View Full Version : Concert in Oviedo,SPAIN

09-25-2005, 12:32 PM
I write here to say that I've been in the Offspring concert that took place here in Spain this las September the 21st. It was my first Offpring concert and it was absolutely awesome!!!they're great!!too kind with the people!!it was too short but it was worth!!
on the other hand i want to say to that people that is complaining about why they didnt go to madrid instead of oviedo, saying that its unjust, i tell you all: FOR ONCE THERE'S ONE GREAT CONCERT HERE IN OVIEDO WHY ARE U COMPLAINING?????????YOU HAVE ALWAYS GREAT CONCERTS IN MADRID!!!WHY DO U MIND THAT FOR ONCE IN OUR LIVES WE HAVE THE PRIVILEDGE TO RECEIVE A GREAT BAND IN OVIEDO???????????????

09-25-2005, 01:44 PM
ok, don't worry. two of your three post say the same!!! i'm from galicia and i'm happy they have given their concert in oviedo but for the people who live in the south it's a long way to see them, and last year they gave the concert in vigo, so it's natural they don't like it. be happy, i think it was a great concert too. have you seen all photographs in the two threads about the concert? it seems to me you have only read the first pages of the threads... don't really know, it's only my opinion. see you!!!