View Full Version : Who believes this playlist for the next album?

03-19-2006, 01:25 PM
1 Enter
2 All The Time
3 Flying In My Mind
4 Vociferous Shadows
5 We Don't Have Sex Anymore
6 Free Runaway
7 Getting My New Life
8 The World Hide
9 If I Lie
10 Pass Me By
11 BrokenTthings
12 Light Them Up
13 Long Distance To Ride

I personally think its just a fake, cus nobody has even had a realistic glance at the album or any of its features, especially the playlist! Put down this: :D if you believe me. if you beleive Jakesoffsping.com (http://www.jakesoffspring.com) then just put down this: :mad:
if you cant decide, put down this: :confused:
ok, thats said. Replya as much as possible