View Full Version : What's For Dinner?... back?

11-07-2006, 07:45 PM
As you may probably not remember, I have a techno band called What's For Dinner?, which is just a side project from my other punk rawks(!) band: Against Belief. What's For Dinner? died down after the creation of Against Belief, but here we are again. This time with better quality, because we use Fruity Loops now. The other member of the band made some songs, but there is only one that he made that is worthy to be mentioned about, but it was never put up for some reason, but now, I've just made this new song today and put it up, though it is just a demo (the final should have guitar, and more variations).

What's For Dinner?
The song's called Everlasting (the last one on the list), and uh, well, the quality sucks, because of Purevolume, but it should still do the job. If you want the good version, just ask.

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