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11-18-2006, 05:45 PM
I saw a thread like this on another board, and it looked pretty fun, so I figured I'll try it here. It's pretty self explanitory. I'll start it off with a shorter list since I'm tired and don't feel like typing a lot.

Foo Fighters.

1.) Self-Titled. 4/5. Not bad for a debut album. The first half of it is flawless, and despite offering nothing new, contains a great batch of songs. The second half has some forgetable stuff though.

2.) The Colour and the Shape. 4.5/5. Moves in a good direction from S/T. Shows a decent amount of growth, and it really shows that this is a full band and not just Dave. Some songs are kind of generic, but songs like "Everlong" and "Walking After You" are modern classics. One of the few 90's alternative albums that doesn't actually suck ass.

3.) There Is Nothing Left to Lose. 5/5. This album played on the Foo's best qualities: good, catchy melodies and simple pop-rock. There's not a single filler song on the bunch, and it further explores the Foo's skill at mellow, acoustic tunes.

4.) One By One. 1/5. After giving us the best album of their career, they give us what I believe is the worst. There's nothing that really stands out on this album whatsoever. The two big singles from the album are mediocore, but nothing close to what this band is capable of. Really, it's just half-assed.

5.) In Your Honor 3/5. A step up from "One By One", but there's still a lot that needs worked on. The electric disc isn't horrible, but there's still nothing special or interesting about their rock tracks. They all follow the exact same formula with no variation, and offer nothing memorable. The acoustic disc, on the other hand, while not amazing, is a huge leap in the right direction. While there are a few forgetable songs, the bulk of them are very well crafted and thought out.

6.) Skin and Bones. 3.5/5. I'm not big on live albums, and I only have this downloaded instead of an actual CD, but I do like it. It highlights the best of their softer, prettier melodies in a neat way. The live version of "Big Me" especially surprised me. Still, I'm just not big on albums that repackage old material.

Nineteen Seventy Nine
11-18-2006, 05:55 PM
I was going to do the Offspring, but there'll be enough of those in a little while. Then I was going to do AFI, but I realized that would be unoriginal too.

Queens of the Stone Age

Queens of the Stone Age: 9.5/10
I love this album very much. It has that melancholy feel to it, but it makes me feel so good when I listen to it. It has its slow moments, and its fast moments.

Rated R: 6.5/10
I don't see anything too great from this album, but it isn't bad. You can somewhat see the connection from self-titled to Songs For The Deaf here.

Songs For The Deaf: 8.5/10
Sure, it doesn't have that many good songs, but when it does, they are done very well. "Go With The Flow", "No One Knows", and "First It Giveth" are almost instant favorites.

Lullabies To Paralyze: 8.5/10
I always thought Songs For The Deaf was better than this album, until I gave it another listen and realized what I was forgetting. These are exactly the kind of songs that you will stay in your head a long time.

78 Water
11-18-2006, 06:21 PM
Green Day-I don't have the first two

This is a great album and it was thier debut. The singles are some of the best they have even done, and some of the songs have good meanings, like "Having a Blast" and "Burnout".

This is a little worse than Dookie. A lot of the songs kinda give me that crappy feeling, but they are some very good songs on here, like "Stuart and the Ave". Certaintly very different than anythings they've done.

This is some of the best stuff they have done, and the album has a whoppin total of 18 songs. Many of them have good tunes and lyrics, but some of them kinda sound like filler or not very good.

This album is really, really different and really, reall not that good. Sure, some of the songs are catchy, but this album really is poppiness crap, I think.

This is absolutely the worst album Green Day has ever done! Many of the songs sound the same, and almost all the songs suck. A bought it, but I seriously did not expect it to be THIS bad.

American Idiot-10/10
This album is underrated, I think. It is very interesting how the album is a story detailing the life of the Jesus of Suburbia. The instrumentsare also very evolved for the band, and the lyrics are awesome and flow with ease. There isn't really a weak song on the whole album here.

11-18-2006, 07:21 PM
I had so much fun with the first one that I decided to do another despite how tired I am.

R.E.M. I left out greatest hits albums.

1.) Murmur. 4.5/5. One of the most important alternative rock albums of all time. But, even with that out of the equation, it's still a damn good album. Some of the songs might not be as great out of context of the album, but in context their amazing. Great debut.

2.) Reckoning. 4/5. Not as strong as Murmur, but still pretty damn good. It doesn't really do anything amazing or different, but still a strong set of songs.

3.) Fables of the Reconstruction. 4.5/5. This album is very difficult to get into at first. The mood is very dark and murky, even more so than Murmur. But once you get into it, it grows on you quickly, and the mood is actually in
turn the thing that makes the album so great.

4.) Life's Rich Pageant. 5/5. With this album, R.E.M. moved into more traditional rock territory while still keeping true to their roots. This album is chocked full of R.E.M. classics. first true anthem, "These Days", the rocking
"Begin the Begin", and of course the beautiful "Fall on Me". I'd reccomend this to R.E.M. n00bs.

5.) Document 3.5/5. Some consider it a classic, but I think it's a tad overrated. The first half is incredible, and easily some of the bands best songs
up to that point in their career, but the second half gets really experimental, and the experiments don't really work all that while. I give them credit for trying, but that doesn't mean they didn't fail.

6.) Dead Letter Office. 2.5/5. Being a b-sides compilation, I don't judge it too harsh since you really shouldn't expect much of it. Some hidden gems are here, but not many.

7.) Green. 3.5/5. Kind of like Document. The first half is classic, the second half is weird. "World Leader Pretend" and "You Are the Everything" are 2 of the most beautiful R.E.M. songs ever, and foreshadow the band's impressive growth that was to come, but some of the more experimental songs in the album's second half really just don't work very well.

8.) Out of Time. 4/5. I hated this album the first time I heard it. It was way too flowery and cheesy for my tastes. But, as time went by, it grew on me a lot. Songs like "Texarkana" and "Me in Honey" are brilliant in their cheesy pop simplicity. Also, I found the album has a strong emotional core in songs like "Low", "Losing My Religion", and one of R.E.M's greatest achievements ever, "Country Feedback". But still, "Radio Song" and "Near Wild Heaven" are just too cheesy for me.

9.) Automatic For the People. 5/5. A truely classic album. A stark contrast to
"Out of Time", this album is a very dark themed album, mainly about death, loss, suicide, and depression. Stipe's lyrics hit a new emotional depth, and musically it's one of the band's strongest efforts with a great mix of beautiful yet haunting melodies. "Man on the Moon", "Nightswimming", and "Try Not to Breathe" rank among some of the best songs written by this band.

10.) Monster. 3.5/5. This album is ballsy. After "Automatic" was such a huge hit, they turn around and release an album that's the exact opposite with loud, distorted guitars and good old fashion rock tunes. A lot of people say this is R.E.M.'s take on the 90's, but it actually has more of a glam-rock feel
than the generic alternative rock of the 90's. Still, for the most part there's not a huge amount of classics on here. "Bang and Blame" and "Crush With Eyeliner" are a lot of fun, and "Let Me In" is an emotional masterpiece, but there's just a lot of filler here. "King of Comedy" may be R.E.M.'s worst track ever.

11.) New Adventures in Hi-Fi. 5/5. An underrated classic, "Hi-Fi" mixes everything that the band had done since their major label debut into one concise, well-written album that has a lot of great variety. From fun rockers like "The Wake Up Bomb" to beautiful folk-rock tracks like "Electrolite", this album doesn't disappoint. Also, there's a lot of new stuff here that's showing the band at their experimental best. The opening "How the West Was Won and Where It Got Us" is a strange folk/jazz track, while the even stranger "E-bow the Letter" could be the band's most unconventional single, featuring a great vocal part from legend Patti Smith. Oh, and imagine R.E.M. trying an almost industrial sound with "Leave", and you get a great album. A true classic in every sense of the word.

12.) Up. 4.5/5. This album is heavily debated within the R.E.M. fan community. The band's first album since drummer Bill Berry's departer rubs some people the wrong way. For one, instead of employing a drummer, the band used a drum machine and instead of guitars the band focused on synth and keyboard parts. In fact, guitarist Peter Buck played bass on the album while bassist Mike Mills focused more on synth and keyboard arrangements to create smooth, desperate soundscapes. Personally, I'm in the group of people who see the exploration and experimentation of the album to me amazingly well done and interesting, injecting a new life into the band instead of seeing them rely on old tricks that are guarenteed to work and taking a gamble. This album has a lot of classics like "Hope", "Sad Professor", and the power "Walk Unafraid". The only downside the album has is that some of the songs are a tad longer than they should be.

13.) Reveal. 3.5/5. After the brilliance of "Up", R.E.M. try to take a different approach to the ideas on that album. Instead of focusing on sadness
and using the electronics to create a desolate, dark soundscape, they decided to create a much more warm, welcoming album. Described as "an album about summer", this album is much more upbeat than the previous album. The full production of the album makes it sound that much warmer, but still, on some tracks it was slightly overdone. "Disappear" has amazing potential, but all of the electronic buzzing and whirling really distracts from the content of the song. But, for the most part it's a solid album that really does feel like summer. "Saturn Return" sounds exactly like a warm summer night, and "The Lifting" reminds me of a beautiful summer morning. Also, "Beat A Drum" is without a doubt one of the most "pretty" songs I've ever heard.

14.) Around the Sun. 3/5. Here, the band decides to lighten up on the synths and keyboards and aim more towards acoustic guitars and simple arrangements rather than the complex recordings of the last 2 albums. Some of the synths are still there, like on "Electron Blue" and "Final Straw", but for the most part the album is a lot more stripped down. But, the songs come off mostly as bland and dull. The only real standout moments are the beautiful "Leaving New York" and the country-ish "Aftermath", but as whole there's not a whole lot there.

11-18-2006, 07:36 PM
I am still in the process at downloading all the R.E.M. albums. I started sometime this summer. I like to take my time with these things because I don't like to move onto the next album until I've naturally become familiar enough with the previous one. And I download them all in order because I like to sort of pretend that I'm following them throughout the history I missed out on, but in fast-forward. So far I've just got Murmur, Reckoning, Fables, Pageant, and Document.

I'll save my detailed ratings for another time, but personally I order the first five like this:

1. Lifes Rich Pageant
2. Fables of the Reconstruction
3. Murmur
4. Document
5. Reckoning

You should check out my Audioscrobbler (www.last.fm/user/XYlophonetreeZ) so you can see how much R.E.M. is kicking ass. I've been listening to them tons lately.

Edit: Link fixed.

11-18-2006, 07:48 PM
I agree with that list for the most part. I'm glad you like Fables, though, because most people who are new-ish to them tend to not like it.

I like your idea, and I think it'll be fun because you'll get to hear their growth in a linear way. I might have to try that with some band someday.

11-18-2006, 09:46 PM
Nineteen Seventy Nine didn't do Billy Talent? I'm shocked. I call it!

The beginnings of Billy Talent as Pezz. This album shows the potential of the band, but they still have a lot of work to do. Some songs here sound like your traditional pop-punk, while others are really out there.

Billy Talent
A very hard-hitting alternative rock album, and a solid "debut" for Billy Talent's new sound. As a friend tells me, the strongest part of some of the songs are the breakdowns.

Billy Talent II
They take the sound of their last album and improve on it. There is not a single bad song here. The lyrics, the music, and the arrangements are all better than their self-titled debut. They've finally found their sound.

Nineteen Seventy Nine
11-18-2006, 11:00 PM
Nineteen Seventy Nine didn't do Billy Talent? I'm shocked. I call it!

It was only two or three albums. Too easy. I'll help you with your ratings instead. Plus, I'll post my full review of Billy Talent in the Billy Talent thread later today.

The beginnings of Billy Talent as Pezz. This album shows the potential of the band, but they still have a lot of work to do. Some songs here sound like your traditional pop-punk, while others are really out there.
Agreed for the most part. I would have probably been nice and gave it a seven, just because it's Billy Talent.

Billy Talent
A very hard-hitting alternative rock album, and a solid "debut" for Billy Talent's new sound. As a friend tells me, the strongest part of some of the songs are the breakdowns.
I like your friend's point, but 8.5? Try a nine. Can you name a one song that's less than good?

Billy Talent II
They take the sound of their last album and improve on it. There is not a single bad song here. The lyrics, the music, and the arrangements are all better than their self-titled debut. They've finally found their sound.
Personally, I think they found God, more than found their sound, the way this album turned out the way it did. I would have given it a classic 1979/10.

11-19-2006, 03:49 AM
I might like this thread.

Kill 'Em All (3.5/5) - Pretty good album, not their best but a taste of better things to come. Has two of their greatest songs in the forms of Motorbreath and Seek & Destroy. Lengthwise however, it's perfect.

Ride the Lightning (5/5) - My favourite Metallica album. All killer and no filler here, it's a perfect balance to the two sides of Metallica's music - heavy and melodic. Faultless for the most part, my favourite tracks would be Ride the Lightning, For Whom the Bell Tolls and Fade to Black.

Master of Puppets (4.5/5) - Another classic album, the only reason it's rated a half star less than Ride the Lightning is because that's my overall favourite. Master of Puppets was the album that got me into Metallica and metal in general. Favourite tracks include Master of Puppets, Welcome Home (Sanitarium) and Leper Messiah.

...And Justice For All (3/5) - Not nessecarily a bad album, but it can't stand up to the two previous from Metallica by any stretch. I really like Metallica for their balancing of styles, and I think here they got it wrong. The one thing that really saves this album from being a flop however is One, which if you'll pardon the pun, is one of my favourite Metallica songs ever.

Black Album (3/5) - The album that made them famous and notoriously hated. This album has some great songs, such as The Unforgiven, Nothing Else Matters and My Friend of Misery, however as a hole it's not very interesting to listen to. Enter Sandman, their most known track is alright, but that's where it stops. It's definitely not one of their greatest songs, nor their most interesting.

Load (3/5) - Their last somewhat decent album before they became washed up. This album has it's fair share of shitty tracks with Ain't My Bitch being a fine example of that, however it also has some really good ones. Examples of this would be Hero of the Day and Bleeding Me. Mama Said is an interesting venture into new ground and I've never been able to make up my mind as to whether or not I love that song or hate it.

Reload (2/5) - Borrring. Basically just Load again, minus the standout tracks. The Unforgiven II is about the only thing that saves this album from being a complete disaster, instead rendering it to be just shitty.

St Anger (1/5) - 1 star for that one alright track I can't remember the name of right now.

That was fun. I'll have to do it again sometime.

Stranger With Candy
11-19-2006, 04:46 AM
Rage Against The Machine

Rage Against The Machine 5/5
Rage Against the Machine, quite simply is awesome, one of the greatest album ever. Heavy, catchy, political, immensely well played, it's all just one fantastic effort, and surely one of the finest debuts of all time. "Killing in the Name", what can I say? A defining track of a defining album, real raw aggression. Rap and rock, sometimes just rap, sometimes just rock, always good though. A true classic album, one of the finest from the nineties.

