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11-06-2005, 02:16 AM
October 11th You ring at the door of an American company. Walk up the stairs, full of curiousity. And then wait. Suddenly a huge woman runs up the stairs, rather gifted when it comes to weight. “Sind Sie die Bewerberin?” You nod. She takes you to a room behind a glass and sits down. She’s clearly out of breath and you know that the mass of meat she is did not get provided with enough oxygen in the past few seconds. After all, it’s the stairs. And as she’s talking and gasping for breath you imagine the chair is going to collapse under her and her with it, on the floor, kicking her arms and legs helplessly. Miss Piggy is soon joined by a baldy American, maybe in his 40s as well. Same weight problem but it becomes somewhat insignificant and you can’t concentrate on the conversation as you spot something sticking out of his nose. Brilliant emetic effect. Nauseating to the maximum and you really have to fight the disgusted facial expression taking shape on your face. Then he realizes and tries to cover his nose with his hand. And it falls down. Right onto the table. A big piece. And after a few seconds when he spots it, he just wipes it off the table onto the floor with his hand. Then you leave but you see the mental image in front of you for another couple of hours.

Lesson learnt: There are worse disgusting things than obese sweaty foreigners.

11-06-2005, 02:53 AM
Haha, that was good :D

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11-06-2005, 07:28 AM
oh god, that is holy fucking disgusting. nicely written, as usual. very.. visual. *glares in disgust*