ass smile, while pointing his big coloured finger at me: "you, naked gul!" (mind you, he had a terribly French accent) & walks away. I didn't hear it, because frankly I'd stopped listening, but my friends... oh man, they started laughing like they were on something. I turned to them & asked with a raised eyebrow; "what did he say?" & then one of them looks me up & down, points her little thin finger at me & says; "you! naked gul!". really, my eyes popped out of my head. that REALLY could only happen to me. the doorman of the only successful bar in the entire area, who we'd see every fucking night that we'd go out. perfect. my friend he never recognised. but for me he always held the door open. *sigh & giggle* oh, & my nickname stayed "naked gul" for the rest of the vacation. yay?

then there was this group of guys, also from the Netherlands. we already knew most of them, because they were skiing in our neighbourhood last year too. (but I don't remember that, because I wasn't there, because I had a broken leg) they were staying in another town, that was pretty close to us, but after five o' clock the ski-lifts to there were closed. so we decided, if we wanted to go out with them, they'd had to sleep over. (six guys, devided over four tiny bedrooms, where fifteen girls sleep. nice...) it seemed a good plan. we went out with the guys (to the bar with the Indian & that story spread pretty fast) & had a great time. suddenly the rumour started to go around, that I'd kissed with some guy named Bart. I tried to clear up the confusion, especially since one of my friends had kissed him three minutes earlier & wasn't really appreciating it. some guys & girls stepped up to me, asking me what I was doing, taking another girl's guy, when I already had a boyfriend. pretty tacky situation. I explained to one guy (the one guy, that also knows my boyfriend), that I'd only danced pretty close with him.

the guys kept taking shots with Sambuca. but not just shots: a small glass of Sambuca, slam it in your mouth, keep it there, throw your head back, open your mouth, light the Sambuca with a lighter, then sprinkle cinnamon on it, that causes pretty sparkles. it almost looked like a creepy ritual. at one point one of the guys, who was already way past the state of drunk, spills some Sambuca on his cheek. he holds the lighter by his mouth, but the next thing he knows there are flames coming from his cheek. he produces a high pitched scream, then walks up to me & says "Isabel..? can I go to bed now?" *grins* aw. I brought him to our room, dumped him on a couch & wished him a good night.

later that night I'd pretty much had it, I felt tipsy & suddenly pretty damn tired. one of the guys lets me know he's tired too, so I say that he can sleep in our room & that there's a bed ready for him. (we actually created a couple of beds in the middle of the room, just to be prepared) he's a really sweet guy & the only one, who knows my boyfriend. when we come to my room, it appears, that the bed we'd made for him isn't very ideal. after the first second of lying down, I hear him say; "fuck.. & now I'm really lying on the floor". I suggest that he can sleep in my bed, but of course I won't sleep on the floor for some guy, so I'll just move over. deal. like two angels we layed there side by side, not even touching each other. the next day EVERYONE spread the story, that we'd been touchy-feely & that we'd made out & stuff. for god's sake, I don't need that. my life's complicated enough & when I finally DON'T do something wrong.. they'll make it up for me. yeah, Isa was definitely annoyed.

03-23-2005, 04:41 AM
I've GOT to tell you about the Chicken Tonight-dudes.
you know what Chicken Tonight is, right? it's this slimy stuff you make with baked chicken-fillet & you can throw over your rice. they once had a commercial for it with people that held their hands in their arm-pits (like they have chickenwings as arms) & then flapper with their elbows, like they desperately want to fly away. I think you know the movement. well, -that- is how some French guys tried to impress us. well, not really, but their strange dances really looked a little like it. (in the mean while they looked amazingly homosexual, but that's not really relevant) so I named them "the Chicken Tonight-dudes" & the name stuck. oh man, we've laughed at them, we cracked up by their appearance, it was so bad, that at one point I was so busy laughing, that I didn't notice that one of these guys was wrapping his arms around my waist. when I noticed, I suddenly stopped laughing, looked down to the hairy, chubby arms, that were wrapping themselves around me, I turned around & looked right into the face of the ugliest creature on earth. & I started screaming. I know, unnecessary, but he really scared the bejaysus out of me.

but overal French guys have definitely annoyed the hell out of me. toooo straight forward. jaysus, calm down a little, let a girl make a move. a hint, at LEAST, that she likes you. don't just jump her. :/

then there are some skiing stories about how I fell two times & how my hands almost froze off. how evil everyone was to me, because I was the only smoker in the group & how I had to smoke in snow storms, alone, abandonned. (& when the girls went out, suddenly half of the group smoked. GRAH) but I guess there's not much more to tell. not much, that's very interesting anyway. I can imagine that even these stories aren't very interesting. maybe they were just "you had to be there"-moments.