Evil Empire 3,8/5
R.a.t.m's second album, and a good one. Its mostly not up to the standard of Rage Against the Machine, but it does show that they have a few tricks up their sleeve, as this album is bursting with originality. Lyrically, this album is immaculate and strong as the others are. Musically they go for more extreme sounds, which mostly work very well. When I first heard this album, I really didn't like it, but having listened to it more, I appreciate the skill the band have to produce these type of tunes. This album has a few real tracks of brilliance. "People Of The Sun" and "Bulls on Parade" are excellent. Other tracks that stand out are "Vietnow", which I love the drum intro to, "Down Rodeo" and "Wind Below". On the whole, a great album, but not quite up to the standard they set in their previous one.

The Battle of Los Angeles 4,4/5
The sound has not changed a lot from their earlier efforts, Tom Morello is still kicking out the jams and Zack De La Rocha retains the impeccable timing and lyrical skill. "Guerrila Radio" is one of the best rage tracks ever, fantastic tune and has anthem written all over it. "Calm Like A Bomb" is great, really intense and a good build up. Other stand out tracks include "Testify", "Voice Of The Voiceless" and "Born Of A Broken Man". The Battle of Los Angeles does not quite manage to return Rage to the standard they set in their first album, but it comes closer to the mark than Evil Empire.

Renegades 2,7/5
Renegades was probably Rage Against The Machines weakest recording. An entire album of covers did show off some musical diversity, but there are few good tracks. Also, for a band that wrote great political lyrics, the cover songs are just not the same. Still, there are a few really good songs on here.
Highlights include: "Renegades Of Funk" & "Kick Out The Jams".

Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium 4,9/5
This is a really great album, almost like a greatest hits album really. In this album, you will hear Rage perform a great set, I could'nt have picked a better one myself, (nearly, they left out some classics from Rage Against The Machine like "Wake Up" and "Take The Power Back") all performed to perfection. The crowd noises add to the intensity of the tracks, with the usual crowd vocals on "Killing In The Name" and "People Of The Sun". The opening is simply fantastic, which consists of a huge build up, which then kicks into "Bulls On Parade", you cant help but go nuts with the crowd. They then proceed to jump from track to track, taken from all four albums, and then some. A total must for any Rage fan. If you had never seen them live, this is the closest you'll ever get to the real thing (apart from the DVD) and leaves you wanting more from one of the greatest bands ever who, alas, are no longer around.

Stranger With Candy
11-19-2006, 04:53 AM
American Idiot-10/10
This album is underrated, I think.

um... what!? its so far from underrated it can be. they still play songs from it all the time on Mtv, it almost got just great reviews, and it sold over 12 million albums. its not underrated, its overrated.

11-19-2006, 08:51 AM
The Minutemen

1. 7.5/10 - Paranoid Time E.P. - This is the Minutemen's first recording. It's 7 songs in 6 and a half minutes. All the songs are solid and you can already hear the Minutemen sound developing.

2. 8.5/10 - The Punch Line - First LP. This one's 18 songs in 15 minutes. Tension, which is the longest song on the record at 1:18, is a really catchy tune. It's hard to pick out any individual bad songs because they're over quickly.

3. 8/10 - What Makes a Man Start Fires? - This record shows a slight change in sound. The songs are longer and more complicated. Unfortunately, the bad songs on here are more noticable than before. This is still a solid album with a few great songs.

4. 10/10 - Double Nickels on the Dime - This record is a classic. 43 songs, and not a bad one. Some are a lot better than others, but as a whole, this record is consistent and well-balanced. Anybody could find at least one song to like. There's lots of different styles/sounds/themes. It's hard to describe the quality.

5. 3-Way Tie (For Last) - I can't give this a proper rating because I've only heard a few songs. This was the last record before D. Boon died.

6. Ballot Result - This is a live album. I won't rate it because I've only listened to a few times, but there's a few good performances and the quality is pretty good. It was a cool idea because fans voted on which songs would be put on the record.

11-19-2006, 09:00 AM
Ride the Lightning (5/5) - My favourite Metallica album. All killer and no filler here, it's a perfect balance to the two sides of Metallica's music - heavy and melodic. Faultless for the most part, my favourite tracks would be Ride the Lightning, For Whom the Bell Tolls and Fade to Black.

I don't like Metallica much, but this album is absolutely phenomenal, and I agree. Fade to Black and For Whom the Bell Tolls are some of my favorites as well!

11-19-2006, 09:11 AM
um... what!? its so far from underrated it can be. they still play songs from it all the time on Mtv, it almost got just great reviews, and it sold over 12 million albums. its not underrated, its overrated.
Holy shit, I didn't know that it sold so well.

"As of November 2006 American Idiot has sold nearly 6 million copies in the U.S alone (including digital records) and trails Dookie by 1 million copies worldwide with American Idiot having sold 14 million copies and Dookie selling 15 million."

It seem like they pwned the offspring.

11-19-2006, 09:28 AM
Holy shit, I didn't know that it sold so well.

"As of November 2006 American Idiot has sold nearly 6 million copies in the U.S alone (including digital records) and trails Dookie by 1 million copies worldwide with American Idiot having sold 14 million copies and Dookie selling 15 million."

It seem like they pwned the offspring.

No. They did not.

They just sold out.

All About Eve
11-19-2006, 09:31 AM
I'm tempted to actually do The Offspring, but I haven't listened to them enough lately.

I can't really think of any bands I want to do. All of my favorites are either new or I don't have all the cds.'

Edit!: I'll do Garbage.

Garbage (S/T): 4.5/5
Really good for a first album. As always, Shirley's voice is magnificent. Gets a tad boring in some parts, but also has some of their best songs, with "Milk" and "Only Happy When it Rains".

Version 2.0: 5/5
One of my favorite albums of all time. "Hammering In My Head", "Push It", The Trick is to Keep Breathing", "Dumb", and "You Look so Fine" are all just... sldgheoagheao. All the other songs are really good too, it makes great use of Shirley's voice in different ways.

BEAUTIFUL Garbage: 3.5/5
Cherry Lips is an awfully fun song. There are a few other good songs on here, but it does get boring in some places, and tends to be a bit poppy in others.

Bleed Like Me: 4/5
Their first single, "Why Do You Love Me?", seemed to suggest that they were going away from the extreme poppiness of BEAUTIFUL Garbage. In fact, there were only a couple songs that were extremely poppy. "Bleed Like Me", the second single and title track (first ever title track for Garbage also), was a slow song, which Shirley often sounds the best in. In my opinion, the tracks didn't run well together, however, and I generally jump around when listening to it.

78 Water
11-19-2006, 10:06 AM
God, I hate anti-Green Day people! They are so biased you can't talk to them about anything! And they continually preach that Green Day sucks!

11-19-2006, 10:34 AM
No. They did not.

They just sold out.

Yeah, every band that sells a lot of albums must be sellouts. Like Metallica, for example.

Anyway, I'll do the Offspring so it's done with.

1.) Self-titled. 3/5. For a debut album, it's not bad. There's a few really fun songs on here like "Jennifer Lost the War", "Beheaded", and "Blackball", but as a whole it's not too impressive. Musically, the whole TSOL-rip-off thing can get old after a while. And lyrically, Dexter simply tries too hard to sound dark.

2.) Ignition. 3.5/5. I know a lot of people will disagree with me on this one, but I don't feel like this album is all that special. "Dirty Magic", "Get It Right", and "No Hero" rank among some of the band's best, but a lot of the straight-forward punk songs like "Hypodermic" and "Burn it Up" just lack something.

3.) Smash 4/5. Finally, the band completely comes into their own with an album full of fun, original, fresh pop-punk. Despite some weaker tracks like Killboy Powerhead, and the title track, it's a solid album. Not quite a classic, but still great.

4.) Ixnay on the Hombre. 4.5/5. The Offspring's best release to date. Full of great, catchy songs. The only negative aspect of the album is the pointless "Intermission", and that some of the lyrics are...well, stupid. *cough*AmazedGoneAway*cough*. I don't care if Gone Away is a personal song, that doesn't make it well-written.

5.) Americana. 3/5. One word sums up this album: inconsistant. It gives us some of their best (The Kids Aren't Alright, Pay the Man, Stairing at the Sun), some of their worst (She's Got Issues, Walla Walla, Feelings), and some of their most in-between (End of the Line, Americana).

6.) Conspiracy of One. 2/5. It sounds like the band is going through the motions to me. There's nothing that stands out at all, and it's really overproduced. "All Along" gets my vote as the most filler-esque song they've ever done.

7.) Splinter. 2.5/5. A step up from CO1, it has some good stuff on it like the Noose, Long Way Home, and Lightening Rod, but crap like "Hit That", "When You're In Prision", and "The Worst Hangover Ever" completely kill any potential it has of being great. Oh, and "Race Against Myself" is everything this band should be avoiding. It sounds like generic-Chevelle-meets-Puddle of Mudd-post-grunge-al.rock that's been flooding modern rock stations since 2000.

78 Water
11-19-2006, 11:10 AM
I disagree with Smash. That album [I]is[I] a classic, it was of the biggest albums of the 90's and redefined punk rock. Best album they realease 5/5

All About Eve
11-19-2006, 11:31 AM
Yeah, I agree, Smash was the best album aside from Self Titled, Ignition, Ixnay, Americana, Conspiracy of One, and Splinter.

11-19-2006, 12:05 PM
I disagree with Smash. That album [I]is[I] a classic, it was of the biggest albums of the 90's and redefined punk rock. Best album they realease 5/5

It didn't redefine punk rock, and no way is it one of the best of the 90's. It's a good album, but there's a lot of stuff that would suck out of context of the album.

11-19-2006, 12:17 PM
It's a stupid lame album, and smash is an embarrassing song to come from a 40 year old.

11-19-2006, 12:48 PM

Suck on This: 3/5 it's a live album. It's got a couple sometimes well-done versions of songs which would later be reduced on regular tracks. Les loses his voice in some songs and it just takes away from the experience. Stand-outs: Harold of the Rocks, Groundhog's Day, Pudding Time, and The Heckler.

Frizzle Fry: 5/5 fucking godly. This cd opens with such a dark and foreboding bass line that sounds like it could be a metal cd, then there's a nice transition into the Primus sound expected. The cd's only flaw is the inclusion of some 25 second long transition songs which are pretty much just there to be there. Also, Spegetti Western is pretty bland.

Standouts: To Defy the Laws of Tradition, Groundhog's Day, John the Fisherman, The Toys Go Winding Down, and Harold of the Rocks. If you have any idea how hard it was to narrow that down, then you need to help get more people to buy this cd.

Sailing The Seas of Cheese: 4/5 Almost as good as Frizzle Fry, but just falls a little short. I can't even describe why, the entire cd just feels like there's something missing. Almost all the guitar lines in this cd were written by Ler LaLonde, rather than Todd Huth in Frizzle Fry and Suck on This. Ler is much more dissonant and noisy, which isn't necessarily bad, but he hasn't really defined his own sound yet in this cd. Sathington Waltz is fucking awful, Tommy the Cat is god damned amazing.

Standouts: Sgt. Baker, American Life, Jerry Was a Race Car Driver, Tommy the Cat, and Those Damned Blue Collar Tweekers.

Pork Soda: 3.5/5 When it's good, it's amazing. When it's bad, it's unlistenable. There's not really much else to add; Ler wrote all the guitar parts for it except for The Pressman, I think. The Air is Getting Slippery is almost hilarious.

Standouts: My Name is Mud, Welcome to this World, Bob, DMV, Mr. Krinkle.

Tales from the Punchbowl: 4.5/5 What Pork Soda was trying to be. This cd is amazing. Not quite at Frizzle Fry level, but close. The basslines are catchier, the guitar parts fit more, and the sound is just so rich. You need to get this cd.

Standouts: Wynona's Big Brown Beaver, Southbound Pachyderm, Year of the Parrot, Glass Sandwich, and Over the Electric Grapevine.

The Brown Album: 2/5 New drummer, new sound. I don't like it much, but the good songs on it are very good.

Standouts: Over the Falls, Bob's Party Time Lounge, Duchess and the Proverbial Mindspread.

Antipop: 1/5 Same new drummer, same new sound... Just download the song Lacquer Head, seriously.

Animals Should Not Try to Act Like People: 3.5/5 Old drummer returns, even newer sound occurs. They go for a proggier and jammy sound with this cd. Not a bad song on the record, but they last so long that it gets so old so fast.

No stand out tracks, just download the cd, it's got 5 songs and all are worth hearing.

11-19-2006, 03:43 PM
It's a stupid lame album, and smash is an embarrassing song to come from a 40 year old.

To be fair, I believe he was still in his late early thirties when that came out.
Personally, I consider it their best work. But there's no way it redefined punk. It's a pop-punk album mostly, and almost everything on it has been done before. Theirs was just more radio friendly.

Antipop: 1/5 Same new drummer, same new sound... Just download the song Lacquer Head, seriously.
It's really that bad? I have Seas Of Cheese and Tales from the Punchbowl, but I've been told that this was the next album to get. I guess you'd disagree.

Edit: I really, really, really like this thread by the way. In fact, most of Threadstarters topics in this forum are good ones. High Five!

11-19-2006, 03:55 PM
Get Frizzle Fry. Right now.

11-19-2006, 04:16 PM
Wow. I am procrastinating wayyy too much. :(

I'm going to do the Goo Goo Dolls. Unfortunately, I have never been able to find their out of print self titled album. Anyway.

Jed 8.0/10 I love this album... "James Dean" is hilarious and awesome. Overall, I love Robby's voice on here, and lyrically it's just so strong. and often hilarious. "Em Elbmuh" is terrific, too. It was their first real album that actually sold, and it was a great start, even though not well received.

Hold Me Up 7.5/10 As good as Jed, but they didn't get better with this album. It's basically just a continuation of Jed... though "Two Days in February" and "Million Miles Away" are terrific. I also love that on the first few albums, they had Lance Diamond sing one song per album... I've always loved the songs he sings.

Superstar Carwash 10/10 By far my favorite GGD album. Definitely most listened to, even though I got it much later than most others. Their last true indie record before the success of the next one... It was just a perfect combination of the punk qualities of the songs Robby sings, and the more soothing and sweet sounds of the ones John sings. "Domino" is probably my favorite song on here, which they share vocals on. "So far away" might tie for first... but I seriously. Adore this album, and I wish the next album hadn't started their trend away from this.

A Boy Named Goo 9/10 Still very good, but a step down from SC. With the success of "name", this would be their last album of the harder sort. There are some very awesome songs on here, though. "Naked", "Long way down", "eyes wide open", "ain't that unusual"... it's just full of amazing songs, though I was never much a fan of "Name". A little more of the mainstream sound on here in general, not just "Name". But the Robby songs on here stay true and strong.

Dizzy Up the Girl 9/10 Their first mainstream album was still amazing. This was the first GGD album I got, and it really is very good. Just as good as ABNG, but in a completely different way. John became the lead singer instead of Robby, and he did a bang up job doing so. Songs like "Iris" and "Black Balloon" were some of the weakest tracks on here... I still really love the rockers they did on here, like "Bullet Proof", "Hate this place", and "dizzy". robby's songs are still highlights of the album, but there are only 4 of them... and it's clear that he's toned his voice to suit the mainstream, which is kind of sad, seeing as I love his voice so much.

