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Dracula, prince of the subjugated Wallachians, first claimed he could not pay the annual tribute of 10,000 doucats and 500 young boys to the bloodthirsty evil Ottomans. This annoyed them. They called for a diplomatic meeting, and sent Hamza Pasha with 1,000 cavalry to ambush and capture Dracula. Dracula instead arranged for his handgunners to be waiting for them, and they surrounded and fired down on the cavalry until nothing was left alive. This was said to be the first skillful use of gunpowder troops by a European commander.

He captured the Pasha, dressed as a Turk, and walked to the nearest Ottoman fort and ordered the guards to open the gates in Turkish. When they did, he attacked and slaughtered them all. He then went on campaign, invading Bulgaria, and impaling over 23,000 Turks and their sympathisers. This annoyed them even more.

I have killed men and women, old and young, who lived at Oblucitza and Novoselo, where the Danube flows into the sea, up to Rahova, which is located near Chilia, from the lower Danube up to such places as Samovit and Ghighen. We killed 23,884 Turks and Bulgars without counting those whom we burned in homes or whose heads were not cut by our soldiers....Thus your highness must know that I have broken the peace with the Sultan.

When the Sultan heard of this, he sent his Grand Vizier with an army of 18,000 men to take and burn a Wallachian port, in an attempt to show his power to the Wallachians. 10,000 ended up impaled. 8,000 fled.

When the Sultan heard this, he raised an army to take the capital of Târgovişte, and kill Dracula. According to the Greek historian Chalcondyles, the army was "the largest Turkish force that had been assembled since the conquest of Constantinople." The army consisted of 25 triremes, 150 smaller vessels, a least 90,000 troops, consisting of elite jannisarries, archers, gun-handlers, the honour guard and about 10,000 of which who were sipâhis cavalry, along with 120 cannon, and an unknown amount of engineers and workers, and camp prostitutes.

Dracula managed to raise an army of 30,000 by enlisting the services of all men and women over the age of 12, as well as organising regiments made up of Gypsy slaves, considered too unreliable to be used for battle. The vast majority of his army was made up of peasants and shepherds with farming implements, while the very small number of noble boyars had horses, armour and weapons. Dracula's own honour-guard had to be made up of mercenaries from bordering nations.

When the Turkish triremes arrived at the docks, they found them already burned to the ground, by Dracula's orders. When they tried to land on the beaches, they were repulsed by arrows again and again. When they finally got ashore and started their march, they found that Dracula's men had dug hundreds of covered pits lined with spikes, and further inland had diverted the flow of several rivers ; turning most of the land they had to march over into a pestulent swamp. The wells, lakes and rivers they found along the way had been poisoned, the food stores and crops of the villages burned, and all the people and livestock had been evacuated. Even the wild animals had been shot down in a massive campaign, and left to rot. For seven full days of march...

I found no man, nor any significant animal, and nothing to eat or drink.

Dracula frequently dressed as a Turkish officer and walked into Mehmet's camp, and freely noted the location of the sentries, officers tents and stables. During the Turkish march the Wallachian Boyars launched several hit and run attacks, first slitting the throats of the senties, then charging into the Turkish camp. Sometimes they would head directly for the officers tents, cutting down the guards, and slitting the throats of the officers, before fleeing as the Turks mobilised their army. Other times they would attack the stables, and slaughter vast numbers of defenseless horse, camel and pack-mule before escaping.

In addition to this, he had gathered up all the sick and plague-affected of Wallachia and Bulgaria, dressed them as Turks and sent them to mix with the Turkish army, to infect them. Women with tuberculosis and syphalis snuck into the lodgings of the camp prostitutes, to be used by the Turkish soldiers, while men with leprosy and the bubonic plague mixed with the men at mealtimes. The only disease which successfully infected the Ottoman army was the bubonic plague, which was carried back to Turkey with them.

The staunchest of Wallachian soldiers allowed themselves to be captured by the Turks, and were subjected first to bribery, and then to torture, and then death, but never spoke a word of Dracula's organisation and tactics. This alarmed the Sultan further, as he believed the Wallachian army now to be peopled by superhumans of unwavering loyalty.

The Turks failed to capture Bucharest and Snagov, thanks to Dracula, and so continued their march to the capital. Once they camped south of it, Dracula launched his strongest attack yet. He slaughtered 15,000 of the Turks, routed what was left of their cavalry, and attempted to assassinate the Sultan himself, but mistakenly found the tents of the Grand Viziers, Ishak Pasha and Mahmud Pasha instead. He slit their throats as they struggled to wake, as though they were dogs. The elite forces managed to persue the Wallachians after the damage was done, killing a total of only 5,000 men.

Despite the enormous setbacks, the Sultan decided to press his attack and beseige the capital city. When he arrived he found it deserted, with the gates flung wide open. Apon entering, his men saw the most appalling sight yet. The city was populated by around 20,000 Turks and Bulgars, mutilated and impaled throughout the entire city. Hamza Pasha himself waited for them there, impaled on the highest stake. The Sultan immediately ordered his men to prepare for a retreat, and they fled the following day.

When they arrived back in Turkey, they called for a celebration for their "great victory over Dracula"

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don't forget to mention murder vlad was prisoned and killed by Turks(by US) because of disobeying our rules.

your heroes are nothing but murders.
Like him no murder remained unpunished by us.

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Sin Studly
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So it wasn't murder when Turkey invaded Europe? It's only murder when the Europeans fought back? Nice logic there.

Vlad died in battle, a noble death befitting a noble life. That's something to be proud of. Hundreds of thousands of elite troops managing to finally defeat 30,000 poorly armed women and children, after being beaten several times isn't something to be remotely proud of.

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So it wasn't murder when Turkey invaded Europe? It's only murder when the Europeans fought back? Nice logic there.

Vlad died in battle, a noble death befitting a noble life. That's something to be proud of. Hundreds of thousands of elite troops managing to finally defeat 30,000 poorly armed women and children, after being beaten several times isn't something to be remotely proud of.

it wasn't invasion that is all fascist
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Well that was interesting and entertaining, I just read his full wikipedia page aswell.