03-23-2005, 11:53 AM
hahaha, yes I've seen the French dance before. And I've certainly seen their terrible flirting techniques. It makes you wonder how any women are born in France at all. Or why the French have the visage of being ultra romantic in Foreign countries.

If you wouldn't mind, I'd love to hear some of the other stories. I wasn't there, but I could probably relate, I went with a group, to France, as well you know.

03-24-2005, 05:23 PM
I know, I know. *grins* but then I demand more stories from your side, too. hah.

well, the girls gave me a hard time for having smoking as a habit. holy goodness. they counted the amount of cigarettes I was smoking during the day, they forced me to smoke out on the balcony & one time in a snowstorm, they nagged during lunch, that I smelled like an ashtray & that it was spoiling their food (man, in open air how terrible can it really be?)... grr. like, so intolerant. but I know they were fooling around & that they were just teasing.

two girls from my sorority-group asked me, if I wanted to give them ski-lessons. oh man, I took them to black pistes (most difficult), off piste... it was a great shitload of fun. we all had a great time being clumsy at the most impossible places you can find on a mountain. after two days they fired me as their teacher, though. I don't ski very brilliantly or all that good, but I do ski pretty fast & they couldn't really keep up with me (that sounds like bragging, but really, it says nothing about my technique at all). it's pretty dangerous to follow someone, who goes faster than you. I tried to go slower, I really did, but sometimes I kind of really lose control over my own speed. I can ski fine when going fast, but the point is I just keep going faster & faster all the time, even when I don't mean to. it's gotten out of hand in the past. not this vacation, though. well alright, almost. *hides* & that would've been one mighty ugly accident.

oh, & I had another nick, besides 'naked gul'. the Belmaster. *giggles* Florentine, a girl from the group, made it up, because she was impressed by my skiing. she's so sweet. I don't think it's impressing at all. normally when I go skiing with my brother & dad, I'm the clumsiest geek around.

well, what else can I tell? I can tell you about how I fell one time, while standing still. now that was silly. but it was in terribly deep snow & I fell back, so my hat & sunglasses slipped off my head & disappeared in the snow. the thing was, it was snowing like crazy, so the point where they'd disappeared was clean & white in no time & I had no idea where they were. so I let go of my ski-stick, or whatever you call that, & started digging. my hat was relatively easily found, but those sunglasses... after a couple of minutes (I think about five) I found them & like a happy bunny I wanted to ski off again. I was pretty much in a hurry, because everyone was waiting for me. but then I looked around for my ski-stick (what?) & noticed now -that- had been burried under a nice layer of snow. very tiring, but somewhat amusing.

one night, when we went out, a few girls stole a flag from some organisation. they hung it in their room & wanted to take it home as a souvenir, but unfortunately they forgot it. meh. too bad. it was a pretty cool flag. but not much of a story there. I know. :/

there's this one girl in the group, that.. who.. really has something about her. she's not exactly thin, or skinny. actually you could say she's pretty much overweight. I don't know how she does it, but the kilos look good on her. she can flirt like a maniac. one night we went out & she saw a ski-teacher in his supercool red ski-jacket sitting by the bar. she turned to us & said; "either tonight or tomorrow night he'll be mine." we laughed & didn't quite believe her. "oh yeah sure, go ahead Annelou." next thing we know, boom, she's kissing with the dude. & not only that, she went home with him that night! she didn't sleep with him, though, which I found appropriate for a reason I can't really put my finger on. for one because I don't like to think of her as easy, secondly because she only wanted him because he's a teacher, thirdly because I thought the guy was mighty ugly.
the next night one of the girls saw a guy walking by in the bar, who she found to be hot. she whispered to Annelou her opinion of him & Annelou & her big mouth walked up to him right away, not to match him with her, but with -herself-. next thing we know she's kissing with him & -boom- later that night she sneaks off with him & tells me; "I'm going with that guy over there. cover for me & don't say I left with him." of course everyone already knew. she didn't sleep with him either. thank god. he gave her his lipbalm as a reminder.

