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12-10-2005, 09:22 PM
Imagine a group that had united on a forum went on to form its own militia, found the sponsors for arms, and then went off to capture a remote island or a territoriality within a weak political state? Regardless of whether the global community will let this pass, we should have ourselves a fist: a community bred entierly from their hooks up on the internet to follow a united goal and take military on a whole country--which is essentialy their equivalant in the real world.

Or a group of members from one message board creates a mainstream band. Or form a movie cast. Or open a large, successful business. Or a secret society. Or any form of a progressive movement. Someone relevant in the "Real world" basicly. How awesome would it look then? You'd actually be proud to have belonged to this forum or to known anyone off it. Successful members would credit the forum and its members, and the fame would then spread. People would want and stive to actually join this forum; and consequantly this will give birth to a forum migrating movement. And this, in turn, would naturally shift the balance between various forums on the internet. Some will become home to amazing minds and attract their kin while others will be spammed and left forgotten.

With this membership shall be more restricting. New members will asked to make in an application, listing reasons to join, ask a friend inside to vouch on their behalf, or even prove their worth on a previous forum. Fast forward a number of years now and natural selection will turn certain forums into strong clans and successful institutions.

It already gradually happens as I type. Somethingawful and Fark forums, to give two examples, have become some of the biggest forums. They have some emerging people in between them--no one who has made a splash in the Big world just yet, but their members are authors to a lot of today's larger non-corporate sites, originators of many internet cliches and cults, and pioneers in all fields as far as surfing the net goes. I'm sure there's many forums more of which I never heard of. No one knows them all because there isn't a directory to count list them yet. But soon enough there will be. Forums are bound to become more closely followed under the initiative of the internet community itself.

This is a reminiscant of the start of the civilisation, albeit with a much, much faster evolution. We started out in our own little circles, formed little friendships, made the place more active and popular... next are the steps to bring in trade between the message boards (i.e. in a form intelectual trade, helping solve problems, volunteering members), infiltrate message boards (to spy, steal), form joint ventures (read building alliances), acting out against other message boards etc... The creation of a virtual society is paralel to the creation of the real world we know today. I only wonder if it'll happen in our life time.

12-10-2005, 09:31 PM
Just thought of something spontanious and wrote it on the fly. Nevermind the mistakes. I don't bother to correct anything because if I bother with the look of an essay, or whatever you qualify this rambling, I generally never let it out because i'm too lazy--sometimes incapable--to shape it in a format I wouldn't be embarassed of...

12-11-2005, 03:25 AM
I've wondered about similar stuff. I fully expect it happens in fairly small ways, and something larger is bound to happen eventually.