View Full Version : Fav. Pennywise album

03-05-2006, 01:19 PM
well, what do you think?

03-05-2006, 02:26 PM
id probobly say from the ashes. although a lot of people dont like it. the fuse is suprisingly not that good. its got some great songs, but many of the other songs arent very good.

03-05-2006, 02:36 PM
My favorite is definately Unknown Road. It's the only album of theirs where I can pick out more than half of the songs as my favorites. The others only have about 2 or 3 songs each that I really like. From the Ashes has only 1 song I like, "Something to Change".

03-05-2006, 03:17 PM
land of the free!

03-05-2006, 03:23 PM
From The Ashes was a fucking disgrace.

Land of the Free?, Straight Ahead, or Self-Titled. I really can't choose, but I lean towards Straight Ahead. That one is a masterpiece.

I really like Unknown Road, and About Time USED to be favorite.

All About Eve
03-05-2006, 03:29 PM
Only one I have is Full Circle. I know I'd like others more, just never can make myself buy them.

03-05-2006, 04:05 PM
I never really got a chance to listen to the earlier ones, although I have them somewhere. I voted for Full Circle, Land of the Free? and The Fuse.