Gutterflower 7.5/10 The lyrics on this album are what killed it. One thing I've always loved about the goos have been their lyrics... but John wrote this entire album about his divorce. A little too much of the same here. Also, Robby's voice has taken a serious turn toward the mainstream, which I don't like. there are still some standouts on here that make it worthwhile, though, like "what a scene" and "smash". They also picked stronger singles from this album than from dizzy up the girl. More rockers. However, there are more ballads and mid tempos here than rockers. I still really like it, though.

Let Love In 6/10 The goos completely screwed up by having Glen Ballard produce this album. I knew it wasn't going to be good, but I got it because I love the goos. There are WAY too many ballads on this album, and almost no rockers. The Robby songs have officially become nothing but mainstream blandness. There is nothing gripping on this album, and it's hard to tell when one song ends and the next begins. I dislike their choice in a cover, as Give a Little Bit is a good song, but it's too bland for a cover. There honestly aren't any strong standouts on the album, though I do really like "stay with you" and "become"... first and last song on the album. If they stay together for one more album, I can just pray they ditch Ballard and go back to co-producing their albums with Rob Cavallo. I'd hope for Kevin or Lou again, but that's super unlikely.

This was fun. Maybe I'll do some more later. :) Good thread idea!

11-19-2006, 04:24 PM
Let Love In 6/10 The goos completely screwed up by having Glen Ballard produce this album. I knew it wasn't going to be good, but I got it because I love the goos. There are WAY too many ballads on this album, and almost no rockers. The Robby songs have officially become nothing but mainstream blandness. There is nothing gripping on this album, and it's hard to tell when one song ends and the next begins. I dislike their choice in a cover, as Give a Little Bit is a good song, but it's too bland for a cover. There honestly aren't any strong standouts on the album, though I do really like "stay with you" and "believe"... first and last song on the album. If they stay together for one more album, I can just pray they ditch Ballard and go back to co-producing their albums with Rob Cavallo. I'd hope for Kevin or Lou again, but that's super unlikely.

This is one album that I wish I had never bought. The first 3 songs are decent, and "Let Love In" and "Feel the Silence" actually use the production to their advantage, but after that it completely falls apart. I absolutely hate "Better Days", and the one after that (I can't even remember the name) sounds like it should be in a shampoo commercial. I hate it because I've always defended them and said they were a lot better than their singles let on, but damn, they really sucked it up on this one.

Plus, I can't believe that they repackaged "Give A Little Bit" and put it on a new album. I think that was a pretty lazy move on their part. As a bonus track for a live album, it was fine, but to release it a second time was fucking stupid.

11-19-2006, 04:25 PM
I also love this thread and expect to return to it soon. I'm gonna review The Faint soon enough, and don't anyone dare touch Depeche Mode. I call them!

11-19-2006, 04:33 PM
The only bands I could have done have already been done (Garbage and Offspring). Sadz. Maybe I'm forgetting one.

Edit : STARS. No one reviews Stars' albums before me.

11-19-2006, 04:54 PM
Jakebert, if it wasn't for "Stay with you", "feel the silence", "let love in", "we'll be here (when you're gone)", "become", and the two Robby songs, I'd regret buying this. Seven out of 11 isn't too bad... but the other 4 songs are just so bad, plus "give a little bit"... I honestly always skip "better days", "without you here", "give a little bit", and "can't let it go". It's like 3 GOOD songs, 4 decent songs, and 4 bad songs.

This is one album that I wish I had never bought. The first 3 songs are decent, and "Let Love In" and "Feel the Silence" actually use the production to their advantage,
Yes, exactly.

but after that it completely falls apart. I absolutely hate "Better Days", and the one after that (I can't even remember the name) sounds like it should be in a shampoo commercial.
I don't completely hate "better days", but "without you here" is sooooo boring and lame. It sounds like he had an idea for a song, but didn't feel like writing lyrics... so he just drags a few words over really long periods of time. It really annoys me so much.

I hate it because I've always defended them and said they were a lot better than their singles let on, but damn, they really sucked it up on this one.
Exactly. It's just a pile of the weakest stuff they could've put together.

Plus, I can't believe that they repackaged "Give A Little Bit" and put it on a new album. I think that was a pretty lazy move on their part. As a bonus track for a live album, it was fine, but to release it a second time was fucking stupid.

This pissed me off, too. This album feels like they had to finish a contract but they really want to quit. The video for "let love in" was really generic, too. It saddens me, because they're one of my favorite bands of all time.

78 Water
11-19-2006, 04:58 PM
No offense to Orange, but BT2 is HEAVILY ovverrated. It's all been done before, they just sound good.

11-19-2006, 06:42 PM

1.) The Blue Album. 5/5. This album is simple pop-rock at it's absolute best. Without a doubt one of the best albums of the early 90's, and one of the few big hits of the early 90's that actually deserved the attention that it got. I've had this one for about 5 years, and I still listen to it quite a bit. Very timeless.

2.) Pinkerton. 5/5. This album is just as brilliant as Blue, but for completely different reasons. Whereas Blue is great for it's playful innocence and pop sensibility, Pinkerton is great for it's brutal dark honesty and raw recording style. The only downside is since it flopped initially, I think it may have killed Rivers as a songwriter.

3.) The Green Album. 3/5. The band tries to return to the blissfull pop-rock of Blue, but with the exception of "Don't Let Go", "Photograph", and "Glorious Day", it really doesn't work all that well. Most of the songs in the middle run together without standing out much at all. Plus, one of the reasons Blue worked so well is that it's innocence was natural, and trying to force it seems pointless.

4.) Maladroit. 3.5/5. A step in the right direction from Green, the more metallic, riffy style of Maladroit is interesting for a Weezer album. And there's some really catchy songs here, but still, as a whole it's just not memorable. I
really don't get the urge to listen to it, even though I do enjoy it when I do. There's only really 2 or 3 songs I'd call bad, the rest are all in the mediocore range.

5.) Make Believe. 2/5. Ugh. Bland as fuck. "Perfect Situation" is the only song on the whole thing that is up to Weezer standards. "My Best Friend" is one of the dumbest, corniest songs I've ever heard. "Freak Me Out" is really neat, but the novelty is all I really like about it.

I'm gonna do another short one because I'm addicted to this thread. The Epoxies.

1.) Self-Titled. 3.5/5. Usually I don't like modern pop-punk/new wave hybrids, but these guys do a really good job avoiding the cliched trappings most of these bands fall in. Really good debut album. Roxy's voice is a little iffy at times though.

2.) Stop the Future. 4/5. A huge improvement from the already good Self-titled. The vocals aren't as shakey, and in most places, are actually what take the songs from "good" to "great". One of the catchiest set of songs I've heard in a long time.

11-19-2006, 06:56 PM
The Faint:

Blank Wave Arcade (1999) - Rating: 9/10

American synthrock comes back into existence with this one. A remarkable album with the kind of clever themes (mostly sexual, actually, but well done) we'd come to expect from The Faint. "Worked Up So Sexual" is the band's best known song and arguably their best; the lyrics are accessible, the vocal gyrations are addictive, and the entire song is just extremely well done...catchy as all fuck. Songs like "Call, Call", "Casual Sex" and "Victim Convenience" find that perfect blend of synth and rock, "The Passives" and "Cars Pass in Cold Blood" are dark and funky, and we've got "In Concert" for what some might expect from Saddle Creek. "Sealed Human" is the lone blemish here, a horrendous song that's way too experimental and should have been cut. The album doesn't quite have staying power either; definitely more an example of growth than establishment.

Danse Macabre (2001) - Rating 10/10

Synthrock masterpiece, for serious. All the wit, interesting themes, and well-written songs they hinted at with Blank Wave Arcade come to fruition here. "Your Retro Career Melted" is my personal favorite, but songs like "The Conductor" and "Agenda Suicide" stand out more; they're more complete songs, combining excellently arranged synthrock with dark as fuck topics like suicide, independence, individuality, etc. "Posed to Death" and "Let the Poision Spill from your Throat" are catchy as fuck. Each suck you in with a hummable rhythm. "Glass Danse" might be the best track; definitely the one most suited for jumping up and down in place like a douchebag and calling it dancing but not caring cause you're having such a good time. There's not a single bad song on this album; "Violent" is most often ignored but is one of my favorites as well.

Wet From Birth (2004) - Rating - 9/10

Critics slammed this one, and in some ways I can't blame them: a common reaction when listening to this album is "Fuck, what happened to their lyrics?". Still, the album as a whole is wonderful, and experimental in a good way. In theory, string intros into synthrock songs sound like a bad idea, but "Desperate Guys" and "Southern Belles in London Sing" work extremely well. "Dropkick the Punks" and "I Disappear" should appeal to the more punk-oriented folks; I like them both but they're nowhere near as good as "Symptom Finger" and "Paranoiattack" for me. My only complaint about those two songs are that they're a bit too similar in both theme and execution. "Phone Call" is a great song even though it doesn't fit too well, and if you can get over the horrible lyrics in "Birth", you might have fun being grossed out as you're taken on this ride outside of a birth canal. Hot.

11-19-2006, 07:09 PM
Our Lady Peace:

Naveed - 9/10.
Solid debut, featuring great songs like The Birdman, Hope, Denied, and Naveed. Second favorite album of mine

Clumsy - 10/10
Probably their best album. Featuring the hits Clumsy and Superman's Dead, which are two of their best songs.

Happiness is Not a Fish You Can Catch - 8.5/10
Their most experimental album. Features a few ballads and a guest appearance from famous Jazz drummer Elvin Jones.

Spiritual Machines - 8.5/10
A concept album based on the book The Age of Spiritual Machines by Ray Kurzweil. Features the song Life, which is one of my favorites, and some other great songs like Right Behind You and Middle of Yesterday.

Gravity - 8/10
Their most generic album, which wasn't taken too well by fans, but features some good songs like A Story About A Girl, Not Enough, and Do You Like It.

Healthy In Paranoid Times - 7.5/10
Their weakest effort, in which they almost broke up during the recording. Features some good songs like Will The Future Blame Us? and The World On a String.

11-19-2006, 07:45 PM
I wanna do one.

Depeche Mode

jk! lol.


1.) Rotting Piñata 8.5/10. This album has the almighty "Plowed," and "Molly," which is just as good as Plowed when you give it a chance. But I think one reason why Sponge never rose to great fame is because the singles misrepresent the album. And the singles are, pretty much, the best songs. Everything else is grungy, which isn't the style Sponge is best suited to, as they would later prove. They still manage to create a well-above-average grunge album after grunge was sort of dead. There is great guitar work throughout the album, with Joey Mazzola and Mike Cross complementing each other in a really neat way, neither conforming to a lead or rhythm part. They shine equally on darker, creepy-sounding songs like "Miles" and "Giants," as well as on more upbeat tunes like the title track. But besides the singles, the real standout is the closer, "Rainin'." And the hidden track "Candy Corn" is the most awesomely weird song I know, period. Vinnie Dombroski wails in an echoed slur over Joey and Mike's signature guitar sound and weird whistling noises and enigmatic lyrics like "Blood and candy mixing on the floor." Good shit!

2.) Wax Ecstatic 9/10. Gone from this albums are radio-friendly songs like "Molly" and songs that feast off the remains of grunge. It's much more experimental and generally darker. The title track is an addictive favorite, after a few trial listens when you may have to get used to the initially annoying but later awesome main guitar riff. Otherwise, you've got hard-rockers like the frenetic opener, "My Purity," the "Hey Man Nice Shot" sound-alike "Got to Be a Bore," the hauntingly beautiful cello-tinged closer, "Velveteen," while "My Baby Said" shows off their Motown influence (being from Detroit), with a saxophone solo and dynamic bassline. Vinnie demonstrates his vocal diversity better on this album, which is one of Sponge's best qualities. However, it gets a little too experimental at times and includes their first bad song, "Drag Queens of Memphis."

3.) New Pop Sunday 10/10. You'd be hard-pressed to find two consecutive albums by any band that sound as different as this does from Wax Ecstatic. The "pop" in the album's title counts for something. You can't even draw a line between Wax Ecstatic and this. It's like from Rotting Piñata they took off in one direction for Wax Ecstatic and then they backtracked, went back to the starting point and took off in the opposite direction to get to New Pop Sunday. Everything is gold-plated gold on this album, with the possible exception of the rather cheesy title track (itz about abortionz lolz). But the album is chock full of more upbeat-sounding rock tunes like "1000 Times" and "Radio Prayer Line." "Pollyanna" is probably my favorite love song of all time, and the closer "Lucky" is probably the best song they ever recorded. There are cheesy moments and stupid lyrics, but the best songs on this album are so, so, SO good that I don't even care about any shortcomings it may have.

4.) For All the Drugs in the World 7.5/10. This album was plagued by the departure of 3/5 of the band, including Mike Cross who wrote some of their best songs ever. Still, this is a solid album. It's by FAR their most diverse album. Actually, it's the most diverse album I own, period. This is good and bad. It doesn't have a distinctive sound or personality, which all 3 of their previous albums definitely had, but like I said, one of the best things about this band is diversity, so they bask in the chance to demonstrate that. They dabble in electronics to make one of the record's best songs, "Leave This World," and even include a Southern-sounding song about faith called "Burn," which, surprisingly, does not suck. They flail all over the place with Nirvana-sound-alikes, indie-sounding songs, and the eerily-lyriced (lyricked?) country-style song "Lucifer in Las Vegas," with lines like "Skies are green and musty and my head's shaped like a pickle. Look who broke my home on Pancake Street with a pitchfork and a sickle." But there are some songs that just kind of miss, too, like the ridiculously stupid "Punch in the Nose."

5.) The Man 3/10. Yep. Hate to say it, but it's really that bad. I was getting bad vibes in the months leading up to this album since Joey Mazzola left the band, and because they resorted to faggotry like calling themselves "Detroit's Hardest-Rocking Band." They opt for an almost entirely classic rock sound on this album. Even the stupid title of the record shows that they're trying to be the Black Crowes or some shit. Most of the album reeks of that stupid mentality that "rock" actually means something, and that it makes you a badass to "rock." The one gem is "Unlucky," with a great guitar solo and an overall powerful sound including a viola. And the kinda punkish "Back Against the Wall" is an oddity since it seems to be about half as heavily produced as the rest of the album, but it's still pretty good compared to the rest of the tripe on there. And "Shittier Day Than Me" would be the best song to play in a movie chase scene EVER, but it's still kinda stupid. Much like this album was fucking stupid. I hate to say it, but it's time for these guys to call it quits.

11-19-2006, 07:56 PM
I tend to disagree with your weezer ratings... but I think that's been discussed before. A few key things, though:

1.) The Blue Album. Very timeless.
I honestly would give this album a high rating, but I think the only reason it's as huge and loved as it is is because of the timeless classic nostalgia associated with it. I don't think it's their best.

Maladroit I LOVE.... probably my favorite.

