View Full Version : No Love for the Trolls

10-31-2005, 03:36 PM
On behalf of the entire body of moderators, this is a fair warning to the forum and its members that trolling henceforth will be regarded as one side of the same to spamming. It probably doesn't apply to the great majority of you, but any members found excessively trolling will see their posts deleted at the discretion of the moderators. In addition, any such trolls, and their alter-egos, could see all their future and past posts removed in all forums, following an appropriate warning, in an attempt to exclude their presence from the forum all-together.

Trolling, like spamming, is a deliberate attempt to rile up (generally on more than one occasion) any or all members with no evident purpose. While one member may lash out against another, use overboard profinity or show frustration in a thread, and this is a habitual in a board of many faces, trolls typically make it their hobby to antagonize a high number of users with inane and repetitive remarks. Unlike conventional arguments that fuel the board with passion and sometimes competitiveness, trolls take the life of a forum for they bring nothing relevant and worthwhile to a thread. Wikipedia offers a more extended look on internet trolls (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_troll), though their definitions are often rather strict and broad while we don't want to take users' ability to speak out negatively.

This is by no means an urgent measure, but moderators as a whole agree that extra steps ought to be taken against a marginal few to improve the posting experience for all, and most importantly to make sure this isn't set to repeat too often. Idiots might try and spite the community by only taking trolling to a higher level, but to you I assure that in a forum of 14 moderators where but one has to make no more than three mouse clicks to get rid of your crap, you're only wasting your time in return for zero productivity and reaction.

Wishomie (http://www.offspring.com/forums/member.php?userid=3212) and HeadAroundU (http://www.offspring.com/forums/member.php?find=lastposter&t=17044) have been contacted and, pending their reaction, should be the first ones dealt with.

Concerning any questions and further information, we trust it won't be long before anyone starts a thread to criticize or applaud the new measures. Post there. Or PM/email one of the moderators. Or call the 1-800 line... okay, kidding.