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01-02-2007, 08:28 AM
Hello Baz,

I don't know if you come here at all now but here's a thought. They broadcast Doctor Zhivago for Christmas on TV! Twas about time. And Ben-Hur. Ben-Hur, I'm surprised, because it's a junta of Jews that hold the reins of French TV, so we're allowed to see only fewer & fewer Christian-based films (even classics, like the Ten Commandments, that might please Jews, too, are vanishing altogether).

Of course I loved Dr Zhivago. Last time I saw it I was so very, very young I only remembered Omar Sharif's mug & the music. The music I again appreciated (apparently it's one of the French Jarre brothers who did it, made an indecent amount of money thanks to it, when you think how the composers of old starved, it makes you ponder gloomily on mass-media... not that I wish the Jarre brothers starved, but... you get my drift), & the whole film entranced me.
As for Ben-Hur, well, the chief feature is the chariot race & its aftermath, bloody Messala, the human wreck. Frankly, please explain to me why this race is so entrancing. Have we lost the hang of film-making or what? I mean, take a look at The Lord of the Rings, first installment, with the horse-races. Where's the sweat, the riveting gallop? Nowhere. But why? With all the special effects & what not, surely it could have been as awe-inspiring as Ben-Hur's chariot race? Well it is not! The sweat, the blood is lacking, & I don't mean only in Lord of the Rings, but in most other movies as well. I wish somebody would explain to me what went wrong down the ages... *sighs deeply*

Ah, I also saw Victor Fleming's 1941 version of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde. It is only loosely based on the book, but I still loved it for its own sake. Again, Spencer Tracy gives a flabbergasting maniacal performance, with only a very few action-scenes & violent gestures. Today we've all become blasés of murders & violence & brutality on the screen, but in this movie, when he wields his cane to shatter the bones of passers-by, it's so aesthetic, you cannot but shudder... with mingled fear & delight.

I saw some other films of minor importance, involving Louis de Funès, I'll not expatiate on them unless required.

Wish you well

01-03-2007, 12:31 AM
Looks like nobody cares.