View Full Version : R I P 2006

06-05-2006, 07:12 AM
the last 3 days I went to rock im park in nuremberg and all I can say is that it absolutely kicked ass!!
crazy/funny people all over the place and rock music everywhere.
friday I had a nice start with soulfly (after standing in queue for 1 hour to get my wristband) followed by In Flames and bloodhoungang (jimmy pop got pissed on by their bassist). (bushido, a german hiphopper, was hit by several eggs and tomatoes that day ,on stage)

saturday was (my) no-rock-day. I attended the streets ( everybody danced and jumped around, even all the metalers) and flipsyde.

sunday was (my) metal day. first avenged sevenfold then bullet for my valentine and finally...metallica. they played two and a half hours; the whole master of puppets album because of it's 20th birthday; and other stuff. that absolutely rocked!! :) :) :)

so that were 8 concerts for 108 .

anyone else been there?