5.) Make Believe. 2/5. Ugh. Bland as fuck. "Perfect Situation" is the only song on the whole thing that is up to Weezer standards. "My Best Friend" is one of the dumbest, corniest songs I've ever heard. "Freak Me Out" is really neat, but the novelty is all I really like about it.
I also disagree with this. I thought make believe, besides the two crappy singles, was the most diverse album they released. I love "perfect situation", "this is such a pity", "hold me", "the damage in your heart", "pardon me", "freak me out", and "haunt you every day". Barely anyone agrees with me about liking this album, though. :-/

Our Lady Peace:Clumsy - 10/10
Probably their best album. Featuring the hits Clumsy and Superman's Dead, which are two of their best songs.

that's the only OLP album I like. And clumsy is easily their best song.

Okay. review numba two. System of a Down.

System of a Down 10/10. I fucking love this album. By far their best and they will never repeat it. I didn't like it at first, since I wasn't into metal yet, but what grabbed me was Serj's voice and his vocal range. I LOVE "Suggestions" the most... and "soil", "war", "mind", "PLUCK", "suite pee"... well there's not a song on the album I dislike. Every single one is gold. The drumming on this album is so intense, too. One of my favorite albums of all time.

Toxicity 7/10. This is my least favorite system album. People who got into System because of "chop suey!" seem to like this album a lot more than people who knew them before. When I first got the album, I liked it a lot... then I saw which songs they released as singles, and I started to realize all the minor things in the album that were clear steers toward mainstream. It wasn't the fact that they were going mainstream that annoyed me, though. It was how they did it. I really dislike "x", "toxicity", and "aerials"... two of which were singles. however, "deer dance", "needles", "bounce", "ATWA", and "psycho" made up for it. This is just one of the few times when the balance between who you were and who want to become just didn't work for me. There are too many forgettable songs on this cd.

Steal This Album 9.5/10. This album was close to giving me the same feeling the self titled did. So many great songs on here that are reminiscent of the early album, but still some creativity. "nuguns", "mr jack", "pictures", "highway song", "ego brain", "streamline" and "roulette" are just fantastic. Serj really uses his vocal range in these songs again, and the only reason the self titled gets a higher ranking is because the drum parts are so much more intense before.

mezmerize 8.5/10. I hated this album the first time I listened to it. Downright hated it. Also hated "Cigaro" every time I heard it on the radio. I just could not believe this was System of a Down. I regretted buying it. But I decided to give it more chances, because I really love this band. It really grew on me quickly. "BYOB" and "revenga" just play into eachother so well... "radio/video" is terrific... "this cocaine makes me feel like I'm on this song" was so much better of a fast heavy song than ANYTHING on toxicity... "question!" is almost as good of a "ballad" as "spiders"... and "lost in hollywood" is one of the best songs they've ever done. I hate "old school hollywood" and "cigaro" (still), and sometimes skip those songs. I dislike that serj relinquished the vocal authority over to Darian, because I think Darian is a much better harmonizer than lead singer. Over time, though, I decided that it worked, and the structure of the songs was worth his voice.

hypnotize 8/10. As with most second discs in a two disc set, this one was slightly below the first disc. It definitely had some stellar songs, but overall it was a lot slower/weaker than Mezmerize. songs like "tentative" and "holy mountains" kick major ass... but "lonely day" and "hypnotize" are just really lame and generic. There was some new creativity on this album, like "she's like heroin" and "kill rock n roll", but darian's voice started to annoy me more on this album than on mezmerize. "vicinity of obscenity" is crazy awesome, and "soldier side" is an AMAZING outro to an album. There are just a few forgettable songs here, though, and that makes it lose points.

I can't wait to hear what they do next...

11-19-2006, 08:01 PM
it'll be a while before SOAD comes out with anything again. They're on an indefinite hiatus.

11-19-2006, 08:06 PM
Bri: I've been an SOAD fan since '98, and for years I thought I was the only one who liked the S/T album more than Toxicity. Holler!

11-19-2006, 08:15 PM
it'll be a while before SOAD comes out with anything again. They're on an indefinite hiatus.

Really??? NOOOOOO!!! :( :( :(

Bri: I've been an SOAD fan since '98, and for years I thought I was the only one who liked the S/T album more than Toxicity. Holler!

Awesome!!! You just like got 1,000 more cool points!! <3

11-19-2006, 08:18 PM
I'm planning on doing Muse, unless I've missed something, so no one steal that.

11-19-2006, 08:24 PM
Bri: I've been an SOAD fan since '98, and for years I thought I was the only one who liked the S/T album more than Toxicity. Holler!
I thought it was a widely believed opinion that self titled was better than Toxicity.

11-19-2006, 08:27 PM
Bri: I've been an SOAD fan since '98, and for years I thought I was the only one who liked the S/T album more than Toxicity. Holler!

Haven't I mentioned in some System of a Down thread that their S/T is my favorite?

11-19-2006, 08:29 PM
Awesome!!! You just like got 1,000 more cool points!! <3

Sweet! Can I redeem those for sex points?

I thought it was a widely believed opinion that self titled was better than Toxicity.

It's not.

Haven't I mentioned in some System of a Down thread that their S/T is my favorite?

Don't make me look stupid, bitchy fuck face!! :mad:

11-19-2006, 08:35 PM
Bri: I've been an SOAD fan since '98, and for years I thought I was the only one who liked the S/T album more than Toxicity. Holler!

I will never understand why so many people like Toxicity more then Self-Titled.


I really didn't like mezmerize and hypnotize very much at all, and I only listen to Steal This Album ever once in a while.

11-19-2006, 08:39 PM
I thought it was a widely believed opinion that self titled was better than Toxicity.

Allmusic.com disagrees... and the first few reviews on toxicity on amazon.com...
"I really doubted the SOAD could top their incredible self-titled debut, but they have"
"an album even crazier than it's predecessor...this one is more complex."
"This is, by far and away, System of A Down's best album."
"SOAD dont get better than this although hypnotize came close to the brilliance of this one."
etc, etc, etc... stupid people. :(

Sweet! Can I redeem those for sex points?
redeem? cool points = sexpoints.

11-19-2006, 08:40 PM
I will never understand why so many people like Toxicity more then Self-Titled.


I really didn't like mezmerize and hypnotize very much at all, and I only listen to Steal This Album ever once in a while.

toxicity is better received because it's not quite as heavy and it's more suited to the mainstream.

and mezmerize and hypnotized can barely be listened to as soad albums. it's very hard to compare them to the earlier work.

11-19-2006, 08:43 PM
I thought Mezmerize and Hypnotize were good. Mezmerize left me thoroughly unsatisfied despite the number of good songs on it but was still enjoyable.. and even though there are a few unforgivably bad songs (She's Like Heroin, for example) on it, I think Hypnotize is fucking phenomenal.

Steal This Album! is also unbelievably good <3

11-19-2006, 09:06 PM
Steal This Album-6/10

I don't know what it is but something about Steal This Album just annoys the hell out of me and Mezmerize I just genuinely don't like. Although, I do like Hypnotize I just don't listen to it much, probably because everytime I open my System of a Down folder Self-Titled is there.

Manic Subsidal Boy
11-19-2006, 11:43 PM

Iron Maiden: 7/10
Number of the Beast: 8.5/10
Piece of Mind: 8/10
Powerslave: 8/10
Live After Death: 9/10
Somewhere In Time: 10/10
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son: 7/10
No Prayer For The Dying: 4/10
Fear of the Dark: 3/10
X Factor: 0/10
Virtual XI: 0/10
Brave New World: 7.5/10
Dance of Death: 8/10
A Matter of Life and Death: 10/10

I Only wish they had less albums *Phew...*

Rock In Rio: ?/10
Live At Donington: ?/10

11-19-2006, 11:53 PM

Iron Maiden: 7/10
Number of the Beast: 8.5/10
Piece of Mind: 8/10
Powerslave: 8/10
Live After Death: 9/10
Somewhere In Time: 10/10
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son: 7/10
No Prayer For The Dying: 4/10
Fear of the Dark: 3/10
X Factor: 0/10
Virtual XI: 0/10
Brave New World: 7.5/10
Dance of Death: 8/10
A Matter of Life and Death: 10/10

I Only wish they had less albums *Phew...*

Rock In Rio: ?/10
Live At Donington: ?/10

Merely assigning numbers to albums is boring, lame, and not worth anyone's time. Someone interesting should review Maiden.

Manic Subsidal Boy
11-20-2006, 12:57 AM
Listen Up Bitch, you want more buy the albums or my book I'm now writing. It's avalible in paperback or hard cover. Here's a sneak preview right here... Enjoy yourself in bordom reading a pile of shit, which no one else want's to know about.

IRON MAIDEN (Self Titled)(April, 1980)

Couldn't have asked for more from Paul Di'anno or the rest of the band for their first album as Maiden. More bass in Killers (the following 1981 album) Yet an all round great vocals performance from Paul Di'Anno (to retire from I.M. after Killers)

Prowler (Track 1) A Personal favourite, very great mix of Guitar, Bass and Drums along with the best vocal performance on the album.

Sancuary (Track 2)
Smooth running from Prowler to Sancuary; great lyrical content. Lack of drums but flows well just the same.

Remember Tomorrow (Track 3)
Very symphonic. Softest song on the album, slow rock more so than metal. 2nd best vocals on this song. Could send a baby to sleep. Great ending riffs by Dave Murray.

Read more Here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron_Maiden_(album)), If you want a pile of crap more then just numbers. Enjoy a review on THREE out of NINE tracks of an album.

Up the Irons, and fuck you too.

11-20-2006, 01:06 AM

Fungus Amongus (4/5); First and favourite release by them. Very remeniscent of Mr. Bungle, but I love Mr. Bungle so I have no problem with that. Unfortunately to me when Incubus came into their own sound a bit more with later releases my interest in them wavered a bit, though I still like them. Favourite tracks here include Take Me to Your Leader, You Will Be a Hot Dancer and Medium.

S.C.I.E.N.C.E. (3.5/5); Though everyone claims it's their best album, I've never particularly enjoyed it that much. Vitamin is an amazing track however and possibly my favourite ever Incubus song. As a whole S.C.I.E.N.C.E. isn't that strong of an album unfortunately, and aside from Vitamin my favourite tracks include New Skin and A Certain Shade of Green.

Make Yourself (2/5); The role of Incubus's DJ becomes redundant here as they become a radio friendly rock band. As a whole this album isn't overly interesting, and contains some of the worst dribble of the band's career (Stellar, I Miss You). Among the mediocrity the standout tracks don't even standout that much, and are barely worth naming.

Morning View (1/5); I hate this album and everything on it.

A Crow Left of the Murder (3/5); A step in the right direction as Incubus turn it up a bit more. The role of the DJ is still pretty pointless, however they flare alright nonetheless. Sick Sad Little World is definitely the highlight track, and a few other standouts include Megalomaniac (despite stupid lyrics), Leech and Beware! Criminal. There are a few forgettable tracks (Agrophobia, Talk Shows on Mute) but otherwise this is a decent album overall.

11-20-2006, 01:09 AM
PS; I call The Living End for my next one.

Manic Subsidal Boy
11-20-2006, 01:23 AM
Don't Forget Hellbound and It's For Your Own Good, Can't be beat

11-20-2006, 02:20 AM
"Phone Call" is a great song even though it doesn't fit too well, and if you can get over the horrible lyrics in "Birth", you might have fun being grossed out as you're taken on this ride outside of a birth canal. Hot.
A lot of people slammed this album when it came out. They're faggots. Birth has ridiculously amazing lyrics. You're crazy. I like you, but you're crazy.

Features the song Life, which is one of my favorites, and some other great songs like Right Behind You and Middle of Yesterday.
Life is so fucking horrible and so pussified. In Repair, however, is amazing.

it'll be a while before SOAD comes out with anything again. They're on an indefinite hiatus.
Awesome, fuck that band.

Rawr, I'll contribute:

Matthew Good (Band)

Last of the Ghetto Astronauts (1995) 7/10?
Hi, this album has an amazing title. Sadly, I do not own it. The singles (released on In a Coma) are, however, quite good. Initially I disliked Alabama Motel Room (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDjEGNSgmfA) and found Symbolistic White Walls (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8Cxbt20-ZE) somewhat boring. Alabama... grew on me, Symbolistic... is still kind of boring. The videos for both of these singles aren't all that great either. Haven't Slept In Years is a song about the Elephant Man and presents a very bleak outlook on life.

Raygun EP (1996) 9/10
Raygun is a five song EP that contains two of the singles from Last of the Ghetto Astronauts (Alabama Motel Room and Haven't Slept in Years). On this EP is one of my favorite songs from the Matthew Good Band, Generation X-Wing. Because, seriously, I used to dream about your sister fucking me in the shower.

Underdogs (1997) 8/10
Underdogs brought to us some of Matthew Good Band's best singles/videos. I just fucking love watching Apparitions (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFLIAnbdbYI) (which pegs the desolation of working in an office overnight perfectly) back-to-back with Rico (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QevP3kwzM_A). The videos are made to flow with one another and tell the story of a janitor that works in an office building and the sort of things he encounters at his job and then shifts to said janitor imagining himself as a celebrity of sorts that gets to cut the line and walk straight into exclusive clubs. The fact that Matt pulls up at the beginning of the Rico video listening to Apparitions in his car is just awesome. Other noteworthy tracks include Indestructible (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zs62vdkIWx0) and Everything is Automatic (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_ttIAr_MpQ) (which just happen to also be singles with really fun videos).

Low-Fi B-Sides EP (1997) 9/10
Three song EP included with Underdogs, limited release of 5000. All three tracks are included on the second disc of In A Coma. MGB covers Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode, and it's beautiful. Born to Kill and Fated don't fail to deliver either (and yes, my name on Facebook is in reference to the aforementioned track, gg).

Beautiful Midnight (1999) 10/10
Two separate versions of this album were released, one for distribution in Canada and one for America. The American version has a few older MGB songs in place of the newer material. Hello Time Bomb (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxf_qnQMsas) was the first song that I ever heard by Matthew Good Band, and if you've never listened to them before I'd suggest starting there. The lyrics on this album are just amazing and if you don't own it I honestly and sincerely pity you. The video for Strange Days (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSrJ7K0OHL4) makes me want to weep like a fucking woman sometimes.

Loser Anthems (2001) 9/10
Probably the most distant of all of MGB's work. Two of the songs on this collection were demo'd for Beautiful Midnight and the rest were recorded solo by Matt in a twelve hour studio session [source] (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loser_Anthems). Flight Recorder from Viking7 is a stand out track for MGB, while Intermezzo: M. Good vs. M. Trolley just leaves you wondering what the fuck is going on.
A very slow and painfully beautiful follow up to the more rock oriented Beautiful Midnight.

The Audio of Being (2001) 10/10
The last album before the break-up of the Matthew Good Band does not fail to deliver. The opening track, Man of Action, builds and builds upon itself before bursting open in an epic guitar riff. Carmelina (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IaQUKVGRiI) opens in a heavy bass riff that continues throughout the entire song, until the very end when the song dims to Matt more or less speaking the chorus, before kicking back up to full energy once more. Tripoli contains a chorus of children looking for their handguns, which somehow works. Watch the video for Anti-Pop (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgg9o9uURmI), as it's ridiculously fun and mocks all of the previous videos released by the band. Seriously, check this album out.

