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I just got home from doing a Jager shot and talking with Atom. :cool: I was able to talk to him before and after AVA’s show tonight. Before the show, I was able to ask him about who recorded Can’t Repeat and Next to You and if he will be recording on the next CD. According to Atom, Josh Freese recorded Can’t Repeat and Atom recorded Next to You. The recording of drums on the next CD is also going to be split. Josh is currently recording but Atom will be back in California tomorrow and will also be recording some of the songs. Atom said that he loves touring with the Offspring and is planning to be on the tour for the new CD. He also will be working on a new CD for AVA. He was confident that he can do both since he will be home (and both bands are based in Southern California). He said that AVA is his creative outlet because he wrote the drums for all of the songs on the first CD.

Personally, I think that he did an awesome job on the drums (both writing and performing)!! Tom DeLonge on the other hand in my opinion is an acquired taste that would take some getting used to if you really want to go there. His performance was OK.

Note to Atom (if you read this): Thanks for taking so much time to talk to me before and after the show. I really enjoyed our conversation. Also thanks for autographing my pictures from Warped Tour and London. I had a great time at the show. See ya, on Offspring Tour!!! We can do another Jager shot then, if you’re up for it!!! Happy Holidays!!!


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His name is Mota, only backwards. Shoulda pointed that out.

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It was a late night for Team Rocket and Jessie walked into her bedroom after a nice relaxing hot bath. She sat down in bed and flipped through the channel but couldn't find anything interesting to watch. Perhaps it was after primetime or that her eyes kept drifting off to the side of her bed in the night-stand where she kept her vibrator. Jessie couldn't resist the temptation as she closed her eyes and started feeling her self as she reached over towards the drawer. She could feel herself get wet, and then a flash of white light filled the room. Jessie lifted the blankets over her breasts and stared forward frozen solid and unable to move when she was greeted by a familiar sound. "Ekanssssssssss!"

Jessie clamped the blankets around her as the pokemon snake (ekans backwards, lol) slithered its way accross the bed post and underneath the sheets. Jessie's vagina started to become moist as she felt and cold scaley skin of the Ekans as it slithered its way slowly up her leg. She caught herself as she let out a yelp of joy and the Pokemon flicked its tongue against her clitoris. Her hips starting gyrating as she started to grab her own breasts and squeezing the nipples. Ekans wormed its tail upwards and Jessie felt the cold hard tip of the tail as it penetrated her. The Team Rocket member and the beast were grinding together until Jessie could take no more. She felt her cheeks blush as the overwhelming feeling of orgasm overtook her body. Ekans then used its new learned abily string shot and Jessie felt the warm goo inside of her and then her orgasm exploded, "Team Rocket is blasting off AGAIIIIINNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed as her body started to seizure in colvulsions of pleasure.

As the love fest neared it's end, Ekans slithered away back into its pokeball and Jessie watched the rest of House M.D.

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I'm getting a mild "should have posted in GOD" vibe.

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This poster knows she should've posted in GOD, too, because that's where she made the "I'm going to see AVA tomorrow! Hopefully I'll get to ask Atom some questions!" Question is, why the fuck would you move to this section to post the results?

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Brock paced the length of the PokéCenter. It had been a long day for our young heroes, but Brock couldn't sleep. What were these urges? Why did he feel this way?

"Hey there tiger." Ash purred, interrupting Brock's train of thought.
"Oh, uh, hi Ash!" Brock replied, stumbling over his words at the site of the brunette bombshell.
"I know what you're thinking, because I'm thinking it too. We've been wandering this continent for a long time together Brock. Did you think that I was blind? Did you think that I never caught those glances that you consistently throw my way?"
"Uh, er, Ash... this is-"
"Don't worry Brock, we'll be fine. Now, come show me what's up."
"Just wait there Ash. Do you take me for some kind of bitch?"
"Okay then, I guess I'll have to show you what's up!"

Brock suddenly pounced, knocking Ash facedown onto the cold tile floor.
"Whoa there tiger, slow down!" Ash yelped. Too bad Brock wasn't having any of that. In a fit of passion Brock tore the young PokéMaster's pants down to Ash's shaking knees. With a single circular motion Brock spun the prime piece of meat onto his back, exposing the pulsating fuckstick that had been hidden in a denim prison.

"Let's see what this thing can do!" Brock squealed as he began to violent tug the veiny manmeat.
"Oh God Brock, too much friction!" Ash shouted as the older male furiously tugged the dick raw with his calloused hands. Without saying a word Brock suddenly stopped tugging the purpleheaded nervecluster and dropped to his knees.
"I want to taste it! Give it to me!" Brock shouted as he jammed the raw and bleeding cock into his mouth. "Hmmprh, so fucking hmmm good!" Brock raked his teeth across the young stud's meat to further assert his dominance.

"Enough fucking around, let's do this!" Brock commanded his fucktoy, pulling the bleeding mess from the ground and bending it over the nearest chair. Without waiting for his friend to respond Brock dropped his own pants, revealing a dick that would make Snorlax blush.

Tears fell freely from Ash's eyes as Brock's massive meat tore the young Pokémaster's tight and pink anus wide open. "Oh God Brock, too much! Too mu-uh-uh-uh-uch!" Ash screamed in agony.

At this point Pikachu became alert to his master's cries and rushed into the room to find out what was wrong. "Pika pika pika PIKA! PIKACHU! Pika pika-CHU!!!!"

"Fucking yellow rat." Brock muttered as he withdrew from the bloody chasm that was once a tight virginal asshole. Like a father scorned, Brock popped Pikachu in the face and tossed the pokémon across the room into a chair. "Time to take my prize!" Brock declared as he re-mounted Ash.

"Brock, please, no... I can't take it! It's too much!"
"Too late, you can't stop the bum rush! Lololololo, take this white boy!"

Brock began furiously pumping away once more, inching further in with each thrust. "Take it dirty. Take it! Take it! Take it, you snotty little brat! That sweet piece of trim Misty belongs to me, you hear it faggot? She loooooooves this veiny fuckstick and your shit just can't compare!"

As Brock approached climax Ash began to lose consciousness. He looked across the room at his young Pikachu, laid out cold by the big buck nigger Brock. A final tear fell from Ash's eye and he knew no more.

Brock continued to rail the corpse of his friend long after it had gone cold, finally ending the marathon session by snapping the neck of his pleasure hole and skeet skeet skeeting all over the comatose Pikachu on the waiting room chair.

"I'll be taking this back." Brock proclaimed as he retrieved the badge he had once given Ash, so long ago when the rising Pokéstar had bested him in his own gym. "Who's the Pokémaster now, faggot?"

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This is the first thread that I've posted and I messed up and put it in the wrong forum. I'm sorry. Please close this and stop this crap!!! I just put it in the General Offspring Discussion.

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As the love fest neared it's end, Ekans slithered away back into its pokeball and Jessie watched the rest of House M.D.
See? I'm not the only one who mentions House all the time.

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Damn, that Brock/Ash story got me all hot and bothered.

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Reply to my PM. :(

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I'm off to find my Pokemon Gold version and Gameboy, fuck this place.

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Misty (name check plz) is hotter than I thought.

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I was always gay for James. The sophistication in his voice won my heart.