I'll see if I can come up with more stories. I mean, sure, we were there for a week, we had loads of fun & did loads of things. but right when I came back I've buried myself in so much stuff I had to do, that the stories kind of sank (sunk, my English is weird right now. it's really late) away. when I just came back, I really couldn't wait to tell everyone everything & now I have to dig in my memory what it was, that was so funny/fantastic/weird, or whatever. also the stories, that I so badly wanted to tell then, suddenly don't seem as interesting to me now as they did. bwah. but I'll see. :)

now it's your turn again!

03-28-2005, 08:27 AM
First to take care of business.

I'm gonna be buying those tickets to Amsterdam this week. (by train or airplane, the price is actually the same, so I'll probably choose train, cause my hate for planes in surpassed only by my love for alcohol.)

So yeah, I was planning on buying tickets where I'd arrive on the 5th of July, and stay until the 10th. Is that alright? Cause I really don't want to impose myself on you and your housemates for too long. I just also want as much time as possible.

As for stories, I'm getting my pictures tomorrow. So I'll post stories with those, alright?

03-28-2005, 11:31 AM
Sorry to invade the topic, but:

a) The thing you have in your sig, my dear Per, is an evil fabrication


b) I'm pretty sure we can't make it to Amsterdam till the 9th of July, stupid deliberations and proclamations *frown*

Just thought I'd let ya know...

03-28-2005, 11:37 AM
a), a hilariously evil fabrication.
b) we could switch the days but I think it was something with the schedules of others that interfered? Either way we'd still have two overlapping days.

03-28-2005, 11:42 AM
I really don't mind the a), but I do think we need a good agreement on b)

I'll ask Sim, because I thought everyone else was oki with it...

03-28-2005, 11:48 AM
Alright good good. But then when I buy the tickets, I'll have a whole lot less flexibility.

03-28-2005, 11:49 AM
Okies, I was just reading this.

I should be home in July. In fact I need to be here because on one day in July I have my graduation ceremony. Problem is I don't know the exact date at all. But I shall ask them this Wednesday and then I let you know definitely. If I find out, which I hope I will.

03-28-2005, 01:24 PM
yish yish, now's we all be a-waiting for news from the Goddess. No problema. I feel as though I'm forgetting something important about July. But I don't know what so it can't be that important.

03-28-2005, 01:42 PM
It's two days till I know. And man I should book too and probably plane because they're three times cheaper than the bus. :/

03-28-2005, 01:44 PM
Not bad. and yes book now, prices only rise, tis teh sux0rz.

03-29-2005, 01:56 AM
omg.. Per is close to buying the tickets, but.. but.. Iza & Sim, you two -can- make it, right? because.. it'd be TOO goddam awesome to put into words, if you could.

looking forward to the pictures, Per.

03-29-2005, 03:48 AM
Kiki and Iza can make it as of 9th July, as noted...

03-29-2005, 07:35 AM
On a now off-topic note, Peaches, due to holidays, the pictures won't be developed for a day or two. Thus no pictures today. Hopefully I'll get some pictures from the others soon though.

03-30-2005, 01:33 PM
that's alright schweets. I'm a patient little creature when I need to be. ;p

03-30-2005, 01:42 PM
as of right now, I have one picture.

This is from when we were drinking in Paris, in the hotel room. The gal with the bouteille, is Julie, and the girl in the blankets is Pernille.

This picture was taken cause Meriam sent an sms asking us what we were doing and that she was coming soon. And we sent this picture saying 'we're making a project, and not drinking at all.'

More tomorrow hopefully.

03-30-2005, 01:56 PM
hahaha, so -that's- the famous picture, eh?
it's awesome. looks like three people having an awesome time. I love it.