Avalanche (2003) 7/10
The only album that I find myself bored with, somewhat around the middle. Avalanche contains really strong tracks, namely Weapon (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YKYh6uHFsQ), Pledge of Allegiance, 21st Century Living, and House of Smoke and Mirrors. I consider House of Smoke and Mirrors one of the best songs ever written (hi, it's my signature).

White Light Rock & Roll Review (2004) 7/10?
I haven't purchased this album yet and have really mixed views on the singles. Alert Status Red (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyDfMi0dFbA) is a really good rock song, with a video that sparked controversy due to its inclusion of clips from Columbine, North American for Life is very preachy and slams the American lifestyle really hard (which I find amusing), but It's Been A While Since I Was Your Man (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVOrPnZI7eg) never really grabbed my attention (I'll have to give it a few more listens before really passing judgement on it. I can't really rate this album, as I only know three songs from it (Canadians, help?).

In A Coma (2005) 9/10
Yes, I'm including the greatest hits on this review. In A Coma brings a lot more to the table than a standard issue greatest hits album. Included in this album are two of the more rare releases (Lo-Fi B-Sides and Loser Anthems) and an entire sub-album of acoustic reworkings. Three new songs are also present on the album (Oh Be Joyful, Big City Life, and Pony Boy), which do not fail to deliver. The third disc of the set includes the Rooms sessions and all of the videos released for singles by Matthew Good.

That took forever.

11-20-2006, 02:46 AM
You're crazy. I like you, but you're crazy.

Will Ferrel reference, ftw?

11-20-2006, 03:05 AM
stfu and watch the videos nigga.

11-20-2006, 03:40 AM
I honestly would give this album a high rating, but I think the only reason it's as huge and loved as it is is because of the timeless classic nostalgia associated with it. I don't think it's their best

The reason, or at least, I think the reason it's so popular with critics is because all of the things that shouldn't work on it and normally make a bad album make this album good because of the way they were executed. The stupid lyrics, really easy melodies and simple guitar parts which would usually make for an uninteresting album all work together to make something fairly unique.

Maladroit I LOVE.... probably my favorite.

I like it, I just don't think it's anything special.

11-20-2006, 04:17 AM
I'll do the Smashing Pumpkins (surprise, surprise.)

Gish (1991) 5/10
This clearly isn't my favorite of their music. Their debut album came out in 1991, and was only noticed on the alternative rock charts, not going very high. Some of the songs are alright. But they all seem to give off this feeling of psychadellic instrument masturbation, and the lyrics suck majorly. "Who wants the honey when you can have the money?"

Siamese Dream (1993) 7/10
This album enters in to the realm of more familiar Pumpkins music. For the time being, it defined their style. This is probably due to their line up at the time as much as anything else. The songs are simply just better. Their seems to be more feeling to them, instead of just drug-addled guitar solos. Most people are touched by Disarm. And Today, with it's happy feeling to it, is just a great song to listen to. Even though it's a sarcastic depiction of Corgan's suicide thoughts.

Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (1995) 9/10
Arguably their master piece. It is a double-disc concept album. The two discs last for little over two hours. If most bands were to do this it would become incredibly boring. However the variations in these two discs are more than enough to make up for that. Created in a fervor of creativity, it truly shows.

Adore (1998) 10/10
This is when the band dropped it's bassist and drummer and ventured into electronica music. Personally this is my favorite era of Pumpkin's music. Leaving traditional alternative rock and adopting clearly different styles. Adore was released after Corgan's divorce with his wife, and the death of his mother. And Corgan being the main artistic influence, it really comes out. From the beginning the album portrays a feeling of night-time and darkness. It's a great listening. With some of their best songs.

Machina/The Machines of God (1999) 9/10
Still experimenting with electronica music they venture back towards traditional rock. Blending elements of both. Machina is the concept album that Mellon Collie should've been. Depicting the story of a Musician gone insane with love. He splits his own band to create an alternative band. The lyrics are at their best, and emotional connectivity is probably at it's highest. This album and it's follower (Machina II: Friends and Enemies of Modern Music) will always be some of my favorites.

Stranger With Candy
11-20-2006, 06:49 AM
Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Red Hot Chili Peppers 2,6/5
Mommy Where's Daddy is one great song, like one of my favourites.
Green Heaven is another great song on this album, not to be missed!
The last track is also very good.
The others are a bit weird, a bit lacking, they just don't really do it.
But still worth buying!

Freaky Styely 3/5
This album was produced by George Clinton, so as you can guess, 'The Funk Stops Here'. The album has its high points, one of them being Anthony Kiedis' goofy quasi-sexual lyrics. There was one disappointment, though, this album lacks PUNCH. Cliff Martinez is a fine drummer, but accented snare hits might have paid off a bit more than repetitious 16-beat hi-hat patterns.

The Uplift Mofo Party Plan 3/5
Decent enough album just not quite the finished article some touches of class prevail through the likes of "Backwoods" and "Behind The Sun", "Me And My Friends" is a fondly remembered track but when the star single steals the show thats usually a bad indication "Fight Like A Brave" still remains the best track on the album.

Mother's Milk 3,9/5
it is much more upbeat than their new stuff, some of john frusciante's funkiest guitar playing i have heard. much more hard rocking, and the guitar is distorted much more, the tracks that stand out the most to me are "higher ground" and "knock me down" but the whole cd is pretty good, but definitely not as "mature" as their new stuff, but if you are a fan of rock/punk/ska/metal/rap/funk all intertwined, this is a great cd for you.

Blood Shugar Sex Magik 5/5
The album is exceptionally good with almost every track dealing out awesome funk rock riffs. John frusciante does a great job on this album especially on "Blood Sugar Sex Magik", "Suck My Kiss", "Funky Monks" and "Under the Bridge" but all the tracks on the album are faboulus. For any fan of music this is a must have for the collection it's a beatiful album that should be recognised for it's quality and success.

One Hot Minute 1,7/5
Not one of RHCP's better efforts. "Warped" is a hell of a good song, as are "Aeroplane", and "My Friends", but the rest of the CD leaves much to be desired. Plus, lyrics such as "Meet me at the coffee shop/we can dance like Iggy Pop" and "I'm a pacifist/So I can fuck your shit up" are definitely not the band's best.

Californication 5/5
A great album from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. This album showcases some of the band's best songs. "Californication" is an epic of a masterpiece and one of the band's very best songs. Other highlights include the powerful "Otherside" a brilliant Tune. "Around the World" and "Scar Tissue" are also relly good songs. Overall this isn't a high power rocking album like Blood Sugar Sex Magik this has a more relaxed and spiritual sound and it leaves the listener breathless.

By the Way 2/5
An amazingly adept sense of rhythm and melody stretched so thin as to be generic; as an EP this could have been the best release this year. However, hearing Keidis & Co retread the same few notes and riffs for a disc of this length is not nearly as engaging as you might think after hearing the spectacular first three tracks.

Stadium Arcadium 4,2/5
The fact that there are so many solid songs on this album make it just as good as a shorter album with no bad songs. RHCP combine all the different things they've done on past albums into almost every song. John Frusciante is easily the MVP here. He knocks out solos straight from early seventies Funkadelic on every other cut. Listening all the way through in one sitting is not recommended, but each disc could have been a very good full album.

11-20-2006, 12:22 PM
Husker Du.

1.) Everything Falls Apart 3.5/5. Very promising album. It manages to take hardcore punk rock, and actually give it something to show off instead of just being a pile of redundant crap that repeats for 15 songs. Still, the they don't completely avoid the trappings that most hardcore bands fall into, so it gets kind of old.

2.) Zen Arcade. 4.5/5. Possibly the greatest hardcore album ever made. The reason is because unlike almost every hardcore band to come out in the 80's, this album actually contains a lot of intelligence, musicianship, and diversity. Mixing hardcore with psychadelic, pop, folk, and almost any other genre they could get in there, it paints a completely different picture than the standard 3-chord yawnfests. The only thing keeping it from a 5/5 is that the production fucking sucks. I love lo-fi, but some of the songs on here are completely ruined by a complete lack of recording technique. The drums lack any real punch to them, and the vocals are buried.

3.) New Day Rising. 5/5. Most fans consider this a masterpiece, and I can't disagree. Perfectly mixes the styles they gave us on Zen Arcade with a growing sense of musical maturity. Songs like "The Girl Who Lived on Heaven Hill" and "Books About UFO's", while being drentched in heavy feedback and distortion, have amazing sing-a-long melodies underneath the abrasive punk exterior. A great middle ground between the first and second halfs of their career.

4.) Flip Your Wig. 5/5. Further exploring the power-pop of New Day Rising, Husker Du create a pop-rock masterpiece. First off, the production is miles ahead of their earlier albums. Here everything sounds clean and bigger, while keeping all of their energy. It's every bit as energetic as their earlier work, but now they focus on melodies and real song structures rather than just a barrage of chords. This album is especially impressive when you note that it was done only a few months after New Day Rising, and yet they sound almost nothing alike.

5.) Candy Apple Grey. 3/5. The Husker's worst album. It has some decent material on it like "I Don't Want to Know If You Are Lonely" and "Sorry Somehow", but as a whole it sounds very disconnected. There's no real flow to it, and in a lot of places it sounds like a b-side album. Also, while I appreciate the effort, Bob Mould's 2 acoustic ballads really feel out of place on a Husker Du album, and they're not really all that great when stacked against his acoustic work he later did with his solo career. Grant Hart's songs tend to be the highlights of the album, which is odd considering usually the two are fairly equal in terms of quality.

6.) Warehouse: Stories and Songs. 4/5. Husker Du was basically in the process of breaking up when this was recorded, but it doesn't sound like it all that much. Here, the band is at top form when it comes to the power-pop recordings of their later years. There are no big experiments here, unlike all of their previous records, just solid pop-rock that could have easily fit on "Flip Your Wig". But, that doesn't make it a bad album. The songs are very well written, and between the two songwriters, Bob Mould's songs seem to be the strongest, all of which hit pretty hard. Hart's aren't bad by any means, but there's something lacking in them that it's impossible to put my finger on. Either way, though, this is a great final album for the band as it really shows how far they got in such a short time.

Nineteen Seventy Nine
11-20-2006, 12:41 PM
Riverboat Gamblers, a band no one has ever heard of, but is worth checking out.

Riverboat Gamblers: 7.5/10

Like all Riverboat Gamblers songs to come, these ones are catchy and short. Every song almost sounds the same, but it's impossible to confuse any two. There isn't much talent involved, and there are a lot of "woah"s. The music doesn't really go together, but it doesn't really sound that bad. It sure isn't hi-fi material, though. This isn't the best place to start, because it will sound a lot better once you hear some of the later stuff.

Something To Crow About: 9.5/10

The songs are even more catchy, and the music makes a bit more sense. You still can't fully hear every lyric sung, but it's pleasing to the ears. There might be even more "woah"s and "hey"s. This is certainly their best work. I rate this album but how much I like it, not by how good it really is. This is everyone's favorite, and I must go with the flow and give this album a really high score. These are songs to be stuck in your head for days.

Backsides: 6/10

What happened, Gamblers? First of all, this CD sounds awful, this is too lo-fi. It has some good songs on here. Plus, the music agrees even more with everything else. The only problem is, the songs just aren't as good. Period. There are only several songs that can compare to Something To Crow About and the coming To The Confusion of Our Enemies. This score would be lower if it wasn't for the slight increase in musical ability.

To The Confusion of Our Enemies: 8.5/10

They went from really lo-fi crap to really hi-fi art. There are now backup vocals, and you can hear the lyrics! The rerecorded the best song on Backsides, and even added some of their best songs. Problem is, some of the songs that aren't the best, are annoying. That's probably the only reason this isn't as good as, or even better, than Something To Crow About. Another reason is that they somewhat lost their true raw punk Riverboat Gamblers sound, and like Mitch Clem says, "radio-friendly". Great album, none the less.

11-20-2006, 02:00 PM
Big D and the Kids Table

Shot By Lammi: 8/10
This cd is a split released with Drexel. It should have a much higher rating, this is actually a terrific album. However since it's a split, it's very short for a Big D album, and most of the Drexel songs are generic and somewhat lame. Most of the Big D songs are magnificent though, they manage to blend in ska, punk, jazz, and some verses in songs almost seem rap-like. Suggestions: Conserve, Quiet Room, Draw The Line.

Good Luck: 9/10
I Love this album. It's one of my favorites of all time. They still had two singers back when this was released, and they manage to work with the dual vocals perfectly. They still have lots of Ska and Punk elements that show through on this album. Songs can range from slow and beautiful sounding to angry and full of energy. Only reason it didn't get full points is because I hate the song Dirt Lip, which is supposed to be funny, but they fail big time. Suggestions: 51 Gardner, Myself, Can't Be Caught

Porch Life: N/A
I'm not grading this one, because I don't count it as a real Big D album. This Cd contains different versions of many songs featured on their first two albums. It's a rap album. No, seriously. You can still hear some elements of what songs used to be, but it is straight up... Gangsta Rap. I haven't actually heard all of it, as it's the one release that I've neglected to buy. The song that sound most like itself is Phatmothafucka (which was 'Fatman' on Good Luck) Suggestions: Phatmothafucka, Stovetop Freestyle

Gipsy Hill: 7/10
Technically, this is an EP. But being Big D, they load up the album with ten songs anyway, so I'll grade it. With this album they take a step away from their earlier releases. Firstly, one of the vocalists quits, leaving David McWane to take on the role of lead singer all by his lonesome. That means no rap-like dual vocals on the verses, which was a trademark of older Big D. Also, they have stepped away from the more traditional upstroking ska guitar and have progressed more into a Pop-Punk with Horns type deal. Despite this, it's still a great album, just a little different than their previous two. Suggestions: Those Kids Suck, Checklist, The Difference

How It Goes: 9/10
The band sticks with it's Pop-punk with horns feel. The band does show instances of it's old self though, as it has a few more traditional ska sounding songs. The album is very diverse. It dips from bouncy, fun ska (You Lost You're Crazy) to a straight up Pop-punk Anthem (Moment Without an End) to the truly beautiful Safe Haven. Songs range from being very slow and relaxing to extremely energetic and very heavy sounding. LAX is the fan favorite on this album, however I find that it is one of the weaker points. It's gimmicked up with redundant swearing, and the band comes off as whiny and somewhat annoying. It doesn't matter though, other songs make up for it. Theres even A Specials cover of Little Bitch. Suggestions: You Lost You're Crazy, You're Me Now, Flashlight

11-20-2006, 03:26 PM
I was about to do Muse but I'll do Nine Inch Nails instead.

Pretty Hate Machine 8/10
Very good first effort especially when you do the album entirely by yourself but this itself leads to it's only real downfall. The fact it's just synthetic drums, synths and distorted guitars take away things from the songs. I mean for example, Terrible Lie is very loud when performed live, the "Hey God!" parts are done very strong as well. But on the album, it sounds sort of weak. Overall, it's a great album, just no real power behind the songs.

