View Full Version : Does anyone know Shudder to Think?

01-27-2006, 09:44 AM
I've been meaning to check them out for a while but have never actually heard anything. I know they came out of the same scene as Fugazi and they were supposedly a big influence over Cursive, and I know the lead singer also is dating (or did at one point) the girl from the Cardigans (lucky bastard) and helps her write lyrics for some of their later stuff, but I've never actually heard anything by them. What's a good place to start?

01-31-2006, 08:31 AM
Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I ended up getting "Pony Express Record" the other day. It's pretty decent. There's bits and pieces where it sounds like a more rock, less "post-rock" Slint, on account of the odd rhythms. The cashier at Tower told me their early stuff was much better and more hardcore, so I'll have to check some of that out sometime, but this was the only copy of any of their cds in any of the cd stores in my area. I still don't understand why bands like this and Slint are called "Math rock" when the mathrock I'm familiar with is incredibly complicated stuff with crazy time signatures like Dillinger Escape Plan. This has got a couple odd rhythms here and there and there's a handful of time-changes on a couple songs, but nothing particularly complicated. Anyway, I might upload a song or two when I get home.

I think I've actually heard "So Into You" somewhere before hearing this album.

02-08-2006, 05:26 PM
Yeah, they sound like Slint, but way less talented and with way more obnoxious vocals. I think DEP would be considered "math-metal". Who cares, anyway.

You should check out Jawbox, they're another former Dischord band who signed to a major label in the 90's.