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Ian Gallagher
05-26-2006, 07:44 AM
Ian Gallagher Band
Based in New Jersey

Irish Singer,Irish American Singer,Irish Band,Irish American Band,
Irish Musician,Musicians,Irish American Musician,

Currently gigging and available for Private Parties,Dances,
Festivals and any event requiring a Celtic touch.
Band Based in New Jersey, Booking Dates in
New York,Pennsylvania,Philadelphia,Connecticut,CT,
Maryland, Baltimore,Delaware
We provide the best of all styles of music for your individual 'needs.
We're dedicated to making your entertainment very special and unique.
Whether you're looking for duos, trios,quartets,Full Band
Pianists, Pipers,harpists,guitarists,Accordion's
whatever your needs, you can count on us.
and make entertainment one less thing to worry about.
Relax- you've got the best in live entertainment. Irish Affair's our speciality
FOR BOOKINGS: Remember.. the size of the Band
can shrink or stretch to fit any budget



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