Download: Head Like a Hole, Terrible Lie, Kinda I Want To, Sin, Something I Can Never Have

Broken ep 10/10
Not officially an album but I consider it to be a mini album itself. In contrast to Pretty Hate Machine, this album is very powerful. It's all sort of just 30+ minutes of pure anger. But it's been put together very well with the 2 sort of instrumental tracks adding to the very good flow of this cd. One of Nin's finest cd's, not a single weak moment.

Download:Wish, Last, Happiness In Slavery, Physical (You're So), Suck

The Downward Spiral 8.5/10
Another very angry album but with a great concept, possibly the best concept album of the 90's. Often regarded he best album by them but I disagree. I don't know why, it just seems to be missing something. But this album is great for the 3 singles released off it alone.

Download: Mr Self Destruct, Piggy, March of the Pigs, Closer, Hurt

The Fragile (Left Disc) 11/10
The Left (aka first disc) of this album is pretty much perfect, every track just gets better and better and it always sounds brand new. It's everything I love about this band into 50+ minutes. The songs progress quite good too. To put it briefly, it's the best thing Trent has recorded.

Download: Somewhat Damaged, The Day The World Went Away, The Frail/The Wretched, The Fragile, Even Deeper, The Great Below

(Right Disc) 8.5/10
Awesome but just not as good as the first disc. This disc differs from the Left as it has more bass lead tracks. Also more instrumental tracks but overall good album.

Download: Into The Void, Where Is Everybody?, The Mark Has Been Made, Underneath It All, Ripe (With Decay)

And All That Could Have Been 9/10
Fantastic live album. The fact that this band are one of the best live acts around helps a lot too. Also the songs off Pretty Hate Machine sound 100 times better. Also the set list is great and is taken from the Fragility tour 2.0 which is often said to have the best line-up (although I think the current line up is better).

Download: Terrible Lie, Sin, Piggy, Hurt

Still (And All that Could Have Been bonus disc) 8/10
This mainly piano re-mixes of old songs. The only 3 songs that I've really listened to are The Becoming, The Fragile and Something I Can Never Have. All are better than the original versions so yeah this something you should check out.

Download:The Becoming, The Fragile, Something I Can Never Have

With Teeth 7.5/10
Now this isn't a bad album but it is the worst Nine Inch Nails album by far. There are several reasons why. One reason is because I was expecting something completely different.The fact Dave Grohl was drumming gave me the impression that it would be a harder album (as he has had that sort of influence on a lot of things he does). Another thing was there were too many weak points. The chorus for You Know What You Are? is fucking annoying. With Teeth was also annoying (Ah-With-Ah Teeth-Ah!). The Line Begins To Blur was just crap. Love Is Not Enough is very forgettable. The Hand That Feeds/Only also not very memorable. The Collector building up to nothing. But amongst all this, there are some very good points. The end of You Know What You Are? is pretty damn sweet (the build up). The song With Teeth makes up for it's meh-ness with the quiet part in the middle just going into the last chorus all of a sudden. The lyrics for Every Day Is Exactly The Same are awesome. And the songs All The Love In The World, Beside You In Time and Right Where It Belongs are excellent tracks. So yeah, overall you don't really need to bother with this album.

Download: All The Love In The World, Beside You In Time, Right Where It Belongs

EDIT: I plan to do beck next.

11-20-2006, 03:31 PM

Showbiz - 4/5 - Their first album (Muscle Museum is technically an EP), it features some exceptionally strong tracks, such as Sunburn, Showbiz, and Muscle Museum. Most of the tracks are extremely enjoyable and are great examples of the mix of styles Muse enjoy using in their tracks, keeping each song enjoyable all the way through. However, this album suffers from some of the most uninteresting Muse tracks of all time to balance this, such as Fillip and Falling Down. Both of these either have a very strange and uncomfortable aspect to them which does not go along with the general flow of Muse songs, or an annoying amount of repetition.

Origin of Symmetry - 5/5 - This is an absolutely amazing album. I can't think of a single track on it I don't like, and it's a kickass ride right from the beginning notes of New Born until the organ crescendo at the end of Megalomania. Within these, you find aggressive piano (Space Dementia), a very fun amount of synthesizer (Bliss), some insane vocal work (Micro Cuts), and a rocking cover of a jazz song (Feeling Good). The entire album just rocks hard, though - and although the production on this isn't as high-end as their later albums, it's quite good enough and works perfectly with every single song. All in all, my favorite album of all time and a definite must-have.

Absolution - 3.5/5 The main problem with Absolution is that you can end up getting tired of the songs. Each song is listenable and even enjoyable (more than enjoyable on tracks like Hysteria, Time Is Running Out, Dying Thoughts of an Atheist, and Butterflies and Hurricanes). Songs that rank as merely "good" songs also exist on this CD, such as Stockholm Syndrome and The Small Print - but just like on Showbiz, the few songs that just don't cut it ruin the flow of the album. Apocalypse Please, the first real track on the album, is too long for the repetition it suffers, and Falling Away With You can't be called anything but annoying during the verse. The second half of the album, however, kicks some major ass, including the song Endlessly, a much softer song that still manages to hit the perfect spot. Over and over again. The combination of the instrumental Interlude, Hysteria, Blackout (another instrumental) and the colossal Butterflies and Hurricanes is probably the strongest part of the album, just fluctuating perfectly.

Black Holes and Revelations - 4.5/5 - A really, really good album. It's got gold in this, this one. From Exo-politics to Take a Bow and far, far up to Knights of Cydonia, it's just filled with some fucking brilliance. Only problem? The second song on the album is Starlight, which sounds like Muse went happy-pop for a while, and not in a good way. Other than that, no complaints.

11-20-2006, 07:27 PM
Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Red Hot Chili Peppers 2,6/5

Freaky Styely 3/5

The Uplift Mofo Party Plan 3/5
those three albums bore me and all sound the same for the most part :-/

Blood Shugar Sex Magik 5/5

Californication 5/5
agreed 100%!

One Hot Minute 1,7/10
why is this album suddenly out of 10? 1.7 out of 10?? it's seriously not that bad. It's also better than s/t, uplift, and freakey... seriously...

By the Way 2/5

Stadium Arcadium 4,2/5
what?? SA is better than mother's milk?? and by the way is worse than the first three?? You are crazy!! haha.

Why didn't I do this before? TOOL.

Undertow 7/10. "Intolerance", "Prison Sex", and of course, "Sober" start the album off awesomely. Those are the only songs that stand out on the album, though, and I get bored after a bit. the 69 tracks idea is funny or whatever, but it's annoying.

Aenima 9.5/10. I would agree that there's a chance that the only reason this album isn't 10/10 is because it's the second Tool album I got, and Lateralus turned me on to them so well that nothing else could compare. "Pushit", "Eulogy", "Aenima", "Hooker with a Penis", "Jimmy", and the wonderful "Die Eier von Satan" make this album amazing. I didn't like that they started putting the weird filler tracks on, though. I get the point, but I always skip them and it's annoying. (Ions, Cesaro Summability, Message to Harry Manback).

Lateralus 10/10. One of the best albums of my life. Seriously. LOOOOVE Reflection and Lateralus. The Grudge, The Patient, Parabol/Parabola, Ticks and Leeches... just amazing. The weird inbetween tracks aren't as annoying on this one, and I don't have to skip them (Eon Blue Apocalypse, Mantra, Disposition). This album doesn't end strongly, though. Fiaap de Oiad should've been in the middle of the album, not at the end. It's just a really strong record with some absolutely amazing songs. And "Reflection" is just genius. That and Lateralus are songs that are long because they had to be, not because they wanted to make long songs.

10,000 Days 9.5/10. This album is so underrated by fans. I've heard so many people say they want the "old Tool back" or something. I don't think it's different. But I do think it's awesome. I loooooooooooove Wings for Marie/10,000 Days (Wings pt. 2). I could loop those two for days. The Pot is terrific. It doesn't sound like anything they've ever done before, and the bass line is sweet. Rosetta Stoned is absolutely terrific. I felt like this album was a step back toward the days of Aenima, which is what fans wanted. Also, by far the best album art I've ever seen in my life.

11-21-2006, 04:08 AM
Collective Soul

Hints, Allegations, and Things Left Unsaid 7.5/10 For a band's absolute debut to go famous with the first song on their first album, that's pretty awesome. And a deserving song, too ("Shine"). There are some killer songs on here, and the guitarwork is pretty sweet. About halfway through, though, I forget it's on because it all starts to blend together. The production is quite poor too. It's pretty obvious Ed was new and would have to work on his voice some.

Collective Soul 8.5/10 I honestly think this album is rather overrated. It's by far the most famous album the band ever created, and while the singles off here are amazing, very little of anything else catches my attention. "The World I Know" might be the best and most touching ballad ever, and "December" is one hell of a powerful rock song, but a lot of the rest is just major filler.

Disciplined Breakdown 9.5/10 The band finally started to come into its own and stopped sounding like typical grunge. This is one of the band's least noticed albums, but it is one of their best. The title track, "Prescious Declaration", "Maybe", "Listen", "Link"... etc... almost every song on here stands out to me. It's super catchy, clean, smart, and well made.

Dosage 10/10 This one saw decent success, but wasn't super popular because of its softer sound. Only the first two songs are really rockers. The album kicks ass, though, on ballads and really well done songs. Plus the two initial songs really open the album well. "Dandy Life" sounds like nothing they have EVER done, and I love it. The lyrics here are some of their best, too.

Blender 6.5/10 First CS album I ever got, and I loved it when I got it. It got me into them. Then I realized that every single other thing they made was way better. Not only the songs, but the album art, are proof that the band was trying to fit in with boy bands and popular mainstream. I didn't work. There are maybe 3 really good songs on here (especially "Perfect Day" with Elton John)... but the lyrics are quite bad, and many of the songs run together and are just boring.

Youth 10/10 I think this is my favorite one. It's their latest, and their 6th studio album... and it's incredible. The two ballads are GORGEOUS, and the entire rest of the album makes me want to party and dance. The lyrics are awesome, and the guitar work is great. It might be because Ross left the band and the new guitarist had some new ideas. Ed's voice has become inCREDIBLE now that he knows how to use it, and everything in general has just become awesome. They're probably done or close to it, being a rather "washed up" band.... but I sure hope they're not!

7even Year Itch 8/10 Greatest Hits album. The new songs on here were great, though, and the album was well organized. Plus they have great singles.

From the Ground Up EP 7/10 Love the new song "Youth", but most of the songs they picked for this were lame and shouldn't have been done acoustic.

Live in Atlanta 10/10 Absolutely love them live. Ed's voice is so powerful. Plus, the Atlanta Youth Symphony Orchestra adds SO MUCH to their sound. I watch and listen to the DVD version all the time... just incredible.

Stranger With Candy
11-21-2006, 06:36 AM
why is this album suddenly out of 10? 1.7 out of 10?? it's seriously not that bad. It's also better than s/t, uplift, and freakey... seriously...

sorry, thats a typo.

what?? SA is better than mother's milk?? and by the way is worse than the first three?? You are crazy!! haha.

im one hell of a madman

11-23-2006, 05:28 PM
The Descendents.

1.) Milo Goes to College.4.5/5. This album is simple, stupid, and amaturish, and that's exactly why it's so great. It has a certain charm that very few records have, and it's one of the most fun albums I've ever heard. It's really short, but that means there's not enough time to get bored with it. The only song on it I don't like is "Parents", which is just too dumb to be any real good.

2.) I Don't Want to Grow Up.4/5. A pretty damn good album that shows a lot of maturity in this band, but still, it just doesn't hit as hard as Milo. "No FB", "Rockstar", and "In Love This Way" are pure filler. The rest, however, is just as good or better than the songs on their first album.

3.) Enjoy!2/5. Horrible for the most part. Half of the songs are stupid little half-assed ideas, others are just recordings of farts put to music, and there's really only 3 songs worth hearing. Luckily, all 3 of those are Descendents classics. The Beachboys cover "Wendy", "Cheer", and "When I Get the Time" are all great, but they don't redeem the rest of the album.

4.) ALL.3/5. This album is really pretty interesting. Here, the band takes on a more metal-approach to their usual sound. Unfourtunatly, as cool as it is, the songs themselves just aren't good. "All" and "No, ALL!" are cute, but take up place, luckily it's not a lot of space. "Clean Sheets" and "Pep Talk" are actually pretty good, but not up to par with some of their best. Aside from that there's not much else here. None of the stuff left is bad, or at least not on the level of the stuff from Enjoy, but still there's nothing really special about them.

5.) Everything Sucks.4/5. Here, the band returns to form. Again moving towards more mainstream pop-punk, like with "Grow Up", this album rocks. There's not anything really unique or amazing about it, it's just a good, fun album, and really that's all you need from the Descendents.

6.) Cool To Be You.5/5. The Descendents?! MATURE?! WHAAAAT? But all lame jokes aside, the mature, intelligent side of the Descendents seen on this album is surprisingly good. Now granted, a mature Descendents is still kind of quirky and playful, but it works. The only real jokey songs here are "Mass Nerder" and "Blast Off", but they work really well because they're a lot more clever than some of the other jokey songs they've done. The rest of the album is a lot more serious, but still fun. A really refreshing album.

11-24-2006, 03:53 AM
The Living End

The Living End (5/5); Hitting the ground running on their first album. One of the greatest debuts I've ever heard, this album rocks harder than anything on the Australian rock scene both then and now. Tracks such as Prisoner of Society, Second Solution, West End Riot and I Want a Day to merely name a few are pretty much faultless, and will leave you wanting more. Though it is a bit rebel for the sake of rebelling, the music's great.

Roll On (4/5); Decent follow-up to their self-titled debut, though good as it is it doesn't match up. In it's favour however, it has an equal cast of stand-out tracks, some of which include Roll On, Pictures in the Mirror, Blood on Your Hands and Uncle Harry. The sound doesn't differ much from their first album, though it fails to disappoint.

Modern ARTillery (4/5); Another good album, which sees the band heading into uncharted territories. Though they're at their best when they're rocking hard, they manage to prove there is more to them on this album. Unlike other albums, Modern ARTillery gives us a chance to catch our breath a bit with slower numbers such as Putting You Down and In the End, though In the End is a pretty simple track. The closing track The Room is also epic.

State of Emergency (4/5); More new tricks on this album. Starts off very powerfully with the fast and racey Til the End, and shows no signs of slowing down as it goes into Long Live the Weekend. It does however stop and catch it's breath straight after with No Way Out, and then it's back to work once more. The band get their balance between hard rockin' and slow jammin' just right. Highlights include Til the End, Long Live the Weekend, Wake Up and Black Cat. Disappointments include Nothing Lasts Forever.

11-24-2006, 04:47 PM
Ok, all the Beck albums released on major label.

