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12-22-2005, 10:20 AM
Has anyone here heard of the band Nightwish? I'd be kinda surprised if you didn't.

All About Eve
12-22-2005, 10:28 AM
So is the only point of this thread to see if someone's heard of Nightwish? Not to talk about them? Not to recommend listening to them? Not to recommend NOT listening to them? Not to even name a specific album or song as a great/awful work of music?

12-22-2005, 11:25 AM
Ok, then. What do you guys think of the Tarja split from nightwish, if you have heard of them?

12-22-2005, 07:04 PM
Ok, then. What do you guys think of the Tarja split from nightwish, if you have heard of them?
i have heard of them....but they suck

12-23-2005, 09:38 AM
I've heard them, but I don't really like them. Mainly for the reason why so many people probably like them, the vocals.

12-23-2005, 09:39 AM
im partial to a bit of Nightwish, well, particulary Oceanborn and a few other songs here and there

12-23-2005, 02:02 PM
Great band.

12-23-2005, 05:08 PM
they are one of the best bands ever, it's not only vocals, they have amazing music and lyrics

too bad tarja has left :(

06-03-2006, 01:53 PM
Bump. They are pretty good. Download Dark Chest of Wonders. For those who don't know, they're a symphonic metal band with a female singer.

11-14-2007, 04:47 PM
I just today bought the new album. A bit late, yes, but better than never. I just have to say that the new singer is lovely, the singles are awesome (Amaranth and Bye Bye Beautiful), now have to check out the rest of the songs...

11-14-2007, 07:01 PM
Nightwish is possibly the best thing to come out of Finland... and anyone who almost likes Evanescence, if only they didn't write such generic music, would probably like Nightwish.

I like the new singer, and don't mind that the previous one left.