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04-18-2006, 12:08 PM
hmmm....good old 70s punk rock :D
What do u think?

Lithuanian Offspring
04-18-2006, 12:09 PM
I think that I love the Ramones so much that I have done about 3 threads about them.

04-18-2006, 01:38 PM
They are not my favorite, but I listen to them occasionally. I have to like them, though, because they started punk and whatnot.

Never Gonna Find Me
04-18-2006, 02:00 PM
Yes. :D :D They are amazing.

04-18-2006, 03:18 PM
They are ok. Not my favourite but I listen to them occasionally at the pub.

04-18-2006, 04:02 PM
they were a godlike size band, they did the best, they created school, many many bands of now have the ramones influence... the fisrt album was the best cause it's the original sound of the ramones... 1976, well, long time ago eh?!

04-18-2006, 04:10 PM
I have to like them, though, because they started punk and whatnot.

Yes I see you are very educated in the history of punk rock, and saying you have to like them because "they started punk rock" is stupid, you don't have to like them.

Personally I don't like them and I think they're over rated, they have a few good songs but I don't care to listen to them unless I hear them on the random occasion.

04-18-2006, 04:15 PM
Who are the Ramones?

04-18-2006, 04:17 PM
Who are the Ramones?
a really recent band... their first album was released last week...

Conspiracy of One
04-18-2006, 04:18 PM
I've not heard much about them, but I do know they just replaced their old lead singer "Rick Ocasek." I've also heard they're touring again soon?

The meaning of life
04-18-2006, 08:13 PM
i think 2 of the ramones are dead so i dont think the bad still live