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01-18-2006, 03:43 PM
Unfortunately, the Photo Album thread is getting a little out of hand. We hate to have to make a sticky like this, but our jobs have been made much more difficult by all the conversations that break out in Photo Album that we have to tirelessly delete. We, the moderator community, are all in support of this thread existing, as itís a convenient way to see what everyone looks like and we all like an ego boost after posting our pictures. This convenience is greatly hindered by posts that go beyond the general structure of:

Post #1: [Picture]
Post #2: omg ur so hawt
Post #3: lolz thx

This structure is fine. You scroll through the pages of the thread and see a picture followed by a few comments, another picture, a few comments, and so on and so forth. You donít have to go through 3 pages before you get to another picture. This leads us to the most basic form of our request as moderators.

Donít have conversations in Photo Album. If you do, they will be deleted without a second thought. You should be able to figure out what this means. This thread exists to share your pictures and leave a few comments about pictures others have posted. Hopefully most of you do not need a more thorough explanation, but Iíll continue to provide one nevertheless.

What is a conversation, and whatís just talking about peopleís pictures? This is where, theoretically, things can get a little tricky. In practice, we as moderators have agreed that we can easily distinguish between chit-chat and proper Photo Album etiquette (wow thatís kind of lame isnít it), and weíll delete the former with relative swiftness. However, for the benefit of the forum users, we have tried to draft a somewhat ubiquitous definition or model. Note that the explanation which follows comes off much more engraved-in-stone that it is meant to be, but itís a feature thatís necessitated by our inability to define our individual discretions.

Person A: posts a picture
Person B: comments on the picture
Person A: thanks for the compliments
(so far so good)
Person B : inserts another absolutly irrelevant point just to catch a little more attention from Person A and talk to him. example : "lolz so hows the weather in michigan today?"
Person A: answers that irrelevant comment. example: "the weather is shitty, we had rain the whole day". AND THEN continues the conversation in either posing a question of his own, like: "hows the weather in England?".
Person A: answers that irrelevant comment. example: "the weather is shitty, we had rain the whole day".
Person B: CONTINUES the conversation by posing another question, like "so you go to Saint Christopher High School, huh?"

(Above conversation provided care of your friendly neighborhood HornyPope)

This should be a pretty clear example of when enough is enough. If someone got a pretty dress and youíd like to talk about, then make a new topic about it. If your dog is too cute to handle, and you want to do more than show him or her to people, then make a new topic about it. Get the picture?

What it comes down to is that we want to keep Photo Album as clean and true to its name as possible. Youíd be surprised how hard this becomes when you have a few pages to catch up on; it gets to be a big pain in the ass. So please, Endy, HornyPope, Rag Doll, TUNB and I ask you all to consciously eliminate the chit chat in Photo Album. If you see conversations, donít complain in the form of a post within the thread; report it to us and weíll take care of it. Thanks.


The General Chat Moderators

01-23-2006, 11:48 AM
Moreover, If you want to continue a conversation from the Photo Album, simply spawn off a new thread and have your peers discuss it there. If, for example, you started talking about braces and you want to take it further, create a new thread looking something like this:

RE: Photo Album- Braces.

Or in whatever format you choose, so everyone who was active in the Photo Album discussion will know to click on the thread.

Rag Doll
04-07-2006, 11:35 AM
Ok, everyone. We (the mods) have another guideline to add. Any photo threads that are not "themed" will be closed. We have a photo album for a reason. Examples of what would be a theme included meetups, post your shoes, ninth at work (a whole series of pictures of the user ninth at work), etc. Just a friendly warning to all of you. Thanks =)

04-20-2006, 04:43 PM
We're looking for volunteers to index the new photo album (until the next one). WCM, Nina and Tizz have done a bunch, and we'd like someone else to step in. So if you have a little free time to spare and want to help the community, by all means... PM a GC mod or WCM to edit-in the info.