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08-21-2006, 04:28 PM
Nick Raciti: But there's the off chance that it's just a dog in disguise.
queenfanforever: huh?
queenfanforever: what dog?
Nick Raciti: You weren't paying attention?
queenfanforever: nope
Nick Raciti: the one shitting on the floor
queenfanforever: i didn't see
Nick Raciti: You have to watch harder
queenfanforever: i just want a roleplay!! :Whines::
Nick Raciti: So do I
Nick Raciti: I was just trying to break the ice.
Nick Raciti: Dogs shitting seemed like a good topic.
queenfanforever: e.e..O.o
queenfanforever: shall i send my entry posts?
Nick Raciti: Entry posts?
queenfanforever: for the roleplay..
Nick Raciti: Go for it.
queenfanforever: ::an elf walks slowly through the woods, tears falling from his bright blue eyes,his long black hair hangs infont of his pale face with a red tint around his eye sockets which makes him look sickly yet still handsome..(^.^)...shackles hang from his wrists. his arms are covered in bandages from elbows to wrists..there is a rag that is tied around his neck which looks like it was used as a gag. his clothes are covered in blood..mostly dried but still some damp spots he looks about twenty one and his height ish 5' 6'íhe shook, he was terribly frightened..his breaths going in and out shallowly...trhe shakes made his shackles make light clings..his long elfin ears drooped from sadness..sort of like a dog...a lake somehow appeared in the forest, Kuro walked over and he put his pale, cold hands
queenfanforever: over his face..he felt that his hair wasn't doing enough to cover him..he felt so dirty..disgusting..like he was told so many times before...he hated it..a specific line ran through his fragile mind..'you belong to me..you are my belonging..you will be nothing more than my toy..'...he fell to his side..those words hurt him so much..was he really just another object?..another belonging...like a bag that someone bought..something that is thrown to the side?...was that him?..no..he wasn't even a 'him'..he was considered an 'it'..he wasn't considered human enough to be called a 'him'..the tears ran down the side of his face to his ears...why did it hurt him so much? he looked into the water of the lake, his reflection digusted him...he
queenfanforever: hated his face..the blue eyes..the hair...his skin...he hated himself for everything..things that reeled through his mind..it made him sick...his stomach began to churn...he threw up..it was all blood...no food mixed...he let out long gasping for hair breaths..years came more freely now..he smacked the reflection in the water..and made a ugly face at it:: "disgusting.."
Nick Raciti: GG Allin smears the mixture of blood and dirt all over the elf's face, as the elf looked up in disgust, GG tood his fist and stuck it so far up the elf's anus, the elf started bleeding around GG's hand.
queenfanforever: what???)
Nick Raciti: Your turn.
queenfanforever: what the hell?? you can't do that!!))
Nick Raciti: I believe I just did.
Nick Raciti: Your turn.
queenfanforever: i'm not going to roleplay with you then))
Nick Raciti: Fine, be a pussy
queenfanforever: fuck you!!
Nick Raciti: Fuck me?
Nick Raciti: I didn't know that's the kind of roleplaying we were doing.
queenfanforever: ::hugs her roleplay character:: Kuro doesn't need you!!
Nick Raciti: But if you want to get sexual about it.
Nick Raciti: GG Allin allows you to "Fuck Him"
Nick Raciti: Your turn.
queenfanforever: i don't
queenfanforever: besides...Kuro doen't like mean guys like you
Nick Raciti: You specifically said that you would.
queenfanforever: doesn't*
Nick Raciti: queenfanforever: fuck you!!
queenfanforever: i never said i'll fuck you
Nick Raciti: It was implied
Nick Raciti: obviously
queenfanforever: no it asn't
queenfanforever: you assumed
Nick Raciti: You can't possibly say that you don't want to fuck GG.
queenfanforever: 'i don't want to fuck GG"
Nick Raciti: GG rapes you.
Nick Raciti: You have now been sodomized.
Nick Raciti: Your turn
queenfanforever: no
Nick Raciti: You can't say no
Nick Raciti: It means nothing when someone's raping you.
queenfanforever: yes i can "i just did"
Nick Raciti: That's the concept of rape.
queenfanforever: i'm ignoring you..since you just raped my male roleplay character..

After a brief meeting in Yahoo's "Roleplaying Games" chatroom.