Mellow Gold (1994) 8/10
Upon first listening to this album I only liked a few songs as well, some of this stuff is bizarre. This is sort of like a folk-rock-hip-hop album. Every so often he does something completely different. Example, the song Mutheruker with the distorted vocals and bass sounds like it would work well on a metal album. Overall, once I listened to it 2-3 times, I grew to love this album. But because of that, no 10.

Odelay (1996) 8/10
Being his most critically acclaimed album to date appearing in almost every top [insert number here] albums of all time, you'd think it's his best. But what you get on here is pretty sweet. I mean anyone that gets away sampling a piece of Classical music in the middle of a full on Rap-Rock song is the man in my eyes. Again, you have everything on this album. You have folk/country sounds of Lord Only Knows. The full on Psychedelic sounds of The New Pollution. The Hip-Hop sounds of Where It's At. It has a lot in it and it's done so well. But still, I just think it misses something that stops me saying it's his best piece of work, but definitely for first time listeners.

Mutations (1998) 9/10
This album has a more fresh feel to it laying off the Hip-Hop and trading it for more of a Blues/Tropical sound. The best thing about this album though is the fact it sounds better every time you listen to it as you sort of pick something new up with each listen. Also, good lyrics.

Midnite Vultures (1999) 10/10
Best.Beck.Album.Ever. This album sounds nothing like what he has/will record. This takes a more funky 80's sound with the main influence being Prince. Everything about this album is great. Funky sounds, great lyrics. It's just Beck at probably his most experimental.

Sea Change (2002) 9/10
So you've just recorded some very 80's funky style of music, so what next? FOLK ROCK! Not exactly the most predictable direction but hey who does predict what he does. This is Beck at his most emotional sound. Despite the fact there is a background band there, you just imagine the man on his own with an acoustic guitar singing his heart out (I'm so emo olololololololollo). As a result of this you get some really good tracks, for example the build up for Sunday Sun is amazing and the simplicity of Lost Cause is excellent. Yet again, he records another amazing album.

Guero (2005) 7.5/10
So you have all those albums of pure gold then you have this. Not saying Guero is bad but it's his worst album. It's all too safe for me. He doesn't really go and try anything that new. It just seems like he just wants to record Odelay all over again. It has some majorly funky moments (Hell Yes, Qué Onda Guero) but nothing amazing. To keep it short and sweet, good but not amazing.

The Information (2006) 9/10
I was a bit worried about hearing this. A new album so soon, surely it has been rushed. I then stopped worrying after hearing We Dance Alone a full on electro track. This was a first and it worked really well (people will probably consider it hip-hop as well). A lot of this is what people love about Beck but done better. Again, you have everything in this. Electro, Hip-Hop, Hard Rock heck even a bit of folk. I think this is the album Beck wanted Guero to be but it never quite got there. All in all a great listen and also awesome artwork! xD

Camel Filters
11-24-2006, 05:33 PM
I'll do weird al yankovic. I have all 16 of his albums including the compilation albums.

Studio albums:
Weird al yankovic (1983) 6/10
I'm not really familiar with the perody's on this Cd because I wasn't born back then. Ricky and another one rides the bus are my favorites. but other then that I didn't care for the other songs. but not bad for a first studio album.

weird al yankovic in 3D (1984) 5/10
Same thing as the first album. I'm not really familiar with the perodys. I liked the brady bunch song and ricky. I didn't like his polka because I didn't know any of the songs that he was making fun of. but he's gotta do better for a second album.

Dare to be stupid (1985) 7/10
This one was a little better then the first 2. I liked girls just want to have lunch, yoda, george of the jungle and dare to be stupid. I was a little familier with his perodys on this Cd because I heard some of the original songs before I started to get in to weird Al. I think if he waits more then a year between albums, his Cd;s would be a hell of a lot better.

Polka party (1986) 5/10
again, I think he needs to wait more then a year before releasing a new CD. I liked don't wear those shoes, good enough for now, and christmas at ground zero. I think he should have been more creative and had all the songs be polkas to make the title of the album more accurate.

Even worse (1988) 9/10
This was a decent album. I liked almost every song. the only song that I didn't care for was "you make me". "good old days" and "I think I'm a clone now" are my favorite songs on the album. "good old days" sounded like a perody when I first heard it but I can't find the original song so I'm guessing it's one of his original songs.

UHF (1989) 5/10
I liked biggest ball of twine in Minnesota and spam. I guess I liked money for nothing/beverly hillbilies but that song was on 2 of his compalation Cd's, which I had before I bought this album so I was kind of sick of that song. but other then that, I wasn't a big fan of the other songs.

off the deep end (1992) 7/10
I loved the album cover, mocking Nirvana's "nevermind" album. And smells like Nirvana is a classic and the lyrics goes along nicely with the song he was mocking "smells like teen spirit". I also liked "you don't love me anymore" I lmao everytime I listen to this song. I give him a 7 because I think he could have done a little better after taking his longest break between Cd's. but all in all, not a bad cd.

Alapalooza (1993) 9/10
This was a decent album. I liked almost every song on it. I relly liked "Jurassic park" and "Franks 2000" T.V." The only song I didn't care for was "waffle King".

Bad Hair day (1996) 10/10
My first 10/10 rating. I was really inpressed with this album. I loved every song on this album. my favorite songs on this CD are amish paridis, everything you know is wrong, phony calls, and the night santa went crazy. If you ever want to get in to weird all then I recommend this to be your first album.

Running with scissors (1999) 10/10
this was the first Cd I got from Weird Al. I got it for christmas and I've been obseesed with him ever since. This is probably my second favorite album from him. The sega begins, Jerry springer and pretty fly for a rabbi(offspring perody) are my favorite songs on the album.

Poodle hat (1993) 10/10
This is my all time favorite weird al CD's. I love "why does this always happen to me" because he takes a serious sitution in to a joke saying that he only thinks about himself. for instance a guy who he lunch with died in a car accident and he still owes weird al 5 bucks for lunch and all he can think about is never getting his 5 bucks back. I lol every time i here that song. I also liked a complicated song and ode to a super hero. but every song is good.

Straight otta lynwood (2006) 10/10
another 10/10. white and nerdy, canadian idiot are both good songs. Don't download this song is my favorite song on this album because I hate people who download music. you never know what your missing if you don't buy the entire album. Not that this song is going to stop people from downloading music. but I still liked every song on this album.

Greatest hits (1998) 9/10
Not bad for a greatest hits compalation. I think he did a good job picking the songs.

the food album (1993) 8/10
this album is a good album to listen to if your hungry. I think he should have waited till the end of his career to make this kind of compliation because he made 2 more songs about food since this release. "grapefruit diet" and "trapped in the drive thru" but not a bad idea for a compilation.

Greatest hits (1994) 9/10
another great selection of songs. It's always good to have 2 copys of a song incase the song gets scrached on the original album then you can put in the greatest hits Cd and listen to it.

the T.v. album (1995) 10/10
A great selection of all of his T.v songs. but same thing with the food album, he should have waited till the end of his careerto make this album as well. because he made 2 more T.v songs. "coach potato" and "jerry springer".

I'm sure he's going to do a greatest hits 3 towards the end of his career.

11-25-2006, 09:51 AM
The other person who did Green Day didn't do a very good job, so I'm doing them.

1.) 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours. 3.5/5. A good effort for a debut, but the fact that it's a debut shows a lot. For one, the Husker Du influence is really obvious here, seeing as Billie's guitar style basically imitates Bob Mould's. But, there are some really fun songs here. That's basically all this album is, but that's nice to have sometimes.

2.) Kerplunk. 4.5/5. Really, really big step from the first album. The songwriting is more established, and Billie has finally developled his own style. Lyrically, the album is a lot more polished and a lot less immature than the first one. The songs take on a lot of subjects that, when you're 14-16, really hit you. There are some classics hidden here that don't seem to get recognition like they should.

3.) Dookie. 4/5. This album is actually pretty overrated. It's not all that different from Kerplunk in terms of subject matter and sound, the main difference is really just the production. But, there are still some good songs here. "When I Come Around", despite being overplayed is still an incredibly well written song, especially for pop-punk. "Coming Clean", "Sassafras Roots", and "Having a Blast" are all classics. But, as a whole, it's just not anything amazing and there's a few forgettable tracks, especially towards the end.

4.) Insomniac. 5/5. Darker, moodier, and angier than any of their albums before. The subject matter is very blunt here instead of hidden behind playful metaphors and sing-a-long choruses. But, underneath all of that, the songs are still just as catchy and well-written as anything else they've done. "Geek Stink Breath", "Stuart and the Ave.", and "Westbound Sign" are some of the best songs in their entire career. Very underrated album.

5.) Nimrod. 5/5. Moving away from Insomniac by maturing and taking a more adult approach to pop-punk, this album is really interesting in a lot of ways. It goes in quite a few different directions from angry hard punk ("Platypus"), snotty pop-punk ("The Grouch"), intelligent power-pop ("Scattered"), and classic Green Day pop-punk with a more grown up edge ("Nice Guys Finish Last"). The album also has a little bit of an experimental side to it, which "Redundant", "Hitchin' a Ride", "Last Ride In", "Walking Alone", and "Take Back". Also, I'd nominate "Uptight" as the single most underrated Green Day song of their career.

6.) Warning. 5/5. The last of the trilogy of classics, Warning moves in a totally different direction than any Green Day album before it. Think early R.E.M.-meets Green Day-meets early Beatles. Basically, it's Green Day's take on folk rock and jangle rock, and damn, it's good. Some of the catchiest songs they've done, but also the lyrics are just plain great here and Billie is at the top of his game. It's a shame that a lot of people hate this album, but frankly I'd actually go as far as calling it their best. The stripped down approach puts their gift at melodies right up front. Also, "Misery" may be the most ambitious track they've ever done, and I'd love to see more like it.

7.) Shenannigans. 3/5. It's a b-side album, and it feels like one. It's not that there's nothing good here. "Scumbag" and "Do Da Do Da" are really fun, and their cover of the Kinks' "Tired of Waiting" are really solid. But, there's just a lot of stuff here that's not great. "Don't Want to Fall In Love" and "On the Wagon" are just plain bad, and "Rotting" gets annoying after a few listens. Plus, as a whole, there's no flow to it.

8.) American Idiot. 4/5. I almost don't want to review it because of all of the hype around and how controversial it is here. But, looking at the album itself and ignoring everything else, it's actually not that bad. The songwriting is solid for the most part, and the lyrics, while a step down, do what they set out to do. The mixture of arena rock and punk rock surprisngly works on most of the tracks. The only song I really don't like is "Wake Me Up When September Ends", because everything about it is a cliche from the lyrics to the guitar part. The rest of the album, however, holds up really well.

11-25-2006, 10:45 AM
Also, I'd nominate "Uptight" as the single most underrated Green Day song of their career.
I'm not even a big Green Day fan, and I completely agree with you on this. Uptight is one of my favorite Green Day songs. It really breaks a lot of standards. For example, its structure. It just has the two quiet verses and then you never hear that part again because it moves on into the faster, louder chorus which goes on until the end of the song. That always struck me as really original and it stops the song from sounding too repetitive. Then, there's the lyrics. It's sort of a suicide song, and no one hates suicide songs more than me. But these lyrics are really awesome. It's an original take on some fucked up guy who may or may not waste himself, and while serious at its core, the song maintains a sense of humor. Billie even quotes Yogi Berra! Anyone who manages to quote Yogi Berra in a suicide song earns my respect right away.

Anyway, the tone sort of makes me think it's about a guy who's probably a drug addict, can't sleep, and thinks about suicide but at the same time can see his own depression with sarcasm and humor, and therefore really might not be quite as angry as he thinks he is.

Professor Chaos
11-25-2006, 11:39 AM
Okay, I'm gonna give this a shot, but I'm bad at these kinds of things... so bear with me here...

Mindless Self Indulgence

Mindless Self Indulgence - 2/10
I really really dislike this album. As much as I've tried to not hate it... I just can't help it. I wish I could be like others, and say "for a first effort, it's really not all that bad,"... but it really is that bad. Every song on here is too repetitive, and they could've shortened each one by a minute. There's really only like four songs on it, and then there's an edited version of a song, a remix of a song, and an extended version of a song, which isn't necessary at all, and a "Part Two," which is pretty much the same as the first with different music. The only song I like is Kick, and it's just a simple little techno instrumental.

Tight - 10/10
Ahhh, now MSI has found their sound, and how. Tight is considered by many fans to be the best MSI album ever, and I can't say I blame them. Everything about this album is pretty much perfect. Some of the songs are still a little repetitive, but they're a lot more listenable on this album. Some standout tracks are Pussy All Night, Tight, Molly, Tornado, Bite Your Rhymes, and Bring the Pain, one of the few cover songs in history that far surpasses the original.

Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy - 12/10
This is definitely my favorite MSI record. This CD almost sounds like it was made by cocaine fueled, perverted, homicidal maniacs...and I love it. Most of the songs are in the 1-2 minute range, but they get a lot done in such a short time. I also love the fact that the songs are in alphabetical order, yet the CD flows so perfectly. Check out Backmask, Boomin', Clarissa, Cocaine and Toupees, Golden I, I Hate Jimmy Page, Keepin' Up With the Kids, Kill the Rock, Last Time I Tried to Rock Your World, Planet of the Ape, Ready for Love, Seven-Eleven.... Just download the whole thing. Industrial Pussy Punk at its best.

Alienating Our Audience - 7/10
MSI's live record. It has a lot of previously unheard songs, most of which were never made into studio versions, which is really a shame, since they're all really great songs. I never actually bought this record, because I don't really think the sound quality's all that great on some of the songs, and it's insanely short, ten songs. Best tracks, are all the "new" songs, Revenge, Rip Off, Last Gay Song, Panty Shot, Like Shit, Two Hookers, Thank God.

Despierta Los Ninos - 10/10
DLS is an awesome EP. Even though it's short, it's oh so sweet. Just download the whole thing, every song is good.

You'll Rebel To Anything - 8/10
A lot of people like to refer to this album as their "sellout" album. Apart from one song, I really don't see it. Their sound just got a little more polished, and more... normal? I'm not sure if that's the right word, but whatever. The only song I don't like is Prom. At first, I hated their cover of Rush's Tom Sawyer, but it's kinda grown on me since then. I'd recommend the songs What Do They Know, 1989, You'll Rebel to Anything (As Long As It's Not Challenging), Bullshit, Stupid MF, and the two bonus tracks from the vinyl and edited versions, La-Di-Da-Di, and Mic Commander, respectively.

78 Water
11-25-2006, 12:29 PM
You think I did a bad job? Can I ask why?

11-25-2006, 02:33 PM
Because, it was just really poorly written, and you didn't even have the first 2albums. And you called Dookie their debut.

11-25-2006, 11:20 PM

Infinite (3.5/5)

Bit of a mixed bag here. This is the only Eminem album I don't own physically as I could never find any reissues, which leads me to believe perhaps he isn't that proud of it. It's a different style of hip-hop than what I'm use to from Eminem, and though I'm not familiar with undergound stuff like this I can tell that this is at least half decent. On this album he's yet to find his trademark sound that stands him out from other rappers, and his sense of humour isn't as prominent. Regardless, there are still some classic rhymes here, particularly the title track, It's Okay and 313.

