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09-20-2005, 04:08 AM
What did you all think of it?

To me personally it was awesome, my legs are still hurting of jumping and walking doesn't do good. Got a setlist, met Dexter.

When the support act started I thought what the fuck, is it going to be like this. Everyone stood there like cocks in weddings. Cold Finnish crowd on a Monday night, not the easiest job. Anyway, I don't know what to think about the Odorants, pretty cool I guess.

Then the Offspring crew came to put equipments on shape. All good, it was time for the Offspring to come in. Dexter asked are you guys ready, and they started with All I Want. I was in the pretty front, nice view.

After a few songs Noodles said I like all the people here because they all are here because of they drink beer. It was sponsored by a beer company you know. Dexter to that I love it, I love it. Also they said you guys are going crazy out there, totally nuts. Don't know about that, couldn't see what happened behind. Probably pretty lame audience in the end. Also the typical phrases you are crazy, sexy and cool. Time for Long Way Home. I have the whole show recorded into my phone, so I can check all these things from there.

More songs and the typical Finnish show's question, you guys all drunk yet? Noodles said he's not even buzzed yet (right word?) and the beer is not working for him, then he took the sponsor's beer, drank and threw it at the audience. You're my hero thought Dexter.

The setlist was super short this time, about 56min. That makes it 20min less than on their previous visit in Finland. Setlist had Bad Habit but they skipped it! Atom just right away started to play the Gotta Get Away beats even though it was supposed to be Bad Habit according to that list. I don't know what's with that. We were also left without Americana, which was weird. I don't know if Dexter was a bit ill, he seemed to be coughing between songs.

After the show was done Dexter appeared to the bar side. Said hello, took an autograph and a photo, all these typical things. T'was about it.

Hopefully next time they get them to play here where everyone can access. Private gig was nice, but the crowd atmosphere suffers from that when you take all randomly. Still pretty fucking kick ass show.

All I Want
Come Out And Play
Can't Repeat
Long Way Home
Gone Away
Have You Ever
(Bad Habit) SKIPPED
Gotta Get Away
Want You Bad
Hit That
Get A Job
Staring At The Sun
Pretty Fly
Kids Aren't Alright
Head Around You
Self Esteem

Ps. there was professional cameras shooting the show near the mixing table, I don't where they are going to use it.

09-20-2005, 04:48 AM
Vittu mä vihaan sua. Ja koffia. Ja kaikkia jotka oli keikalla. Mut enite mä vihaan koffia.
I missed the show coz of the fucking competition shit. I hope next time offspring comes to finland they'll do an all access show and I hope it's gonna be soon. This shit sucks ass big time!

09-20-2005, 06:22 AM
Vittu mä vihaan sua. Ja koffia. Ja kaikkia jotka oli keikalla. Mut enite mä vihaan koffia.
I missed the show coz of the fucking competition shit. I hope next time offspring comes to finland they'll do an all access show and I hope it's gonna be soon. This shit sucks ass big time!
Vedä välillä henkee maksalaatikko. Et oo ainoo mut älä muille ala riahuun.

09-20-2005, 06:32 AM
Too bad they didn't play any old songs though, the crowd was 18+ right? Awesome that you've met Dexter!

Is the quality of the show on your phone any good?

09-20-2005, 07:41 AM
Too bad they didn't play any old songs though, the crowd was 18+ right? Awesome that you've met Dexter!

Is the quality of the show on your phone any good?

It was 18+, yes. But on the other hand there was this around 30 year old couple that hardly knew any songs, they just came because they won tickets for free, so...

And the quality is really bad, but at least you hear all the talks and songs played. Just a nice memory of the gig, others might not enjoy that much. I'll see how it sounds on a computer later.

09-20-2005, 11:07 AM
I feel really sad about I could´t get to the club. Especially coz it was my birthday that day :( ...Fuck the competition!
Hopefully next time they come here they do a show where I can be too. And I hope it´s gonna be as soon as possible. :)

Dirty Bertie
09-20-2005, 11:26 AM
It's sad that it was a competition. Sounds like a lot of true fans didn't go!

09-21-2005, 03:20 PM
Ok, I just read here that Dexter performed sick at the show. That might be the reason for skipping Bad Habit. Luckily they didn't cancel the show, actually they probably didn't have a choise. It was part of the sponsor's summer promotion, and cancelling the gig would have been a big, big catastrophe.

I have the whole show on mp3 format, huge file, bad quality. I had it on my pocket (phone recording) while jumping like a madman. Luckily it didn't pick up my vocals. ;) Listening to this, it reminds me of how incredible awesome the show was. Maybe the whole audience still was really into the show, in front it was great!

