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05-15-2006, 04:13 AM
What a fucking great album that is!!!! Can't believe how great it is actually. It has been released in Europe today but since I'm in Australia at the moment I couldn't buy it yet. I hope it will be released overhere tomorrow like in America. Anyone interested in one of the best fucking punkrockbands ever with the best singer in punkrock history (no doubt about that), go to www.myspace.com/ignitemusic and listen to the whole album.

Fuck, I thought A Place Called Home was one of the best albums ever but this one is even better, unbelievable.

Their own website is www.ignitemusic.net

Check it out because they might playing near you the next couple of months and they are definatly one of the best live acts ever!

05-15-2006, 06:59 AM
so true. the album is amazing. after my first listen i was hooked.. all i've been listening to the past few weeks is this album and a place called home. the album was well worth the 6 year wait.. album of the year so far.. .zoli truly does have one of the best voices in punk/hardcore and he can also pull it off live too. i'm seeing them in 3 weeks again.

now this is an amazing band with an amazing bunch of guys doing it for the right reasons.

a little background info on this band:

"Formed in suburban Orange County in 1993, IGNITE, whose fan base has largely been developed through near-constant global touring, deliver a passionate and truly unique mix of hardcore, rock, and punk that has taken them and their message to over 30 countries worldwide. Their high-spirited career includes critically lauded records such as, A Place Called Home (2000), Past Our Means (1996) and Call On My Brothers (1995). IGNITE has also released various live seven inch, ten inch records and split CDís in which all proceeds have been donated to many environmental groups that the group supports including The Sea Shepherd Society, Earth First and Orange Countyís own Pacific Wildlife Foundation. The bandís new album (their first in 6 years), Our Darkest Days, shows a matured version of the intelligent, socially and politically aware, melodic brand of hardcore that IGNITE fans have come to expect."

05-17-2006, 12:28 AM
I've seen em last august last year and I'll be seeing em at least once, maybe twice, in July. So looking forward to that. The deserve so much more attention than they are getting at the moment. At least one of the biggest musicmagazines (probably the biggest rock-magazine) in The Netherlands called "Aardschok" got em on the cover this month wich is a good thing. It says (translated to English) "Ignite, and now their breakthrough". My mum will buy it for me so I can read when I get back home.

05-17-2006, 12:34 AM