The Slim Shady LP (5/5)

Possibly my favourite album by Eminem. The Slim Shady LP sees Eminem take up all the things that make him as successful as he is today - his snare, his sense of humour and his Dre to name a few. He also adopts the guise of Slim Shady, his purposely offensive character who has fueled much of the controversey surrounding his career which has made him so popular. It's in his guise of Slim Shady that he's cut some of his best raps too, which on this album include Brain Damage, Role Model, Just Don't Give a Fuck, As the World Turns and I'm Shady.

The Marshall Mathers LP (5/5)

If the previous album isn't my favourite, then this one is. More so than the previous, this album showcases Eminem's many sides and various methods of rapping, and sees him move into new territory with the likes of Stan and The Way I Am, two of his biggest hits to date. Most importantly, Eminem remembers to treat the album as one big joke and not take himself too seriously, which is one of his best qualities. Favourite tracks include The Way I Am, Marshall Mathers, Kim and Criminal.

The Eminem Show (4/5)

Eminem moves into unfamiliar territory, and drops his Slim Shady alter ego to take himself a bit more seriously. Definitely not a bad album, though I do prefer Eminem more when you can tell he's having fun and taking the piss. Regardless, The Eminem Show is still a pretty solid album with some pretty solid tracks, and features him being much more real than he ever has before, with raps about his life and growing up such as Cleanin' Out My Closet and Sing for the Moment. Favourite tracks include White America, Sing for the Moment, Superman, When the Music Stops and 'Till I Collapse.

Encore (2.5/5)

A major drop in standards for Eminem. To me it seems like he tried to make The Eminem Show Mark II and instead came up with mostly uninspired tracks that can't stand up to it. There are some decent tracks amongst the forgettable ones however, a couple of which include Mosh and Rain Man. Some of the lesser noteworthy tracks include Puke, Ass Like That and Mockingbird, which really makes me wish Eminem would stop rapping about his daughter.

11-25-2006, 11:40 PM
Encore sucked. Eminem should not try to sing, and it was way too overproduced. Puke was the stupidest song in the world, too.

11-26-2006, 12:10 AM
Yeah, Puke was horrible. Edited the review to mention so.

11-26-2006, 01:34 PM
Lucky Boys Confusion

1. Growing Out of it 3.5/5. I'll be damned if I can ever listen to this album from start to finish. But that's mainly because about half this album is just older versions of songs they improved later for Throwing the Game, and aside from the old versions of "Dumb Pop Song" (cool ska trumpet part got cut out of the new version) and "One to the Right" (this whole minute-long bridge part got cut out), none of the old versions are worth hearing at all, and the old versions of "Child's Play," "Fred Astaire," and "Do You Miss Me" are nothing short of horrible. Still, this album makes up for that with a reggae-influenced sound, often including rap trade-offs between Stubhy and Adam. It works really well on some songs like "LBC" and "What Gets Me High." "Of Course" is another highlight. So basically the best thing about this album is that you won't hear that kind of stuff ever again from this band.

2. The Soapbox Spectacle EP 2.5/5. Well, this isn't worth buying because, once again, there are newer and better versions of most of these songs. But "Envy" and "23 (God Only Knows)" are both decent songs that are worth downloading, and "CB's Caddy Part II" is a cool throwaway rap track about their recurring character named Cockboy. It's significant because the second time I saw them live they led into the set closer "3 to 10" with that, and I was the only one in the crowd who knew all the words. Stubhy distinctly smiled at me when I was jammin' along to that. Yeah.

3. Throwing the Game 5/5. This was the album that made me an LBC fan. Lots of improved , more professionally recorded versions of songs from the previous 2 albums, but since this was the first LBC album I heard I didn't even know that at the time. In any case, this is the best pop-punk album I've ever heard. The whole album is just like an awesome party. They still have some rap trade-offs, some reggae beats, and even a little ska in "City Lights." There's even a hidden track with Stubhy singing in some East Indian language. But still, at their core, LBC is just like any of those other million crappy pop-punk bands. There's one simple difference, however: they're just better. Finally, I DARE anyone to find a song that's as fun as "40/80." It's an immature anti-cop song, but goddamnit, it's a GOOD immature anti-cop song.

4. Commitment 4/5. This album is solid, but its big failing is that it's just not nearly as fun as Throwing the Game. They're going for a more "mature" sound, and it sometimes is. But when you're advertising an album on its maturity, but you've still got songs as poppy and juvenile as "Atari," one's gotta wonder what the point is. Basically it's a little bit of a fallacy. "Atari" and some of the other songs are no more mature than Throwing the Game- they're just more formulaic and less fun. Still, this album shows some actual signs of maturity, like in the snappy wordplay of "Broken," the fully acoustic "Ordinary," and even a jazzy tribute to their Chicago roots, "You Weren't There." "Closer to Our Graves" is one of the best songs they've ever done, and the single "Hey Driver" is incredibly solid. "Blame" is probably the worst song they've ever done though.

5. The Red Tape Outtakes: Demos and Heartbreaks 4/5. This is the best B-sides compilation I've ever heard. Sure, it's got some filler crap like "Hardest Part," but on the whole it's just tons of fun. These songs span their career, so it's kind of all over the place, but you can really see how they got screwed over by Elektra back when they were on the label. "Straight from the Top" is one of my favorite songs they've ever done. It's even radio-friendly. They could have had a hit single with that song and Elektra wouldn't even let them put it on the album. And "Le Chanson de Soldat" is the biggest musical departure they've ever made, with a really outside-the-box drum part and lots and lots of keyboard use. Again, nixed for Commitment by Elektra. And then they've got some stuff from really early on in their career like "Drugs (We're Alright" and "Rolling Rock," which is, at least, fun. The band has some interesting comments in the booklet, including one where they subtly and very cleverly reveal Cockboy's true identity.

6. How to Get Out Alive EP 5/5. This is only 5 songs and one's a cover, but still I've concluded that this is the best batch of songs they've ever released. This EP takes the mature sound they were going for on Commitment and uses it on a better-written batch of songs. At first I thought "Cigarettes" was just too poppy, and it is poppy, but it's also really beautifully crafted, so I really don't care. "Like Rats from a Sinking Ship" even throws back to their more punkish, Throwing the Game days. And their cover of "Anything, Anything" by Dramarama is just tits. The fact that this EP kicked so much ass will make it even more devastating if they break up. Please don't!

11-26-2006, 02:42 PM
Machine Head

Burn My Eyes (1994) 9/10
A very good debut album indeed. It has everything you want from Machine Head, hard heavy tracks. I can't pick much wrong with it at all. The riffs are great, the drumming is fast and some pretty good solos too. It just seems to miss something though. Great place to start your collection off though.

The More Things Change.. (1997) 10/10
This truly is an underrated album. It's easily their best album but it just seems to be released at the wrong time (just after their critically acclaimed album). The expected thing for basically any metal band to do after a critically acclaimed album is to just re-record it with different lyrics. Machine Head did not go down this path. Instead they took what they have from Burn My Eyes and made it more prog. The results, their best piece of work. The album never slows down and keeps up their heavy sound.

The Burning Red (1999) 7/10
Carrying on with experimenting and the results. A good Nu-Metal album. I'm not saying it is bad but it lacks the same kind of power of the first 2 albums and all of a sudden things seem to have slowed down. However, the fact it has one of the bands greatest songs (The Burning Red) it is redeemed and still has some catchy metal tracks such as From This Day and Five. Oh and it contains a good cover of a song by the Police.

Superhcarger (2001) 6/10
Pretty much the same minus the cover and a lot more filler. This is the worst album they came out with as they just tried to do the same thing all over but it has been done poorly. However, despite the filler there are some sweet tracks such as Bulldozer. Kick You When You're Down and Supercharger. Oh and Crashing Around You is a poor single.

Through The Ashes of Empire (2003) 10/10
After releasing their live album the band were dropped from their record label and were pretty much broke. They were desperate for a record deal. Lets be glad no-one excepted them for their first effort. The song was dire and well as a result of what went on around them, it produced this album. They finally got themselves a new guitarist, decided to go to their "roots" and got themselves a record deal and recorded this masterpiece. The album opens up with Imperium which is very impressive. Quite possibly the heavy song by them to date and it ends with the 7 minute epic known as Descend The Shades of Night. So yeah, in brief a very good return to form, lets hope The Blackening is as good/better.

Stranger With Candy
11-26-2006, 02:54 PM

Audioslave 3,7/5
Not bad but not great. The album starts off really well with some loud efforts. The first four tracks giving the album a fantastic beginning. Unfortunately, it seems the album is a track or two too long. It's loses some of it's flow after half-way and it's clear a few tracks (Like a Stone, I am the Highway) nod towards Cornell's softer, solo efforts.
It's Rage without it's edge. Soundgarden without it's invention. A decent rock album, but it doesn't keep you coming back too often.

Out of Exile 4,8/5
Audioslave seem to have relaxed a bit from their first album, by that I mean that they have almost created their own sound through a very cohesive record and thats where their debut fall short. Cornell sounds reinvigorated, his voice sounds better than ever (checkout Dandelion and Dosent Remind Me) and Morello is just doing what he always done. His guitar is top notch right throughout.

Revelations 4,1/5
Well I dont think its a classic or anything but Revelations is a really good rock album. It can stand on its own without being compared to the rest of modern music. It shows them branching out and at least trying a funkier style as well. Another solid release from Audioslave...

12-02-2006, 09:34 AM
I've been working on this one for a few days.

Bad Religion. (Leaving out compilations and EP's.)

1.) How Could Hell Be Any Worse? 3/5. Pretty solid for the most part, but like most hardcore albums, there's not much to distinguish one song from the other. But, the band does show a lot of potential for growth, which they would obviously use greatly over time. For a debut, it's pretty good.

2.) Into the Unknown. 4/5. I know rating this higher than How Could Hell Be Any Worse? may confuse people a little bit, but despite all of the controversy around this album, it's still a damn solid album. It doesn't sound like Bad Religion, but if you ignore that and take it for what it is, it's a really well-written set of songs. The first 4 songs are really, really catchy songs that get stuck in my head hours after I listen to it. "Time and Disregard" gets my vote for the most expirimental song they've done. Really, it's a fun album, and even if you don't like it, you'll still probably find it interesting.

3.) Suffer. 5/5. A really great album. Sure, most of the songs sound the same. But, this is one album where that doesn't get old because all of the songs are just incredibly well written. Very, very solid album. There's not a single song on this album that I don't like.

4.) No Control. 5/5. This is probably my favorite Bad Religion album. Like Suffer, it's short and sweet. Again, there's not a shitload of variety here, but the songs that are here are just really well-written and show of the band's knack for blending speed and catchiness like no other. A big majority of my favorite Bad Religion songs are here, fromthe title track to "I Want To Conquer the World", "You", and "Big Bang". Also, "Sanity" marks the bands first mid-tempo song (outside of Unknown, which would become a strength of their later on.

5.) Against the Grain. 5/5. This album completes the trilogy of classics that began with Suffer in a magnificant way. This album is very different from the previous two, however. Instead of relying on songs that mostly sound the same, here the band expands it's sound a little more with songs like "Faith Alone", "Anesthesia", and "21st Century Digital Boy". But, even with these songs, the band's core strength is still there in all it's glory, with songs like "Turn Off The Light", which is my favorite from the album.

6.) Generator. 3.5/5. This album marks the first cracks in Bad Religion's career. It's not that it's a bad album, it did get a 3.5/5, but there are some pretty forgetable songs here. Some of the songs just sound half-assed. But, luckily, the good songs like "The Answer", "No Direction", and "Atomic Garden" more than make up for the forgetable ones.

7.) Recipe For Hate. 4/5. After Generator found the band's normal punk stylings wearing a tad thin, the band decided to experiment. With more pop and folk influenced songs, Hate stands as the first album in the band's more experimental albums of the 90's. Luckily, most of the experiments here work really well, except "Man With a Mission", which is a tad repetitive. Luckily, "Don't Pray on Me", "All Good Soilders", and "Watch It Die" work brilliantly and add a lot of depth. Also, you can't forget "American Jesus", which may be the band's most quinissential song.

8.) Stranger Than Fiction. 3.5/5. Again, this album moves in a bunch of different directions. But, unlike the previous album, not everything works quite as well. "Television" and "Infected" are 2 of the band's worst tracks up to this point. "Slumber" is a nice attempt, but it doesn't work nearly as well as it could have. The only two standout songs this one really has are the title track and "Better Off Dead". The rest of the album is solid, but really mediocore.

9.) The Gray Race. 4/5. Despite the lack of Brett, this album is still pretty good, and the best of the 3 albums without him. Most of the songs here are pretty good, despite being rooted more in mainstream alternative than the punk rock the band is known for. Luckily, the songs are still catchy as hell, and this album still has quite a few Bad Religion classics like "Ten in 2010", "Pity the Dead", and "A Walk". The only real clunkers here are "Spirit Shine" and "Parallel".

10.) No Substance. 2/5. Le sigh. The whole time I was writing the other reviews, I was kind of dreading doing this one because I listened to each album all the way through before writing. And this album is just plain tedious. The usual melodic brilliance that Greg brings to the table is non-existant on most of the tracks, relying on repetitive choruses that search for hooks that aren't actually there. "Hear It", I will say, is on par with some of their best, but the rest of the album ranges from mediocore (The Biggest Killer in American History) to pure crap (Mediocore Minds). I'm glad my copy of this is burnt and not bought with money.

11.) The New America. 3.5/5. After the horror story that was No Substance, a lot of critics and fans were pondering whether or not Bad Religion was still relevent anymore. Luckily, this album sets its footing in the right direction, taking the band bad to catchy sing-a-long melodies with smart lyrics. "It's a Long Way to the Promise Land", "A Streetkid Named Desire", and "The Hopeless Housewife" prove that the band is still capable of writing damn catchy songs. The rest of the album is hit-or-miss, but mostly with hits. "I Love My Computer" has taken on an all new meaning since Greg's little "jacking off in front of a fat girl on a webcam" thing, but it's still a fun song.

12.) The Process of Belief. 4.5/5. Brett's back! And for the first time in years, the band sounds exicted. There's a great energy to this album that the past 3 albums didn't have, and that alone makes this one a lot easier to digest. But, even without that, these songs are really tight. "Supersonic", "Kyoto Now!", "Sorrow", "Destined For Nothing", and "You Don't Belong" rank among some of the band's best songs, and even the more average songs are still damn good. A great re-birth for a band that some were starting to think didn't have it anymore.

13.) The Empire Strikes First. 4/5. Just as spirited as Process, and the first half of the album is just as good. Every song up until "God's Love" are really good songs, but all of the songs after are average. If the songs were mixed up more, it wouldn't be as noticable, but since they're pretty much seperated, I tend to not care if I don't hear the second half. But still, this album is a great entry in the band's recent career, showing that they can still pack 'em in if they want to.

12-02-2006, 10:08 AM
"The New America" getting a higher rating than "No Substance", or anything higher than a 1.5 is a crime against humanity.