View Full Version : Your gateway appears to be offline.

01-16-2006, 05:43 PM
Has anyone had any problems with MSN recently? For the past couple of weeks I've been having to use E-Messenger which I really don't like. When I try to log in it says "Sorry, we were unable to sign you into MSN Messenger at this time. Please Try Again Later. To let us try and troubleshoot the problem, click the troubleshoot button" 80048820. When I try to troubleshoot, I get a checkmark beside my IP, but an exclamation mark beside my Default Gateway. Then at the bottom, is says "Your gateway appears to be offline". I've been trying to fix this for a couple weeks now and I've come up with nothing. On top of that I can't check my emails because hotmail won't work for me.

So has anyone here a similar problem? And does anyone here know how to fix this problem? Thanks.

01-16-2006, 05:44 PM
MSN is always a bitch every now and then.