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11-26-2004, 09:48 AM
I just Recently got into them, Me being a rock fan and a rap fan this band is feckin perfect coz the singer raps sometimes and sings sometimes their guitarist is smokin' and they plane old rock!

Any one else like 'em?

Floyd the Barber
11-26-2004, 09:53 AM
I don't have any of their albums, but I've downloaded most of their big singles and I love 'em. Bulls on Parade, Geurilla Radio, Calm Like a Bomb, Killing in the Name, Sleep Now in the Fire, Renegades of Funk...they made some good shit. I don't think Audioslave quite measures up. And Tom Morrello's really getting on omy nerves with his self-righteous political rants. God, shut up and make another album already.

11-27-2004, 12:24 PM
They split up like 2/3 years ago- liklihood of them makin another album are (unfortunately) pretty slim. They hav some amazin songs and their music really means something, so its a pity they're not around anymore

Master of Puppets
11-27-2004, 05:20 PM
love this band, no new albums tho, considering the band reformed with Chris Cornell as their singer, the new band is Audioslave and they rock too...

11-27-2004, 06:29 PM
ahemmmm........ Renegades Of Funk is NOT their song FOR SHIT! that's a cover song of a real Old School band from NYC, Afrika Bambaataa. so don't go around saying that's their song, it's really Afrika Bambaataa's song, and yea i know the name sounds stupid, but they are a 80s band, they were more of like soul/hip-hop/ and reggae. i know.

but other than that, i neva heard ne of Rage Against The Machine's stuff, my sister says they're good, but i neva heard their stuff, i did hear a lil of sumthing in a commerical and i KNEW it was them by that guy's real good voice, but i dun't know the name of the song, but by the sounds of them, they sound pretty good. too bad they broke up tho.

joe howell
11-29-2004, 05:17 AM
yer there fuckin good. Tom Morello and Tim C r fuckin legends, brilliant musicians, but zacks rapping does get on my nerves.

Master of Puppets
11-29-2004, 06:45 AM
no way, hes like the one good rapper out there, who doesnt rely on gangsta thug retardedness to get him along, his lyrics are deep and have lots of meaning, way better than friggin Eminems Mosh

Mr. Noodles
12-10-2004, 10:42 PM
Rage Against the Machine is a really awesome band!!!!!!!!
Who doesn't like them? Seriously. :cool:

12-11-2004, 01:09 AM
they kick ass