View Full Version : Qwyzzle - a interesting site for solving riddles

12-03-2005, 06:10 AM

Anyone been on this site? My mate introduced me to it last night. It is very fun and tests your ability to solve riddles. The first few are piss easy, then it becomes more challenging as the reddles progress. I am pretty dense yet I was surprisingly good at some, and got some of them a lot quicker than others did (well, looking at the forum, some took 12 hours to solve 18 when it is UNBELIEVEABLY easy).

Thr forum full of hints is here, which may help: http://www.takeforum.com/forum/index.php?mforum=qwyzzle

All threads are currently locked to users under the ranking or Moderator, but register if you wish - I have under Jimmy Jazz. As of making this thread, I am on level 20 of 100.

Click on the black bowler hat, then click on the picture - follow the instructions. watch for clues in the picture, the heading, and what appears in the status bar of you explorer window - it is best to use IE. Full instructions are on the Introduction page.

Have fun.

EDIT: Oh, and although you can't use it for all puzzles, Google is your friend.