09-23-2005, 03:08 AM
Maybe I'll post my review here also because like Zee said non-Finns hardly read the Finnish thread. Written by me on Wednesday:
Ok now the gig is behind. This took a while because I have infection in my cheek cavities(don't know what it is called) and doctor punctuated it today.

So me and my friend got to Tavastia about 19.30. There were very few people there. We got first of our free beers and I bought the tour shirt. I hoped I would have bought the other one because Helsinki is spelled Helsinski in it :p

When they opened the doors to the venue I only managed to get to the right side to the fence. Well at least Noodles would be close. There was a really annoying girl next to me and I would never have thought that she would be over 18. (Everyone has to be at Tavastia because it is a bar at the same time). She was really drunk and acted like a 14 year old. But hey I was so stoked that it didn't matter. The Odorants started to play maybe about 20.30. They were quite good. I listened to their songs before the concert and recognised some. The audience wasn't really into them at first and there weren't that many people at the venue that time. But audience warmed a bit towards the end. If you would have to categorize I think they play skate-punk. They played maybe 45 minutes.

Then there was intermission and road crew brought the set to the stage. If I had my classes I might have figured out the set-list from Noodles' set-list that was like 1,5 meters away from me. Was the elephant guy named Donnie or something? I wish I remembered because I could have shouted his name

People started to gather and the Offspring started to play maybe about 10.00. I had a one time camera with me but the bouncers said that I couldn't use the flash-light so I'll see if any of the pictures is even ok. I get them on CD tomorrow. Always when something nice happened I was a second late with my camera :(

The band started with All I want. I would have thought that it would have been Bad Habit as on this European tour. It was so amazing to be so close to band! I really can't describe the feeling. The audience was better than I expected. Maybe because they were pretty drunk (concert was organized by a beer company). But they weren't too drunk. They just seemed to be in to the band. Of course more when the greatest of greatest hits came. I think the most hardcore fans were in the middle of the fence and then spread a little bit to the back. I wasn't there because I wanted to be in the front row.

I jumped, screamed and sang my lungs out. I totally forgot how sick I was. I had almost too much room because maybe the people around me hadn't gone to these concerts. So they made room when I jumped around... Noodles and Dexter made some funny comments. I noticed that Dexter's voice failed a couple of times and he sounded a bit like a child. I was so into them that I didn't really mind and thought that it was maybe the soundsystem.

Someone already posted the set-list. I never remember them because I'm so into the concert.

They finished of with Selfesteem of course and it was amazing to watch back at the crowd. Everyone was jumping and so into the song.
The show was extra short but I really didn't think this was really ordinary. When I read the newspaper the next day it and said that Dexter performed sick. He had a bad flu and he cancelled all the interviews that day. Glad they didn't cancel the show. Well that explained problems with Dexter's voice.

I left Tavastia quite quickly as usual. Man I was stupid! I wish I would have stayed there and met the band. We went to the "official" afterparty. They played some Offspring there and the Greatest Music Video Collection played on the screen.

So awesome show. So different from the others I have been to because the venue was so small.

Well I think we have to wait a while that the Offspring will play here again. I hope that they would even come somewhere quite close like Sweden or Germany if not here so I could see them again. :rolleyes:

I got the pictures from the show, but they were terrible. It was a one-time camera and I couldn't use the flashlight because of the security guys so maybe a couple shots are ok.

Zee! Would it be possible to get that recording? It would bring back memories in the future.

09-23-2005, 08:19 AM
Zee! Would it be possible to get that recording? It would bring back memories in the future.

Sure, I have it on CD now. Edited a bit, now it's somewhat tolerable quality, something you get with a phone. At least the atmosphere is good. With the price of the burned CD and postage I can send it to you via post?

Anyway, time for some pictures...

Postman had a nice package to bring a week before the show, tickets + Greatest Hits album. Great, now I've got two of them.

The actual Koff VIP-pass to the show.

View from the front row...

Equipments ready to travel to Osaka, first show in Japan.

09-23-2005, 08:23 AM
Dexter talking to people after the show, just behind that one guy. Notice his security guy at the right, the black guy.

Autograph I got from him.


Tour dates behind the shirt I bought.

During the show I don't have photos because like I said, I had my phone recording and I focused on moshing.

09-23-2005, 02:45 PM
Some decent shots of the show, just found out, not mine.





09-23-2005, 02:45 PM

Ok, now I'm done.