View Full Version : Can anyone translate this video?

11-10-2006, 08:08 AM
I have no idea if someone posted this video before:


I have no clue what's the story behind it. What I know is that some portuguese fella made a few very funny dialogue lines (in portuguese) about corruption with portuguese soccer teams using that video interview, but I'm absolutely sure that his translation doesn't show what the people are saying. I also haven't got any clue of the language that's being used... perhaps dutch? It seems the interviewer is having a blast by laughing at the way those guys talk... they seem to have some voice problem or something.

Anyway, any feedback would be appreciated.

11-10-2006, 08:50 AM
I translated that a while ago in another thread, I think Izie posted that thread. I'll try to find the translation again. It's in Dutch, a program from Belgian TV.

edit: Found it

I: Interviewer
F: Female guest
M: Male guest

I: You had a normal life before and suddenly you came out of narcosis and you noticed that life won't be the same anymore. How do you respond to that?
F: At first with unbelieve (?) that...
M: Unbelieve (?) is actually the right wor...
I: [Starts laughing] Excuse me
M: Unbelieve (?) is actually the right word that she uses
I: [Starts laughing again]
M: I thought "that can't be", that my... that
I: [Starts laughing again] Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me ladies and gentleman.
So you try to get your future life [starts laughing louder]
M: You really don't understand what (I can't understand that part)
I: [Starts laughing again] 'Alé' sorry, really. Excuses ladies and gentleman.
That also means that, for example, sexually it becomes a problem.
F: Yeah, my boyfriend broke up with me, just because I can't.
M: (...?) if you.
I: [Starts laughing]
M: If you handle sex, is it not only the physical act that counts but also the sweet/nice words
I: [Starts laughing really loud]