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09-17-2006, 10:51 AM
right..let's set things first....i dunno if this is the right way to reach you guys....im refferin to dexter atom noodles and greg....but..i think its worth tryin...

i can remember of one time you came to mexico city...1995 i guess..to the sports palace.... im just writtin this message to ask you to come again...o know you're really busy with workin on the new album...but please..im beggin you....(and its just not me..plenty other members in this forum support me) come again to mexico city...

i know you will love it..im not so well-detailed about the last time you came...but im sure that if you guys decide to return...you wont be disapointed and neither do we.

i hope this message reaches you..or at least reaches and gathers more and more people who want you here in our country(an even better...people who know a better way to contact you)

ok..with nothin more to say...i finish my post with this great piece of song..

"We MiGhT As WeLl, JuSt ThRoW It ALl..AnD LiVe LiKe ThErE's No ToMoRrOw"
nitro(youth energy)-smash