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08-03-2005, 11:13 AM

for our french friends -----> a traduction version would be great !

08-03-2005, 11:31 AM
Thank you !
Hard to translate.
To resume, the article said the band is a punk icon and give up its place in charts to others.
Fans that were young grow old and are married and have kids but the band want to please new young fans and older ones coz they have been qualified "pop" too many times.
A new album will be released in spring 2006.
Noodles said he has already retired as a concierge. Now that he love making music, he don't wanna stop now and retire a second time.
The article said "Can't Repeat" is not so dazzling ( arg fuckin' journalist ).
Noodles said Warped tour is like a holiday camp with a lot of varied bands and have a lot of fun.
But days are backbreaking, they are very tired, he like to be in his hotel room to do nothing and relax.
Noodles finished saying he loves Québec.

I hope it's not so bad.

08-03-2005, 11:33 AM
Noodles said he has already retired as a concierge. Now that he love making music, he don't wanna stop now and retire a second time. concierge should be janitor, I think =P

08-03-2005, 11:38 AM
concierge should be janitor, I think =P
eh eh, it was the word i was wondering how to translate.
My dictionnary has concierge as a tranlastion of it so i did not bother myself !

08-03-2005, 01:19 PM
The Offspring ages well Patricia Nailsmith Sun Quebec After having filled the agora twice, in 1997 and 1999, The Offspring returns to Quebec tomorrow in the caravan of Vans Warped Tour. They will deliver their greater successes in gust, for the pleasure of their old fans, today of young adults in the score. In more than 15 years of career, The Offspring truly became an icon of punk, beside Blink 182, Green Day and others bands American. The punk sound rock'n'roll accessible from the group was worth several planetary successes to him, whose All I Want, Pretty Fly (For has White Guy) and Why Don' T You Get have Job?, all left at the end of 1990. The group is still appreciated today, but yielded the place to others at the top of the prize lists. "I do not know if one attracts more old fans or the new ones at the time of our spectacles. I realize that the banked-up beds which listened to us at the beginning aged and are married today and with children ", launches Noodles, the sympathetic nerve guitarist of the group, in telephone interview with the SUN. It wishes however that The Offspring makes the bridge between its old fans and its new, in order to like the two generations. The commercial pop side of their music their sometimes was worth the denigration of some purists of the punk rock'n'roll, but unquestionable thing, The Offspring continuous to collect success, with seven albums in career, sold to a few 32 million specimens. Publicity Today in fine about thirty, the members of the group did not say their last word and continue to write songs. They are at present in the train of concocter an eighth disc, which should leave in spring 2006. "I already took my retirement once, as caretaker. Now that I play of the music and that I like that, I do not intend to stop me immediately. I do not want to take my retirement second once ", adds Noodles. Nevertheless, the group had enough success behind the tie to launch an album "Greatest Hits", in store since June 21. Their new-born baby listens himself very well, the refrains of the Californian group are archi- known and the disc proposes a row of 13 successes, chosen because they reached all signal 10 of American Billboard. Far from being dazzling, Can' T Repeat is only the new screen on the album. "That made a long time that one had like project to make Greatest Hits and I think that the fans will be content", the guitarist underlines. First with the "Vans" In 11 years, it is the very first time that the group takes part in the complete round of Vans Warped Tour. "Front, one always had rounds the summer or one recorded discs", explains Noodles. Now that they have the possibility of forming part of the "Vans", the members of The Offspring benefit 100%. from it "" It is really trippant. That made a long time that one had not had fun like that. One is as in a holiday camp! ", Noodles lance. For him, the "Vans" represents a large musical variety and makes it possible to discover several other groups. The Offspring must certainly cause the admiration of several groups of the changing "It is true that the attention is drawn, but I would say rather than environment is with the mutual appreciation within Vans Warped Tour. Everyone listens to and discovers the diversity of the others bands ", known as the guitarist. Despite everything, the days are exhausting, because the bands must move city downtown almost at each day. The days of leave are done rare. Noodles tells that when it has one of them, it remains in its hotel room and does not do anything the whole, to be able to recover. At the time of their spectacle in Quebec, the members of The Offspring think of playing their greater successes, but also the parts which fit more in the vein of the punk rock'n'roll. Noodles anticipates very well its passage to Quebec "I remember to have had public goods in Quebec and there I adored to play. Moreover, it is a very beautiful city ", says it. The Offspring will be also in Montreal Friday, always within the framework of Vans Warped Tour.

I didn't translate this myself (I don't know that much French). It's from this website wich translates texts from any language to another english (it's a site by google). It's pretty bad translated but it's the best I can get.

08-03-2005, 02:11 PM
cool, thanks