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08-05-2005, 08:22 PM
Holy Crap - what an awesome show! They opened up with All I want, and other songs included: Come out And Play, Session, Can't Repeat, Staring at the Sun, The Kids Aren't Alright, and closed with Self Esteem - I'm 90% sure that's all they played... but I may have forgotten one.

Sadly, all in all the day kinda sucked - i pretty much hated every band there except for Dropkick Murphy's - coupled with the fact I had to sit in the hot ass sun for 13 hours (I got there at 8 to see if I could get backstage) they just kinda blew. Also, I was in the front row all day because I wanted to make sure I was front row center for the Offspring - so I had one hot dog and a bottle of water all day to eat. The only question I can ask myself now is: was it all worth it?

Hell Yes it was - and I'd do it again.

08-06-2005, 01:22 PM
all day in the sun from noon 'til 8:20 pm for what? a few t-shirts and only a couple of good songs, by my chemical romance(sorta), the dropkick murpheys, and the offspring. If the offspring werent on last. i wouldve left by four. Although, i made a few friends in the mosh at the end of the day, and i got tackled by security(it was worth seeing the murpheys)

08-06-2005, 01:54 PM
I level with you guys. I stayed at Warped Tour long enough to watch the Offspring play and then left. I could give a shit about the other bands there I just wanted to see The Offspring. Lucky for me they played at 1250PM at the San Francisco stop.

08-07-2005, 09:54 AM
How can no one else be fuming from the length of the Offspring's set? Hey, no one loves the band more than I do, but come on now...

It was bad enough that they were even on this shameful Warped Tour, and so I was excited that they were at least headlining in St. Pete that day, but what happens? They "come out and play" for 25 mins! That's less than the bands during the day played!! And what ever happened to that Energizer Encore contest put on by Warped's website that they'd supposedly won?? The contest claimed the Offspring were voted by the fans to get an extra 10 minutes to play. Apparently not--instead they seemed to lose an extra 10 minutes from their set!

The Offspring are cool guys, and I can't imagine that they'd have been very happy about that "tease" of a show. The fans certainly weren't. I was 3rd from the stage, front and center, and the people around me were sure it was a joke. But the horrific truth was revealed when the roadies started to remove the band's equipment, and the people were disgusted (not at the Offspring--but just at Warped and the length of the Offspring's set).

Don't listen to these other "fans" that aren't really fans. (By the way, KickedDown, you did leave one out: Bad Habit, one of their very best!) So that's what really happened. Any true fan would give the same response.

08-07-2005, 10:02 AM
i consider myself a true fan...but i'm not disappointed in their show. i couldn'st stop smiling when i first saw dexter, and when he first came out, the smile on his face was huge. i was in the front row center as well. the show may have been short, but i'd check out the offspring live, even if it was just one song :)

i wish they played Dirty magic live though. that woulda been sick!

i'm also not gonna stcik with the crowd on this one, and just say i enjoyed a few of the bands. MXPX didn't put on a shitty show, and they played some good songs. i liked the transplants, and i really liked that swedish band. was the first time i heard them, and i really liked their sound, and i thought they were a sick group of guys. there has to be SOMEONE that went to this show that agrees that not all the bands here sucked.

maybe i just have a high amount of respect for the bands for puttin on a show for my entertainment.


08-07-2005, 12:42 PM
Well, I didn't even get to see them over at the Orlando show because my sister got sick a couple of hours into it. All I got to see was Motion City Soundtrack (rocked) and Fall Out Boy (meh).

08-07-2005, 09:40 PM
i completely agree with overkillrules.i mean being in the st pete sun for 9 hours and only to get a half an hour show? yea i was dissapointed but it was my first time to see them live, so i cant complain. they were amazing, and insane.i loved how they brought out the hose. was this show worth getting my head stuck between to big sweaty guys? heck yes! i adore them so much, i just hope they do another tour and that this wasnt it!!!!

but as for the other bands, i was bummed tsl didnt sound as good as they do on record. atreyu and a7x sounded the same, but still great. and ithink fob and hawthorne heights sound awesome live! and surprisingly so did mcr, they didnt sound good on tour with green day tho.

bute yea ihope that just because offspring came out with a greatest hits cd that it means there done. what do u guys think?


08-08-2005, 03:20 AM
who cares how long the length of their set is? they dont get to choose it. i was pretty satisfied with their set because they played lotsa songs they normally wouldnt have played. if you wanna see the offspring for an extended period of time go to their own concert because warped tour is all about many different bands playing (more bands but less time for each one).

"i couldn'st stop smiling when i first saw dexter, and when he first came out, the smile on his face was huge."

i smile too. everytime i see em live im so stoked that i sing along with a wide smile amidst all the pushing and shoving.